Stereotype vs. Reality

Aries: Stereotype- “Oh you got something to say? Try me! You wanna fight?”  Reality- “Oh I hurt you? I didn’t mean to! But I did? lol oops!!”

Taurus: Stereotype- “You can run me over with a bulldozer, I’m not moving.”  Reality- “ I want pizza. Why tacos, I want pizza!! Can we get both than?”

Gemini: Stereotype- “Yeah I was feeling you yesterday, not anymore.”             Reality- “Do you like me? Am I wanted? Please don’t go!!”

Cancer: Stereotype- “I JuSt WANt tO CrY ANd cRY! WhY dO i AlWaYs cRY?”    Reality: “I’m sorry, did you want me to care about your low grade?”

Leo: Stereotype- “Did you know that I’m the sexiest person? Of course you did.” Reality- “So I was sitting in my room and I was like, wow I’m fat.”

Virgo: Stereotype- “DID YOU JUST THROW YOUR CLOTHES ON THE BED I JUST CLEANED?!”  Reality- “lol I used to make mud pies as a kid.”

Libra: Stereotype- “Like dude, the world is so like, awesome. PEACE!!”             Reality- “I hate the world omg. Like please push me off a building.”

Scorpio: Stereotype- “I will kill all of your family in their sleep if you touch me.”  Reality- “Omg I stepped on that dog?? I’m so sorry!!! FORGIVE ME!!”

Sagittarius: Stereotype- “ ha. ha. ha. that’s SOOOOO funny.” *sarcastic tone*  Reality- “ha. ha. ha. that’s SOOOOO funny.” *sarcastic tone* (lol i’m sorry)

Capricorn: Stereotype- “My soul is as empty as a hallow log.”                           Reality- “HAHAHAHAAAHHAHAHA I made you fall!!!”

Aquarius: Stereotype- “What am I doing? YOUR MOM!!! HA GOT’EM!!            Reality- “Please don’t talk to me, I just want to sleep.”

Pisces: Stereotype- “I’m drawing rainbows and unicorns on all my things!”        Reality- “Hey you wanna sell souls with me? No, I meant in that game! I’m not crazy!”