sexism in advertisement


Advertising towards boys and advertising towards girls: “build your own creations” vs. “easy to build”. Sexism begins young, folks.

There’s a reason that I didn’t realize right away that the Juniors Legos were not for the same age group. It’s because I was walking down an aisle labeled “Girls” and I was seeing dolls and pre-made Lego sets and items that inspired little to no creativity. This was after I went down an aisle clearly labeled “Boys” and saw things like free creation Legos and even science sets. In my haste and frustration, I posted this picture. But the reason behind it is still there. 

Lego Friends and other products like that are marketed towards girls through having all girls in their advertisements, and being placed in traditional girl toy aisles. Minecraft is a wonderful game, and I agree that it is gender neutral. However, this game is NOT marketed equally to the female community.
All I’m saying is that I’m so tired of this. Despite age groupings, I saw in the girls toy aisle a variety of pink and purple boxes that contained different and uncreative toys.

I’m sorry for posting this in haste. I should have checked the age groups. But I’m also sorry that my society is setting up women to be ordinary.

Also, it makes me really happy that some stores are ridding themselves of “boys” and “girls” labels. It’s a step in the right direction. I hope it continues.

we have a problem (a slam poem)

we have a problem
when girls from the age of ten
are being told that they shouldn’t wear shorts out in public
for fear that they’ll be given looks
by older men
men old enough to be their fathers
men that despite their physical maturity
cannot seem to apply this to their dicks
if you can control your arm
or your leg
or your facial expressions
why are you incapable of controlling simply another body part
when it is faced with a stimulus
that is fresh faced yet was barely in the world
when you were already your own person?

we have a problem
when rape victims are told
that because of the way their hair
falls daintily over their breasts
or the delicate arch of their back
or the length of their sleeves
they were basically asking to be violated
because, of course,
it is a privilege for a woman to be looked at by a man
and a right for men to take what they want from women they deem worthy of this attention.
we have a problem when authorities
those who are paid to protect us
look away from this as a matter of principle
because ‘boys will be boys’ and you need to take the precautions.
when a public figure
is deemed as less guilty
because of their popularity and their skill
an athlete did not make a mistake
they are a criminal who can swim.

we have a problem
when a woman’s attempt to be seen as acceptable by a sexist society
is seen as ‘false advertising’ and ‘wasting a man’s time’
I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that my body was a product
a DVD player or a bar of soap that still can’t wash away the stink of your misogynistic narcissism
my only purpose to cleanse the sins of your twisted beliefs.

we have a problem when abortion is the only medical procedure
that you are denied because of how you got in the situation
when a drunk driver that killed a child can get an organ transplant at the tip of a hat
yet a woman who was violated cannot have this man’s production taken out of her own body because “YOU GOT YOURSELF INTO THIS AND YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES”
when a sixteen year old is denied an abortion because they are old enough to deal with it
but cannot adopt because they are not mature enough to handle a child.

If I am too young to be wearing these clothes then I am too young to have my body sexualised.
If my right to report a crime is lessened because of my vagina and the visibility of my underwear
then stop saying my body is a temple because if the God of it does not have rights then what’s the point of having one in the first place?
If I do not have control over my body and what happens to it then why should I exist? For your pleasure? No.

We have a problem
when women are shown to have no right over their bodies
when their only purpose is to be pleasurable for a man to look at
we have a problem
when women as seen as lesser than a man
and we have a problem
when women are seen as nothing.

  • Women: *talk about violence against women, street harassment, rape culture, sexism in advertising, lack of representation in media, etc*
  • Dudes: ugh there are more important problems in the world!
  • Dudes: there is a Ghostbusters movie with wOMEN what thE fUck This is the Worst thing ever!!!!!
  • Dudes: there is a video criticizing my favorite viDeogames????? this is oUTrageous must send rape threats!!!!
  • Dudes: Females in supehero movies??? How dare yoU THIS IS AN ATTACK ON the MENZ!!!
  • Dudes: Feminists here only worry about stupid meaningless stuff like who cares i'm so rational
#bodposfeb 20: Ad busting

There is so much wrong with this ad. I probably won’t even be able to cover it all, by here goes:

1. Sexualization of women’s bodies to capture attention. 

Why does Joanna Krupa need to be near-naked in order to fight for animal rights? This ad doesn’t address any serious issues related to the fur industry or animal cruelty; it’s just shock tactics. Women should be able to express their opinions and be listened to without having to rely on sexually objectifying themselves to draw attention to the issues they care about. 

2. Implies that the purpose of women is to be attractive

The ad implies that women should make decisions based on whether or not we will be perceived as attractive. Women have much more to offer than simply their looks, but this ad suggests that our appearance should be a driving force in our decision making. 

3. Makes judgments on women’s personal decisions about their bodies

The ad suggests that there is something shameful about having pubic hair, which is a completely natural part of a woman’s body. What a woman chooses to do with this hair, like any other part of her body, is completely her own decision and shouldn’t be influenced by shame tactics from the media. 

I’m looking forward to seeing your critical analysis of advertisements! Share with #bodposfeb :)


“Watch Vir Das’s take on modern day sexist advertising in this hilarious new video for HE Deodorant and join them as they take a refreshing stand against such meaningless objectifications with the launch of their new variant, HE RESPECT.”

Look at this. Look at this shit. When people say sexism isn’t a problem anymore I want to angrily direct them at supermarkets, advertising, products etc. These two are the exact fffucking same deodorant and the one that’s directed at men has to be straight, black/red and have MEN branded nice and clear at the front. The one for women is actually implying what shape a woman’s body should be. This aerosol can needs an hourglass figure. Lights colours, delicate, smooth shapes. This is just messed up.

gameofwar Could you all please change your advertising methods? Not only are they objectifying and sexist, but they also portray that women can’t fight, and our only purpose is to be sexy for the men. Every time I see one of your advertisements, I feel disgusted by the lack of respect this game’s creators have for women.

“Are YOU beach body ready? “Yes because I have a body and it can go on beaches.”

As seen in London 

A Guardian article from last week criticizing the sexist campaign:

Am I beach body ready? Advertisers, that’s none of your business

“Brands will continue their sexist advertising tactics for as long as we let them – it’s time to resist”



I swear to fuck, staff, whatever godawful sexist datatrawling you and yahoo have cooked up to suddenly put this bullshit: 

front and centre on my dash needs to fucking stop, OK?

I mean, if I wanted a company to assume I give a shit about laundry detergent because their data says I’m female with a kid, then I’d stay the fuck on Facebook while sipping a cheeky chardonnay liberally seasoned with tears of despair, on account of how I’d be dead inside.

You wanna advertise shit on tumblr? Maybe take a goddamn trawl through the kinds of products your userbase is already reblogging and recommending enthusiastically and which aren’t typically advertised elsewhere, like FtM underwear and geeky gadets and Mountain Lodge candles or whatever, and try to lock that shit down instead, maybe by, oh, I don’t know, forming innovative partnerships with the many small businesses now flourishing as part of the digital craft economy and utilising what makes tumblr a unique marketplace for such items to turn a profit rather than just shilling us the same ugly crap we’re getting everywhere else.   

Just a thought. You’re welcome.   


For women in advertising, it’s still a Man Men world

“There is the rapey talk and the grabby hands, but it’s that subtle stuff that’s chronic and can be more damaging.”

“We can sit in rooms and talk to ourselves, but that does not change anything when you do not have men in the room.”

“I don’t see any truly malicious behavior. I see more of accidentally insensitive behavior.”