sexism in trans communities

4 Ways to Support Queer Femmes – Instead of Erasing Us from Queer Communities

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These spaces, even though they’re supposed to be welcoming, safe spaces, they still are infected by the ills that all other spaces are - racism and misogyny and elitism and classism, academia jargon and all of this stuff. These spaces aren’t immune. If you come into these spaces knowing that and your job is to come in and make it a better space.
—  janetmock on finding community as a trans person, especially when not all LGBTQ spaces are inclusive to trans people. Listen at or on tumblr here.

These bathroom laws need to stop. Dear republicans, please stop using the fear of women being assaulted as the reason to keep transgender men and women from bathrooms. We know you don’t really care if women get assaulted, you’ve all proven that much with your disgusting misogynistic comments. You just don’t want to admit that you fear what you don’t understand. You just don’t want to admit that it’s fine for you to assault women so you hide behind your excuses of saying that transgender men and women shouldn’t be allowed to use the bathroom for the security of women. You don’t care about women. Stop.

I’m glad that I don’t have to hand hold my guy into having an analytical mindset towards systems of oppression
That he can be critical of the church and critical of the sexism and trans and homophobia within the black community and the church
And I don’t have to pull and fight with him on the topics
I enjoy that we can have deep discussions and teach each other and grow together as we unpack the harmful problematic things that have been ingrained in us
It’s refreshing