sexiest guy out

Happy Richonne Anniversary ❤️❤️ I remember the whole reason I started watching the show was because I was on tumblr and saw Rick and Michonne gifs from season 4 and I was SHOOK!! I was just like “omg these idiots look so in love and cute bye I’m watching idc if they’re not together” and I binged watch the whole 4 seasons and was able to watch the season 5 premiere live. First of all, best decision ever because now I’m obsessed and I’ve met Steven Yeun, Michael Cudlitz, Josh, Sonequa, and so many others & like who would have thought. So I was then like well even if I don’t get this otp, at least I found such a great show. Then season 5 was filled with Richonne goodness like omg I LOVED it! Then we get to season 6 and I see Jessie and y'all know I was upset LMFAOO Rick was acting a fool and I had to deal with it weekly🙄🙄.. then we get to No Way Out and y'all know I’m already giddy as shit cause I read spoilers about a certain blonde getting the chop chop and the whole family being wiped out (I know evil, but fuck it) and I saw Michonne wild out and help her husband and just desperately trying to get to him and kissing Carl 😩😩❤️ and I was just gone!!! Then she’s carrying Judith while Rick is preachin to Carl about the new world, lmao I was like okay what is this fuckery if they don’t get together then I’m going to riot cause look at this fucking family!!! SO YALL KNOW WHEN THE NEXT WORLD CAME OUT AND THEY STARTED OUT WITH GRIMES FAM 2.0 I was like BITCH IF THE SPOILERS ARE TRU IM JUMPING OUT DA WINDOW!!!! And then rick was home and Michonne kicked his arm and they were looking at Judith, talking about their day, giving her mints & I was like NAWWWWWWWWW then their hands touch and I’m screaming and they’re looking at each other and I’m screaming and they’re getting closer and IM SCREAMING AND THEYRE KISSING AND RICKS IN IT, MICHONNES IN IT , BITCH IM IN IT AND IM STILL SCREAMING.. THEN I see a naked Rick and a naked Michonne and Rick gripping on that ass and bro…. IM SCREAMING!!!! Then they get up naked ready to fuck someone’s life up (mine mostly) and that’s when I knew my soul had been sold to Gimple.. so all I want to say is shout out to Andy for fucking with Richonne since the longest & being the king of our ship and for going all out in his scenes (can’t wait to see him in 7x12 (; ) and for being the sexiest guy out here & shoutout to Danai for being beautiful and amazing in her scenes as well and just amazing and beautiful in general. Shoutout to Andy’s mom for calling out the show and saying if they had any political balls they would put those two together 😩😭❤️ and just shoutout to the most amazing and talented fandom out there!!! I love y'all, even though I wasn’t here from the very beginning, it felt like I was because of how nice y'all are❤️❤️❤️❤️ so thank you for excepting me into this hell hole and making my life a complete mess🆘 here’s to more Richonne goodness everybody 🍾🍾