TOP 10 Sexiest Celebrity Couple Photoshoot

10. T.O.P (BIGBANG) x Sohee

9. Seulong (2AM) x Hara

8. Nam Joo Hyuk x Sulli

7. Park Hae Jin x Go Jun Hee

6. Kim Woo Bin x Shin Min Ah

5. Ahn Jae Hyun x Krystal (f(x))

4. Jonghyun (CN Blue) x Gong Seung Yeon

3. Hyunseung (BEAST) x Hyuna (4MINUTE)

2. Lee Jong Suk x Park Shin Hye 

1. Taemin (SHINee) x Kai (EXO) 

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RFA reacting to an mc who is SUPER beautiful (on the level of Zen) but is SUPER oblivious to it.

Wow so it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything and I know this isn’t smut but I figured I should start somewhere!

- holy shit
- holyyyyyyyy shitttttttt
- how???did he even get a catch like you?????
- every morning he wakes up next to you he is in utter awe okay do you even realize
- you don’t? Well he’s going to tell you
- a lot
- if you didn’t have a praise kink now would be the time to get one
- this boy worships the ground you walk on

- wow
- W O W
- he always thought you were beautiful, but seeing you in person blew him away
- the beast awakes
- seriously you give him a look like you might be interested and he’ll ravage you in a broom closet your boy dgaf
- sexiest couple tbh

- lots of (blurry) pictures on his phone
- honestly he would hire a photographer when he couldn’t get any good shots himself
- “Jumin you don’t have to -”
- yes. He really does.
- he never stops telling you how beautiful you are
- his mouth finds yours as soon as he walks through the door at the end of the day
- he doesn’t hold back that’s for sure
- you’re perfect for him in every way
- total sweetheart

- “Baaaaaaabe look at you! We’re twins!”
- but seriously this guy is floored
- at first he thinks your photos have to be fake
- there’s no way you’re the new RFA member
- no way
- AND you want to be with him????? What?????
- the first time he tells you how beautiful you are your eyebrows crinkle together and you laugh it off
- “no I don’t think you understand you’re prettier than the cars in my garage babe”
- thanks seven

Don’t you love how when Michonne pulls away from a kiss, Rick looks at her like “Where do you think your going? How dare you end this before I’ve even had a chance to fully taste them juicy thangs. Fine. I'mma let you catch your breath but I’m gonna eat you up like the starved man that I am later.”

And Michonne is just like “mmhmm, not unless I get to you first.”

I mean…these warrior lovers are the most intense, sexiest couple I have ever witnessed.

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TV Scoop Awards (Eonline)

Attention Bughead fans,

Teen Choice nomination submissions have officially closed.

BUT we have a new task at hand with the BIG TV Scoop Award nomination submissions for Eonline which have officially started TODAY.

Please nominate Bughead for (Best Couple, Sexiest Moment, Best Kiss) and of course there are the individual actor nomination submissions. 

We should focus on BEST COUPLE category because our fanbase is huge. ;) But of course vote for everything else as well if you can.

You can vote on twitter by using #TVScoopAwards hashtag and tweeting directly to the site @EonlineTV and PLEASE mention the CATEGORY in your tweets. We have until June 30th. Keep in mind the competition is TOUGH. So please dedicate time to vote and tweet.

OR you can go directly to this site, and nominate Bughead in the comments section:

The more buzz our couple gets, the better! Keep in mind, writers are writing scripts as we speak for season 2. AND filming starts this month. So it’s a good time to make a lot of noise and support our pairing.

We did a great job with the Teen Choice nominations. So let’s do a great job here too with the TV Scoop Awards! 

Please re-blog and spread the word. And let’s get it going! Join us on twitter and on the Eonline site! 

Thank you!