sexiest man on this earth

Okay I know we always go on about Marvel’s uncanny casting ability. 

But if you thought they were the only ones, let me draw your attention to this man:

Viggo Mortensen, aka Aragorn son of Arathorn, aka Sexiest Ranger in Middle Earth

  • would hike, often for more than a day, to remote filming locations, in costume, for the sake of authenticity
  • was the best swordsman Bob Anderson (swordsmaster/instructor for LotR, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc) says he has ever trained
  • occasionally writes poetry (more book!canon than film!canon but um hello)
  • does all his own stunts
  • lived all over and speaks about 23940209384 languages
  • you know that scene at the end of Fellowship when he’s fighting the Uruk-hai? And one throws a dagger at him and he hits it away with his sword? Yeah, the guy who threw it was supposed to miss, but accidentally threw it directly at Viggo. Who just casually Aragorned and hit it away. 

They actually cast Aragorn to play Aragorn

How the Conversation really should've went
  • Iris: Oh and your boyfriend?
  • ALec: NO!
  • Clary: no..
  • Alec: I mean bitch pleaseeeee do you understand that I fucking bagged the fucking High Warlock of Brooklyn!!! Magnus fucking Bane!
  • Clary: Ah..Alec she gets it...
  • Alec: No, no I really don't think she does. I am with the fucking sexiest man on earth, like Magnus Bane can literally make fucking polkadots look sexy and formidable all at once.
  • Iris: Ah, right, of course.
  • Alec: And don't even get me started on what his hands can do!
  • Clary: Alec! The mission!
  • Alec: *huffs* whatever bitch I'll just call up Aline and we can wax poetic about how his biceps were literally sculpted from the Angel himself…and this bitch thought I'd ever go for some girl cheato like you…
  • ALec: *chuckling to himself*
  • Alec: As if, I’m such a flaming gay.