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i know you JUST posted two poly!bowers gang things but pleaaase, HCs?? just like tidbits w them and their s/o? I'll take anything bitch feed me feed me.

<3 sasdffgddsb alright here we go uhhh…


 instead of bickering who sits shotgun they bicker over who you sit between in the backseat. though you do get immediate shotgun rights if you feel like sitting up front (which is as gentlemanly as these boys are gonna get).

 Vics the biggest smoker. then Henry. Patrick lights up every now and then, and Belch can but hates the taste.

 though the biggest reason Henry smokes now is to look cool in front of you and Vic, also because he saw you two shotgun kiss one time and it was the hottest thing he’s ever seen.

 they get shitty with you if you take too many extracurricular classes.

 youre the only who can smoke/eat/leave trash in Amy, though u never do bc ur not an asshole. the boys complain and tease the fuck out of Belch for spoiling you

 Belch and Patrick are the only ones who’d hold your hand without complaint, though patrick has ulterior motives. henry prefers to hold your waist and Vic thinks he looks better with you on his arm.

 they all watch as you put on your makeup like its the most bizarre thing in the world

 Henry comes to you first when his Dad gets really bad. its the only time he’ll let himself be the little spoon. how angry the boys get when you call them over, and all the empty(?) threats against his father make him feel wanted.

 you’ve only heard of Henry’s dad and seen what he’s done. you are never in a million years going to meet him and the boys make sure of that.

 they talk about other girls sometimes just because you, jealous, is the sexiest thing ever. but god forbid you mention another boy because he’d be bruised and bloodied by the end of the day.


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ok but johnny seo is one of the sexiest god damn men ive ever seen in kpop and ive been doing this for a long time like hes got the big intense eyes perfect plush lips hes a big solid man made of muscle and hes funny as well plus hes goofy and has glorious hair but also hes so fucking hot like how the fuck does that happen how does he exist

Stir Crazy – Part 2

I sit back, loose limbed and languid, watching Leati doing push-ups by the weights. Joining him in the gym has become a regular thing. Watching him workout has also become the highlight of my days. The light roams over his sweaty back and arms every time he pushes himself back up. I watch the muscles in his biceps flex with each motion. My goodness he is a sight to see. Even his man-bun is sexy. There are a few flyaway hairs clinging to his forehead and beads of sweat running down the middle of his chest.

“So what are your plans for Sunday?” He asks, his voice a bit strained.
Distracted by his amazing figure, I ask, “I’m sorry. Can you repeat that for me?”
He glances up at me, showcasing his million-dollar smile. “What are you doing on Sunday?” He repeats, slowly pronouncing every word.
I playfully roll my eyes. “I was actually just checking if there were any seats left for Fastlane. I’m really excited for you.”
“Come sit on my back.”
“What?” Is he crazy?
“Straddle my back. Come on.”
“Leati, no.” I shake my head, laughing. “I’m sweaty and gross.”

He lowers his body to the floor in a plank position and stays quiet. Obviously waiting for me to hop on. I let out a long sigh and reluctantly drag myself off of the seat. I throw my phone and headphones onto the vacant seat and adjust my tights and t-shirt. Now standing over him, squatting, I carefully sit down on his wide back and place my hands on his slick shoulder blades. Sweaty men usually make me cringe, but Leati has me seeing hearts and fireworks all over.

He begins to rise again and I try hold on tighter. I can see the sides of his jaw clench in the sexiest way ever. God, help me.

“So,” he starts, straining a little bit. “Why do you want to go to Fastlane?”
“Why wouldn’t I want to?”
“I’m just saying, after you hopping over the padding… I don’t think it’s the best idea.”
A twinge of disappointment hits my heart. “You don’t want me there?”

Leati grabs my left ankle and throws it over his shoulder, then my right ankle over his other shoulder. I scoot forward until the backs of my knees are firmly pressed against his shoulders and my feet touch the ground. I tightly grab onto the straps of his shirt because I know what he’s getting ready to do. He slowly tucks his knees to his chest, sending me flying forward and hanging almost upside down. I cross my feet at his chest. Once his feet are positioned, he holds onto my calves and stands up straight and I’m sitting on his shoulders, holding onto his head for dear life. Does he not plan on answering my question?

He tugs at my right leg, sliding me down his arm, over to his chest and down his torso. I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist and my arms cross at the back of his neck.

“What would make you think I didn’t want you there?” He huffs out, staring at me with those icy and mysterious gray eyes.
“Your response to me wanting to go didn’t exactly scream ‘I’m so glad you’re coming’, Leati.”
His arms tighten underneath my behind, holding me closer to him. “Baby girl, I want nothing more than to look into the crowd and find your beautiful face glowing.” He pushes a few loose strands of my hair back, still holding me tight. “Fastlane is going to be so much more hectic than Raw. Daniel Bryan is bringing everything that he’s got to this match. And he’s crazy to think that I’m not doing the same. That means that I may get hurt, blood may be spilled or worse. I can’t have you jumping over the padding again. I can’t have the thought to keep an eye out for you when I’m supposed to be focused on one of the most important matches of my career.”

I tear my eyes away from his pained gaze, and set my eyes at the dip of his neck. I get it. What I did was reckless and could have been a lot more catastrophic than it was. But I want to be his number one supporter. I want to be there for him no matter the outcome. 

“I understand.” I say softly and look back up to him. “What if I can promise to control myself?”
“Can you guarantee that?” His thick left brow flies up along with his smirk. He’s learned a lot about me in the short time that we’ve been… something. Even I don’t know what to label us under.
“Okay, okay.” I burst into a fit of giggles. “I’ll bring my best friend. She’s the only person who can detain me if I can’t control myself.”
His eyes crinkle at the sides when he squints at me. “Are you sure?”
“I am one hundred and ten percent positive. I’ll be wearing the low-cut, Roman Reigns, t-shirt that you love. And when the night is done… we can do other things you love.”
“Then I’m one hundred and ten percent positive that I want you there. You’re my girl. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I practically squirm against his hard, sweaty body when he says I’m his girl. It sends waves of euphoria throughout my entire body. He licks his lips and slams them onto mine. His lips and every kiss are just as juicy and delicious as the very first one we shared. I return every single lip lock just as hungrily, if not more, than he does. He slowly pulls away, tugging at my bottom lip with his teeth.

“And you’re guarenteed to win.” I swiftly bite his bottom lip and then place a hard kiss to his mouth.

With one, strong hand, he swats the bottom of my ass. “Let’s go hit the showers.”