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Imagine...Dean Teaching You How To Use A Gun

This is for @sdavid09 What If Challenge. I got the prompt,What if Dean found someone who could shoot better than him?’.

Characters: Y/n, Dean


Warnings: Mostly fluff, flirting, crack, jealous Dean, sorta implied smut at the end.

Word count: 916

Summary: Dean decides it’s time you learn to use a gun.

A/N: Ok, so, I don’t know what this is. It’s random as fuck, but I think it’s cute. Some crack and some flirting. Hope u like it!!

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“Do we have to do this?”

Dean sighed, handing you the gun and ignoring your whining.

He understood why you were a little apprehensive about it.

A lot of people didn’t like guns.

But you’d been attacked and almost killed by a damn vampire.

You’d been staying with the brothers for a few months now, and while Sam had trained you a little in hand to hand combat, Dean thought it was about time you learned how to fire a gun.

“Yes, y/n. Guns might not kill every monster, but shooting one through the chest, or even the head, is enough to buy you some extra time. You need to learn this. Now, hurry up and come with me!”

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Second place for my fic contest goes to @instagramless-ruth . I am a sucker for Mark of Cain Dean, and this one hits the spot. Sexy, angsty, so many emotions…I loved it! After you’ve recovered from this perfection, make sure you’re following this awesome author!

When I Needed You Most by @instagramless-ruth

Word Count: 4600

Warnings: angst, light smut

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Care Giver Pt.2   BY: Dscurve & Y. Black

@dscurve You told me they were waiting lady…. Gotta keep em fed.

**Dr. Janay**

I smile at his subtle compliment; I can tell he wants to say more. I do get tons of compliments but they roll off my shoulders never sinking in because most men can’t handle an independent woman. Yet Dr. Kelvin seems very secure with himself and not easily intimidated. “You’re staring at me….what are you thinking?” I watch his lips curve up as he eagerly awaits my response. I look at the table next to us with a family of 4 kids and use them as an excuse. “I have to keep it PG in here.” I drink the last of my orange juice smiling as he laughs. . I look at the time on my cell; I still have time to go home and shower before my shift. “Well then our next date will have to be where Rated R conversations are welcomed!” I laugh as the waitress comes with two checks. “Who said this was a date? I was just making sure you didn’t have a blood clot after I cared for you. Have your family suing me because I was the last one to touch you.” His laugh is invigorating as a dimple sinks deep in his cheek. Damn he’s fine! I roll the end of the straw around in my mouth just thinking about sucking on his lips and I completely miss his sentence. He reaches over and touches my hand and our eyes lock. All the sound in the restaurant fades away as I look at him, goosebumps travel up my arms while my breathing slows. “Kelvin….” He stops mid-sentence. “What are you doing tonight?” He leans back in his chair and strokes his chin. Why must he keep drawing attention to his lips! “Nothing.” I put cash on top of my bill to pay it. “I have a metal filing cabinet at home I need to get to the road so it can be picked up tomorrow morning.” I rise slowly from the table as he watches me, grasping at the invitation as I leave it dangling before him. “Really?” I nod my head and continue, “I could really use your help if you didn’t mind. If think you’ll be all healed by then, can you come over around 7?” I stare into his eyes as he searches mine for sincerity. Please say yes….please!

How could I refuse after all the help she had given me today? “No problem, I shouldn’t have any problem being able to help you out.” I put a twenty on my bill to match her twenty, I wasn’t in competition, though I did take notice of her independence. That kind of thing never bothered me. I walked her to her car and extended my hand to shake hers. To my surprise she swatted my hand to the side and stepped to me and wrapped her arms around me. I was shocked to say the least. “Oh I don’t get a hug back?” She had so much sass. I liked it to be frank. “My bad I was a little, ya know… hell.” I gave her a tight hug. “Mmmm yes.” She moaned. Fuck that was all it took, I knew she’d be on my mind all day. Constant replay of her moaning. I let her go, trying to keep mind over matter. “You smell really good Dr. Kelvin.” The sex appeal was so apparent. “Thank you Dr. Janay.” I tried to hide that corky little smirk I did from time to time. It only showed when I was really feeling someone. Our hands were still clutched and it felt as though there was supposed to be a kiss inserted right there but I kept it cool. I wonder if she was thinking the same thing I was. “Hey so tonight your place at 7?” I tried to break my thoughts. “Yes sir.” She replied. “Cool I will see you there, I’ll wait for you to shoot me the address.” She nodded and I began to turn to head towards my car. Before I was completely out of her clutch she squeezed my hand tight, making me whip my head back around. “Make sure you wear that cologne please and thank you.” We both chuckled and I headed to the car.

**Dr. Janay**

Standing in the shower at home, my hands grope my breasts as the hot water beats down on them. I close my eyes and pinch my nipples imagining Kelvin’s lips sucking on them. I slide a hand down to my pussy and rub my clit, damn…. I’d like to feel his warm tongue stroking against it. My cell alarm goes off loud. Great! I finish up quickly and run my flat iron briefly through my hair making my curls tighter than before, spritzing them with a large can of Big & Sexy before separating them with my fingers. I put on a purple, lace bra and matching boy-shorts before putting on my scrubs. I grab my stethoscope and white coat; name tag already pinned on. Eagerly I fend through traffic excited for my first day, but even more so to see Dr. Kelvin again! I walk in and find my way to the staff meeting on the 3rd floor but he’s not there. For thirty minutes I remember no names, use one word answers “Dr. Williamson?” an older man extends his hand to me and I can tell he’s very seasoned. I walk to the front of the room and introduce myself to everyone, “Please just call me Dr. Janay, it’s much quicker.” Then Dr. Taylor tells everyone my accolades and they applaud; at least they are excited to have me a part of the team! Then a nurse says, “This is great! Now we have two top surgeons, you and Dr. Kelvin.” My heart stops as the name floats through the air. Then the door swings open as Dr. Kelvin enters the room. “Dr. Taylor I’m sorry, I was talking to a patient’s mother about a surgery we need to schedule today for her son and I finally got her on board.” His eyes travel to me and I watch as his desire consumes him. “Dr. Janay?” I smile shyly and move my hair behind my ears as Dr. Taylor formally introduces us. His words are lost on Kelvin as his remains mesmerized staring into my eyes. He was making me feel so beautiful as he bathed in my presence. Dr. Taylor closes the meeting, and everyone leaves the room leaving just he and I standing inches apart. My eardrums are pounding because my heart is beating so fast. He reaches his hand and gently touches the side of my face. He’s standing so close to me, chills run up my spine as my nipples become erect. I wonder how soon another meeting is? I feel the urge to kiss him but I don’t want to scare him off. Some men act like they want a woman to be forward but then deem her a hoe. I definitely didn’t want that impression.  Softly I say, “Please don’t tease me …. I’m afraid I won’t be able to behave myself.” I take in a sharp breathe as he steps even closer to me…..goosebumps cover my body as my pussy screams, ‘YES!’

** Dr. Kelvin**

Fuck we ended up here, mere millimeters apart now. I told myself to keep it professional, I tried to coach myself thru this moment. I failed miserably. I knew this would be something from the time we left the IHOP parking lot. The tension was there, on both sides of the fence. I didn’t want to act prematurely, and I’m sure she felt the same. Despite a whole damn conversation with myself in the shower this morning, here we stand, about to let the inevitable happen. “Please don’t tease me…. I’m afraid I won’t be able to behave myself.” Her eyes told a story not even Shakespeare could read.  But I was fluent in her language and against my own cautions, I decided to show her just how well I spoke it. Our lips that so longed to meet since our run in at the park, finally grazed one another. Her lips were so full, so soft, so succulent, so everything I was craving in that moment. I brushed my own full lips along hers from corner to corner. On my way back across, she gripped my bottom lip with her teeth. She sucked my lip into her mouth, and suckled it in seductively. This kiss is well worth the 3 hour wait. Instinctively my hands wrap her waist bringing closer our embrace. This conference room was no longer such, rather a sanctuary where seeds of passion and desire have been planted. Her hands found my chest and gripped my pecs. The kiss came to halt as the passing footsteps acted as the pinch to bring us back to reality. “Damn” I murmured as sucked my own lip into my mouth savoring the flavor of the kiss.  “I know right… And it’s still only day one.” She said as she adjusted her scrubs. I know my print was probably showing in the thin fabric of my own scrubs. “Wait day one of the job or day one of something else?” I wasn’t sure which direction she was heading with that statement. “To be honest… Both.” Damn she had a real point, this was all new to her. “Hmmm…” I looked down at my watch. “Hey I have to go do some paperwork and prep for this surgery later.”  I reached for the door to let her out and follow behind her. “Dr. Janay” I called out as began making her way down the hallway. “Yes sir” she turned with a little sass. All I could do was smirk. “You should come see about me.”  “Oh I will, you can take that to the bank.”

**Dr. Janay**

I turned back walking even faster up the hallway to the bathroom I remembered passing. Once the door to the stall was closed  I stood against it with head to it talking to myself. “What the hell just happened?!” My ears were full of pressure as my pussy throbbed. He could’ve taken me right there on the conference table and I wouldn’t have mind! I close my eyes remembering his full lips as he pressed them against mine igniting a fire inside me. Dammit! I have to focus. “Just get through the day…. get through the day!” I open the stall and wash my hands out of habit, and exit the restroom. I find the large dry erase board and quickly spot Dr. Kelvin’s name next to ‘5yr old brain tumor’. “Damn” I say to myself. That’s pretty tough to do alone. Then I see my name under the column “ASSIST” and I take in a quick breathe just as Dr. Taylor approaches. “Hey Dr. Janay right?” I turn to him with apparent shock still on my face. “I see you’ve found out you’ll be assisting in your first surgery today! Well I’m sure you’ll do fine, you can make Dr. Kelvin do all the work! Shouldn’t take more than a couple hours…great way to pass the day! Don’t worry you’ll be doing another one later all on your own! Good luck!” He pats me on the shoulder before walking off as I stand there dumbfounded. How in the hell was I going to assist the sexiest man alive during the most complicated surgery ever! “Shit” I say to myself and a nurse passing smiles. “Rough day already?” I take the opportunity to ask her where the surgery room was as she directs me three floors up. I take the stairs to make up for not getting my run in this morning, but mainly just to sort things out in my head pushing my feelings and starving pussy to the back of my mind. I poke my head into various rooms that appear big enough for a surgery but each time I come up short. “Where in the hell is this place?” Finally I open a door to what appears is a large operating room, but nobody is in prepping. I look to my left and see there’s a door to an adjoining room and I walk to it but look through the blinds first and see a nurse bent over an operating table getting her pussy rammed by a heavy set EMT! She’s not holding back her screams as he grips her hips tight, I watch as he drives his thick dick inside her shaved pussy fast and rough shaking the table.

I jump when I feel a warm breath on my ear and try to turn around but Dr. Kelvin presses up against me so tight I can feel his hard dick against my ass. “Kelvin….” I say softly as his hot tongue traces my ear, sliding inside instantly making my pussy wet. Together we watch as the EMT leans over grabbing her full C cups and squeezes them, thrusting slow and deep as he winds his hips she grips the sides of the table tight. I moan as Kelvin’s hands slip under my scrubs and find my breasts under my lace bra. I feel his lips against my neck as he kisses it hard; my D cups fill his large hands as he fondles my bare breasts. I arch back leaning back, melting into his chest as he pinches my nipples. “Kelvin….” I moan again; I can hear him moaning in my ear as he grinds against my ass. I can feel his thickness as my pussy aches for attention. Our eyes stay locked on the couple as the EMT pulls out and buries his face in her pussy. She grabs his bald head tight and screams as he sucks heavily on her clit. “Damn….” I whisper, and Kelvin slips a hand into my panties and begins rubbing my swollen clit. The pressure in my ears returns as I grind against his strong fingers….fuck…. I hope I can cum before anyone catches us.

**Dr. Kelvin**

Janay’s pussy was so wet on my fingertips. When I saw her clinch her thighs and squeeze her breast I couldn’t help but come over and lend a helping hand. I could tell she knew it was me right off the bat. She jumped only slightly, and the sultry way she let my name roll off of her tongue only made me want her more. She didn’t know Travis and Desiree were a thing. I’d come up here and watch them once a week, as they got it popping. They both had people but the chemistry between then was scorching and it made for a hell of a show whenever they got together. In the midst, shit Janay and I were about to spawn our own spin off.

She leaned her head back and whispered “Damn”, I knew she was close. I should have been a gynecologist, the way I love and have mastered the female anatomy. Her pussy and my finger were playing call and response as we watched Travis and Desiree fuck like college kids in a dorm room right before curfew. The whole scene was hot. “Janay, I need you to cum for me like a good little girl.” I commanded. “MMMM….” She cooed. “Cum for me princess. Daddy needs you to cum his fingers.” I continued. “Yes daddy, I’m going to be a good girl for you.” I dove my fingers deeper in to her and her thighs locked onto my wrist. I sunk my teeth into her neck and covered her mouth to muffle the shrieks that begun to exit her lips. I could her body quaking as she was boiling over. Her frame lean heavily upon as her legs had grown weak under my magic touch. Once she released her hold on my wrist, I eagerly brought my finger to my mouth. They were completely drenched in her nectar. I stuck my index finger in my mouth, she tasted of the heavens. I closed my eyes as I was savoring her. “You not going to share with me” she said just before her tongue snaked up the backside of my hand. We clean my fingers in unison, until our lips locked into another heat filled kiss. “Shit you are fucking trouble lady” I said with conviction. “And what you think you are good sir? Or should I say bad sir” She shot back. We both smiled knowing what was only in store for us. We had got so lost in each other we forgot about the other two. I glanced over and peered through the window to only catch Travis pulling his pants up and Desiree standing wiping the corners of her mouth. “Damn we missed the money shot” Janay stated. I laughed out and she nudged me. “What? We did.” She continued. “We did but what we did get was more important.” I gave her a knowing look. “Well…. You right, you right.” She said. “Listen we have to prep for this procedure, go get cleaned up. And I’ll do the same.’’

I tried to get back focused on the real matter at hand. She trailed off and I did the same. We operated for about 4 and a half hours successfully. I was glad I could deliver for our patient and his mother. She was a piece of work. She was so concern about the minimal things that could have gone wrong, versus the tremendous potential upside. Her son would now be able to lead a healthy childhood, and grow to maybe change the world. This is what I loved about my job. I was able change lives that could maybe someday change lives themselves. After cleaning up and debriefing the family I ran into Dr. Janay in the hall. “Hey, are we still on for 7?” I asked. “Most certainly.” She said with a smile. “Ok cool I can pick up dinner if you’d like.” I put it out there so she wouldn’t have to do any extra. “Oh dinner will be hot and ready by the time you arrive sir.” The grin I had could be seen from the west wing.