C- I’m tired of men seeing women as weak or an insult. The only thing you have on us women is muscle. You don’t know how to handle your emotions like we can, you masculinity (patriarchy) has been proven to destroy society because you only think of yourselves, you take feminism as an insult to your “manhood”, you can’t give life like we can, when children are in need of their parents it’s usually the mother they call for etc women are amazing. I refuse to view myself as weak or being less than. That is an insult.

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Im a feminist because I realized in 5th grade that a boy taking control in a group project was good he was a boss, a leader. Whenever I took control I was bossy, rude and I should be nicer to every one, I did nothing different than the boy.

Responses like these have little to do with the actions of the leader, but rather who is doing the leading. The goal of these responses and terms like “bossy” is to discourage girls and women from becoming leaders.


“The plights of my people”

I went to one of the most liberal and socially conscious art/film/communications schools in the country. We’ve even been ranked the Most Gay Friendly & Gayest School In America for years. We have a private alumni group on Facebook with tens of thousands of members for networking purposes. A (Straight?) White Woman thought this was a good post to make in said group. The comment section is going about as well as you can think.

Okay so… I was kind of thinking about the fact that “that’s right! I AM a PEARL!!” Sounds a lot like “that’s right! I AM A GIRL!!” This has probably been talked about before (because apparently everything has..) Now, stay with me, I’m not totally crazy. So you know how Rebecca Sugar likes to use metaphors for everyday issues and gender roles and stereotypes and more, I think that this whole Pearl thing could possibly be about feminism. Now listen to these lines! “A Pearl can’t build this!!” “Why not?” “Because Pearls are not for THAT! They’re for standing around and looking nice….” Now I know Peridot is talking about Pearl’s being servants but this can be taken many ways. Girl’s are stereotyped as not being strong enough to do “a man’s job” which is what Peridot thinks of Pearl. She says she can’t build anything because “Pearl’s are not for that” Lets look at some more.. “We’re tied! We’re the same! Let’s move on!” “No! You are a Pearl! You are beneath me! I’ll always be better than you and nothing I’ve seen today will ever change that!” Okay, so this could be representative of the many times anti-feminists will flat out ignore and refuse to believe a girl is equal to them. Just look at the dialogue! Change “Pearl” to “girl” and there it is! Let’s read some more from the same scene. “This is pointless! There’s no way you’re going to beat ME! You’re an accessory! Somebody’s shiny toy!…You’re just a Pearl!” Now look at that! This repetition of calling her a Pearl likes it’s a way of calling her weak seems very familiar to me. Peridot and Pearl are fighting, Peridot is telling her she won’t win because “she’s just a Pearl” Now I know she’s saying that because Pearl’s are supposed to be servants and all but think about it. In the answer, the story tells that the court was angry at Ruby and Sapphire because two different types of gems shouldn’t fuse, but we all know that it was metaphorical for two people of the same gender being in love and others being mad, so this obviously isn’t the first time Rebecca has hid something between the lines. We’ve all seen “fusion addiction” as “toxic and abusive relationships” So I think that this whole Pearl being weak because she’s a Pearl thing is actually a great way of kids learning that girls can be strong too and girls are strong. Now, when I was little, heck, even now, I’m used to hearing “you’re just a girl!” So, Peridot using this line, struck something in me. Things like: I’m just a Pearl. (At the beginning of the series) That’s right! I am a PEARL" “It’s remarkable that a… Pearl such as yourself could become such a knowledgeable technician” There are many more examples but in short, it seems that Peridot (the sexist in this case) won’t accept the fact that she is equal to Pearl in skill and intelligence (untill the end of the episode) I hope that young girls and boys at home see these phrases and it changes the way they think about gender roles. I hope Pearl’s strenth, intelligence and determination inspires and helps girls understand they can do anything and I hope that young boys who love Pearl and know she’s strong see Peridot being a jerk and don’t want to be like that. Honestly this show is so great and has opened my eyes so much, I’ve actually learned a lot from this show and I hope others can say the same.

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Why Bad Moms Succeeded Where Ghostbusters Failed
This article originally appeared in Vulture. This past weekend Bad Moms passed $95 million domestically, continuing on a trajectory that will surely ha ...

Key paragraph …

The weekend before Ghostbusters was released, our sister site the Cut wrote “Seeing Ghostbusters on Opening Weekend Could Actually Help Fix Hollywood Sexism.” Though the point was correct—Hollywood is in the business of repeating things that work—the piece also inadvertently contributed to a conversation about the movie that I would argue hurt its box office. 

When talking with comedy-minded female friends who skipped the movie, I kept hearing the same thing: A person’s position on the movie and his or her decision whether to see it, had come to feel like taking a political position. 

For moviegoers who consider lighthearted movies a chill thing to do after a stressful week of work—which is to say, most moviegoers—that’s not the sort of mind-set you want your expensive summer action-comedy to engender. Seeing Ghostbusters ceased to feel like a fun, breezy summertime decision.

Feminist movies exist not to please movie goers, but to appease feminist critics. While movies like Ghostbusters were tailor made for the howling hyena set, they served no purpose as entertainment. 

What does that infer regarding movie goers “political position?” Either it’s fine to bitch like a feminist so long as you don’t have to pay anything for it or the movement is simply no fun. Then again, both seem pretty true as well.

Remember, though, sexism isn’t just differentiating between the sexes but

discriminating against one or the other. When someone says something that implies that one sex inferior or superior to another, that’s sexist.

“My cock wants to penetrate vaginas. Guess its sexist…..”

“different bathrooms for different genders -> sexism”

“And when everyone’s sexist, no one will be.”

The word dictionary is sexist. It should be ‘vaginationary’

I think, therefore I am sexist.

DNA tests are sexist. They point out if you’re a man or a woman.

“all men are sexist”

“kill all men”

“lmao masculinity so fragile”

“male tears”

“all men are gross lol”

“imagine a world without men”

But remember guys, men don’t experience sexism. Not one bit.

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This morning I was watching the 70’s show and honestly it is one of my favorite shows. Anyway, in this particular episode Donna (the red headed girl) was set off to go to a Catholic school or something so consequently she showed up in a school uniform and throughout the whole episode sexual comments were thrown in her face because apparently girls in school uniforms are perceived as “hot”. Sure, she is hot but why does she even get more sexually appealing when she wears a school girl uniform? (Don’t answer this) This is so disturbing. Aren’t school uniforms worn between the ages 6 and 14? So, this basically means that little and under aged girls in school uniforms are a sexual fantasy of men? wow. this is so disgusting. I also want to congratulate myself on ruining everything that is supposed to be pleasant. Yes, it is absolute hell in my brain.