sexism in marketing

Justice for All 

Hand embroidery on calico, approx 15 cm

“This first piece entitled Justice For All represents something which is very close to my heart, social justice and equality for all people oppressed by the societies we live in which harbour racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism. I am an intersectional feminist, and this means critically thinking about how various forms of oppression overlap, and actively working towards breaking down barriers and changing behaviour which contributes to these systems of oppression. Protesting, creating new media, taking ownership of ourselves and uplifting fellow babes are all ways we can change the world we live in. This piece is a combination of things I believe in to my core and ways I nurture myself. Feminism is about having choice.” - @hanecdote

Look at this. Look at this shit. When people say sexism isn’t a problem anymore I want to angrily direct them at supermarkets, advertising, products etc. These two are the exact fffucking same deodorant and the one that’s directed at men has to be straight, black/red and have MEN branded nice and clear at the front. The one for women is actually implying what shape a woman’s body should be. This aerosol can needs an hourglass figure. Lights colours, delicate, smooth shapes. This is just messed up.

"Activism" in marketing

It seems off to me. Like Lyft donating to the ACLU, that’s good that they donated at least, even if it was for self-serving reasons. Or like all of the woman-positive ads Dove puts out, when they’re owned by the same company who owns Axe, and you know what those ads look like. Worst of all, I’ve also seen Exxon advertise their environmental discoveries… Exxon, the oil company, who’s destroying half the shit they talk about protecting in their tweets. Looks like an easy way to score some points while further distracting from actual issues. What do y'all think?

-mod JA

Reasons it’s sucks that female characters don’t get action figures

Today I was cosplaying as Mara Jade and I ran into this little girl who was really excited by the costume because she loves Mara. I was curious how someone her age came to be a Mara fan, since she seemed a bit young to have read any of the books she’s in.

And she told me. Last year, she found the Black Series Mara Jade action figure and thought she looked pretty cool. She asked her dad who this was, and he said I don’t know, let’s do some research. So they went and they read about Mara Jade and now she has a new character she loves.

If the figures aren’t on the shelves, this can’t happen. Kids miss out on discovering characters they might love because there’s no figure for them to look at and say “Hey, she looks cool, I’m going to find out who she is.”


What if men were portrayed & objectified the same way women are in the Action Sports industry?

This does not intend at all to objectify men instead, it’s just a wake-up call on how ridiculous it looks when men are portrayed the way women are in the scene. Time to take action!


I swear to fuck, staff, whatever godawful sexist datatrawling you and yahoo have cooked up to suddenly put this bullshit: 

front and centre on my dash needs to fucking stop, OK?

I mean, if I wanted a company to assume I give a shit about laundry detergent because their data says I’m female with a kid, then I’d stay the fuck on Facebook while sipping a cheeky chardonnay liberally seasoned with tears of despair, on account of how I’d be dead inside.

You wanna advertise shit on tumblr? Maybe take a goddamn trawl through the kinds of products your userbase is already reblogging and recommending enthusiastically and which aren’t typically advertised elsewhere, like FtM underwear and geeky gadets and Mountain Lodge candles or whatever, and try to lock that shit down instead, maybe by, oh, I don’t know, forming innovative partnerships with the many small businesses now flourishing as part of the digital craft economy and utilising what makes tumblr a unique marketplace for such items to turn a profit rather than just shilling us the same ugly crap we’re getting everywhere else.   

Just a thought. You’re welcome.   

Why the fuck didn’t Sharon get her own emoji on Twitter while the rest of the major players did?  Don’t get me wrong, so far the marketing for Civil War seems to have VASTLY improved when it comes to including Black Widow in its merchandising, but I think I have yet to see a single damn promotional image that as BOTH Sharon Carter and Scarlet Witch in them.  What the hell is up with that?  Is there some “One woman per team” rule that Marvel just can’t pull its head out its ass long enough to realize how tiresome this is.  It’s like they’re asking us to be happy there are TWO or THREE woman in this movie in major roles, but there’s only room for one of them per team at a time?

We’ve yet to see hide nor hair of Sharon in actual Civil War footage, so I’m wondering if she’s not as major of a player in this movie as we’ve been led to believe, but the fact that they have some merchandise with her in combat gear, she’s probably going to be around for the climax at least, kicking ass and taking names.  They have several Sharon Carter merchandise they seem happy enough to sell us, but why are they cockblocking her from the promotional material man?!      

If ads have taught us anything about athletics, it’s that all you need to do is pop open a bowl of Official Sponsor cereal and slide on your Official Sponsor shoes to transform into an Olympic-level competitor. It’s a tried and true method: “Best Sports Guy uses our product, and he is the Best Sports Guy! Use our product, too!” But tried and true methods are boring. You know what would really sell shoes? Mocking the disabled. Like Nike did here.

The words may be a little hard to read when compressed to Internet size, so let’s break this thing down:

How can a trail running shoe with an outer sole designed like a goat’s hoof help me avoid compressing my spinal cord into a Slinky on the side of some unsuspecting conifer, thereby rendering me a drooling, misshapen non-extreme-trail-running husk of my former self, forced to roam the earth in a motorized wheelchair with my name embossed on one of those cute little license plates you get at carnivals or state fairs, fastened to the back?

Yep, Nike decided to fuck paraplegics and the chairs they rode in on and published this ad in 11 outdoor magazines. Turns out most sane human beings realize that belittling the physically disabled is sort of a mean-spirited way to go about selling a running shoe, so the company went into apology frenzy mode, and their spokesman rushed in to point out that the company has “a long and diverse record of supporting disabled athletes.” You may recognize that as the corporate sports equivalent of “We totally have black friends, so we can say that word.”

10 Offensive Ads You Won’t Believe Are From the Last Decade

inukagome15  asked:

You know, they have Pop figures for Rhodey, but not one with him unmasked, even though they've got a few with Tony without the mask. I find that's pretty telling. And, of course, they can do two figures of the Winter Soldier, one with the goggles and one without...

Yup. I think the unmasked Tony in the suit ones are international variants/con exclusives you have to special order (I did), but they’re out there. Fury’s pretty much the only Marvel non-white pop you can buy who is visibly non-white and a naturally-occurring human color. And if you count the con exclusives and variants, I think there are something like a half dozen Cap and Winter Soldier versions—masked and unmasked of both (I have a cowl-less Steve), black and white, glow in the dark, metallic, who knows what else. Making a single figure of one of the major characters who just happens to not be white? Nope. Somehow that didn’t happen, though they *did* find room in the lineup for multiple Buckys. Plus it was a smaller than usual run for Funko, at 4. So they had 3 protagonists, and one sympathetic antagonist, and 4 figures. Easy math. Except they doubled up on the antagonist by giving him a goggle and goggle free version, and oops, coincidentally dropped the only non-white one. 

Not only that, but that was the third movie Nat was in as a major character and the first time she got a pop. tbf, I’m not sure they were making them when IM2 came out, but it’s not like she was a minor character when Avengers came out and honestly, she was in that movie more than the Hulk, Thor or Fury, all of whom got Pops (Clint didn’t). And I own all of those Pops. :/ But to hear the Marvel digital dude basically say well, hopefully she’ll be in a later set, when there’s no word that there’ll *be* a later set, and the @%!$ing Black Widow is upstaged by the “Iron Legionnaire,” which, if it’s a reference to the Iron Legion in comics, is most likely *not* Rhodey in a suit, but a rogue drone suit … which means they excluded the female Avenger and the non-white hero in the movie, assuming Rhodey shows up for more than the party … in favor of a drone suit.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. 

And yes, Clint is also underrepresented in Funko’s products, but he got a pop at least. Nat’s only planned Funko product right now (out of THIRTY ONE for this movie) is a tiny blindbox figure, which means you have to get lucky to even get it, because it’s one of most likely around a dozen possible draws.

And then jackasses in the comments can still blather about how ‘female figures don’t sell’ when you can’t actually buy them because they aren’t being made, and when they are, they’re short-stocked. 

10 produits qu’il était vraiment pas utile de genrer (version enfants)

Je vous avais promis une version enfants de mon TOP 10 des produits qu'il n'était pas vraiment utile de genrer, et c'est désormais chose faite ! Encore une fois, il est subjectif, tout n'y est pas et le classement est basé sur ma « préfèrence » subjective. ALERTE : Les personnes fortement allergiques au rose et au bleu risquent de ressentir une certaine irritation.

10-Le Nerf Rebelle

Je remercie mon chéri, parce que c'est lui qui m'a signalé celui-ci. Je pense donc qu'il est légitime qu'il donne lui-même son avis sur la question « Ben, en créant un arc rose pour les filles on sous-entend que les autres sont pour les garçons, alors que si on avait pas fait ça tout les arcs auraient été pour tout le monde »

Merci mon amour pour ta contribution intelligente.

9-Le Wagon Ramasse-Brique

Vous trouverez cette image dans le catalogue de Noël de la Grande Récré. Je sais pas vous mais je trouve que le « existe aussi en rose » fait vachement « Mesdames, Messieurs pas de panique, même si votre enfant est une fille vous êtes sauvés votre gamine sera autorisée à y jouer aussi ! »

En revanche là où vous vous faites avoir c'est si vous avez un garçon et une fille. Le but des gens qui vendent ce produit c'est que du coup vous achetiez les deux, ce genre de conditionnement s’ancrant vite dans l’esprit des enfants.

8-Les quads

Ce que je ne peux m'empêcher de remarquer là-dedans et notamment dans le catalogue de la Grande Récré dont je vous parlais tout à l'heure, c'est quelque le soit le produit que vous prenez pour les garçons il sera de toutes les couleurs possibles sauf le rose, tandis que pour les filles il sera rose ou à la rigueur violet. Que ça soit une trottinette, une moto,  une chambre d'étudiante ou quoi que ce soit d'autre.

Une des caractéristiques du sexisme c'est sa capacité à se contredire tout le temps. Regardez ce post de 9 GAG par exemple :

Super ! Donc si vous pensez que la femme est tellement plus sensible que ça aux différentes variations de couleur (ce qui est ridicule on est d'accord, l'avocat je le mange et la piscine j'y nage), pourquoi vous vous acharnez à lui en filer qu'une seule ???

Les sexistes. La logique.

Reprenons ces quads. Vous pensez vraiment qu'une fillette capable de jouer avec le quad rose se retrouvera d'un coup totalement démunie face au quad noir ?

Si une fillette choisit le quad rose, c'est pas parce qu'elle aime le rose plus qu'une autre couleur, mais c'est parce qu'un tonton Roger quelconque lui aura expliqué que le rose, pour une raison totalement inconnue et sans doute très loufoque, c'est pour les filles. Et c'est comme ça qu'on commence à conditionner les filles en leur montrant que c'est somme toute normal qu'on restreigne leur univers. Il y a des milliers des couleurs et de saveurs dans une vie pourtant. Donc au lieu de créer des milliers de barrières et de séparations qui n'existent pas, pourquoi ne pas nous laisser les explorer librement ? Ah oui c'est vrai ! Je suis bête. C'est parce que le business du marketing genré génère permet de doubler les bénéfices de ce qui vendent ça et rapporte très gros…comment l'oublier ?

7)Rose joue à la princesse

Ces bouquins des éditions FLEURUS ont pas mal été décrié par les assos féministes à leur sortie. Allez savoir pourquoi, elles les ont trouvé réducteurs….

Il se trouve que j'avais un peu de temps à tuer dans un centre commercial la dernière fois, et je suis passée chez Monoprix et je suis tombée sur un magnifique ouvrage de cette collection à savoir « Rose joue à la princesse »

Rien de bien original, Rose et sa pote se déguisent, prennent le thé, dansent la valse et à la fin un garçon déguisé en chevalier vient demander la main de Rose. Bien évidemment. Sauf que je suis tombée sur cette page qui m'a fait quelque peu tilter.

Heu… qu'est ce qui va pas chez vous exactement ? Vu le style littéraire de l'ouvrage, j'attribuerai ce bouquin à des enfants de 5 ans grand maximum, et une fille de moins de 5 ans va certainement pas porter des livres sur la tête pour tenir droite c'est quoi ce délire ? Et puis quoi on lui met un corset pour qu'elle reste mince, et quand elle a 15 ans on la fout au régime Dukan ? Foutez lui la paix, bande de tarés. A moins que votre but ça soit de sérieusement augmenter la prévalence de l'anorexie mentale dans les générations futures.

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  • girl: *likes something marketed toward girls*
  • society: wow how vapid and shallow can you be, it's sad to see what people care about these days
  • girl: *likes something not marketed specifically toward girls*
  • society: uh you're not a real fan you're just doing it for attention sweetie