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Can you give me 88 reasons why to love Kaner? Because I have too many

1. He’s a cutie.

2. He has the nicest smile.

3. He is great with kids.


5. He’s stick handling skills thouuuuugh.

6. 2010!!!!! Totally won it for us!

7. His bromances. (Toews, Sharp, Panarin)

8. How he looks out for his sisters.

9. His love of his family.

10. His love of the good old USA.

11. How he politely turned that little girl down who asked him to her prom.


13. His dedication to the sport.

14. His tongue.

15. Remember his mouthguard?  That was fun to watch!


17. Amanda!!! We would never have been graced with her if he had not landed her.

18. Big lips.

19. The mullet.

20. His reaction when his dad ordered the Sharpie instead of the Kaner at Qdoba.

22. When he filmed Sharpie filming him when they were getting ready to visit the White House.

23. How he asked the man at the Blackhawks store to throw away the Toews shirt. 

24. His reaction when to Toews being grumpy when they were doing the popsicle eating contest.

25. How he said his best friend was his grandfather, and they watched baseball games together. 

26. How he wants the world to believe he’s an inch taller than he actually is.

27. Have you seen him in a suit?!

28. How grateful he is to his family for their support.

29. He’s competitive!  I recall hearing a story in which he challenged his sister to a handwriting contest.  How cute is that?

30.  According to his sisters, they made him play house and with dolls.  Aww baby Kaner with dolls.

31. When he was away playing hockey, he had to live with another family in Michigan.  He called his mom and begged her to quit.  She said no.  Cute little baby Kaner was homesick.  

32. He’s a horrible singer… I can relate.

33. He use to get mad when his friends weren’t taking street hockey seriously enough.  What a cutie.

34. How he wanted to stay with Stan Bowman’s family to help them get through his 2nd battle with cancer. 

35. He only likes strawberry smoothies.  What a dork.


37. How he actually tried to act when he played Anakin for BHTV.  

38. How upset he gets when you call him Patrick Kane Jr., and not the Second.

39. His white teeth.

40. His curls.

41. His sarcasm.  Got to love the sarcasm.

42. His laugh.

43. How the poor child’s favorite scary movie is scream… there’s so many better ones.  Scaredy Cat Kane.

44. His nickname is Peek-a-boo.  How cute is that?

45. How he loves the fans.

46. The ridiculous Hawaiian shirt he wears when he goes to the Buffet concert.

47. When he gave the girl his worn jersey who came and interned for the day. 

48. When he visits the children’s hospital and makes our hearts melt.

49. When he pretended to be a mannequin at the blackhawks store and scared some people walking by.

50. When he had to fix his hair before dropping the puck at the firefighters vs. police officer’s game at the UC.

51. How good he looks in hats.

52. When he repeated the question for the little girl at the Blackhawks Goal panel, to make her feel more comfortable answering it in front of all those people.

53. How he picks King Boo when he plays Mario Kart.  He’s the worst.

54. His relationship with Joey the Jr. Reporter.

55. His 21st Birthday black eye.

56. How badly he just wants to win for the US, as well as for the Hawks and everything in between.

57. His tweets to the Buffalo Bills to show his support.

58. How he cries.

59. How he always thanks the soldiers for keeping the US safe.

60. Remember when he grew a mustache for Movember? Lol, great cause though!!!

61. When he was Rose in his and Shawzy’s attempt at recreating the titanic scene on the boat.

62. Remember when he fangirled over LeBron? 

63. When he lost the popsicle eating contest with Toews, and blamed it on sensitive teeth.

64. His Lemonhead commercial with Toews.

65. Sleepy Kaner = Cute Kaner.

66. Superman Kane and the All Star Game. 

67. When he put the Kane jersey over the Toews jersey at the Blackhawks store.

68. When he bumped Toews when Obama was talking about him.

69. How excited he was to meet Drake.

70. His favorite Halloween costume is Batman, such a cute little boy.

71. How he always says “uh” and “uhm” when he’s talking.

72. Remember when all he had to say about hockey was that it was “fun”? 

73. That he looks so good in the Blackhawks sweater.

74. His favorite subject is math… what a dork.

75. He only likes cheese on his pizza and I relate to that, so that makes me happy.

76. The way he celebrated when the Blackhawks won in 2010.  He was shaking and jumped into Niemi’s arms. 

77. Remember when he tried to lift up Seabrook?  Too small, Kaner.

78. His pathetic playoff beard. (It’s gotten better)

79. For his 21st birthday, he gave back to the community by donating toys for kids in need in Chicago, as well as donating money to a food bank in Buffalo.

80. His relationship with retired players. (Hull, Savard, etc.)

81. When Patrick Sharp was named one of the sexiest Chicago athletes by Victoria secret, he said, “They must have mixed up the two Patricks” lmao.

82. He once said, “I am a pretty emotional guy”.  Cute emotional Kaner.

83. He’s savage.

84. He constantly thanks the fans.

85. He’s completely turned the Chicago Blackhawks organization around with the help from Toews.

86. He said he was so nervous on the draft day he had to go to the bathroom like 10 times in an hour.  Poor little nervous Patrick.

87. He tries to not let the hate get to him.

88. He’s one of the best players in the world.

These may not all be reasons, but they’re things that make me smile!

It’s 2014. Women have competed in the Olympics for 114 years. Mia Hamm, Martina Navratilova, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Lindsey Vonn are all household names (and only a fraction of them). And yet, a PE teacher still thinks it’s okay to tell my little sister that women can’t be athletes. And yet the first page of google search results for “female athletes” is comprised mostly of “Top___ sexiest female athletes."And yet my male workout buddy is surprised when I can swim a mere 50 meters slightly faster than he can. And yet it’s still a shock when a woman is an athlete. And yet I could keep thinking up "and yet"s all night. But it’s 2014 already. Come on, people. 

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please, could u do some ushijima/tendou headcanons? :') so deprived of their fanfics! (rarely see any of them....)

ushiten week is coming up soon! i’ll try my hand at it for u, anon

  • consider tendou and ushijima taking really ridiculous photos together in a photo booth, tendou sitting on ushijima’s lap, his arm looped around ushijima’s shoulder (there are props involved - ushijima wearing a fake mustache/nose, tendou wearing a bright lei around his neck), there’s smooching involved too uvu
  • ushijima being one of those really outdoorsy kinda people but he’s not snobby about it, he likes to takes pictures of the beautiful sights he comes across (although he also has a lot of pictures of tendou on his phone too, like the one of tendou curled up in his sleeping bad, with his red hair disheveled, mouth open as he drools onto his pillow or the one of tendou grinning maniacally right before he’d jumped from the tire swing, into the lake bellow)
  • tendou being the type who loves pet names but all it takes is for ushijima to call him by his first name and he melts (he’s weak, okay)
  • tendou as a very clingy sleeper
  • ushijima hugging him from behind and kissing his neck is such a Good
  • au where they’re classmates and they meet in the library, tendou deciding they’re now part of a study group and ushijima just going along with it 
  • au where tendou works as a barista and the best part of his day is making ushijima (his fave regular) cracks a smile 
  • ushiten as queer platonic is also very important to me 
  • ushijima and tendou sitting on the roof of ushijima’s car, holding hands, tendou’s head resting against ushijima’s shoulder, ushijima staring up at the stars, tendou stealing glances at him when he’s not looking uvu
  • ushiten when years have passed and ushijima is a professional athlete and tendou is SO proud, okay? he brags to everyone that that used to be his ace. tendou who blushes bright red when he sees the hot photoshoot ushijima did for a magazine’s special edition on World’s Sexiest Athletes but he buys it anyway. in a show of support (was ushijima’s stomach always that toned? his shoulders that broad?) and tendou kinda sorta realizes that he never got over his crush
  • tendou calling ushijima up when ushijima wins at the olympics and he doesn’t expect anything bc he knows ushijima’s an incredibly important person but ushijima picks up on the first ring and they agree to go for drinks. (they catch up, tendou’s voice cracks when he tells ushijima how proud he is, ushijima admits he’s happy but tendou’s call made ushijima realize he’s still hung up on tendou, and then they DATE)

Pros On: USWNT reveal who they think the sexiest athletes are

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bawson 12

“Come on, Baker. Spill. Everyone else did,” Sonny goads as they sit around a table at Barstool. They were discussing which sport had the sexiest athletes. Butch adamantly endorsed gymnastics. Blip had voted cheerleading. Voorhies stuck with track and field. Sal endorsed lingerie football which sparked a side debate about the sport’s legitimacy.

Ginny shakes her head and sips her beer, refusing to participate in the discussion until Mike says, “It’s baseball. Obviously.”

Ginny turns to cock an eyebrow at him. “Obviously?”

Mike nods, motions around the table. “Look at all these prime-cuts of beef and tell me you’re not hungry.”

Ginny snorts. “I’m fasting.”

The guys erupt in laughter and Blip nudges Ginny. She’s sandwiched between him and Mike, a row of beers before them. “Come on, Gin. Just spill it.”

She’s about to decline but she catches sight of the mischief in his eyes and grins, sets down her beer and leans into the circle, making the guys lean in too. “Okay, but this can’t leave this table.”

They all agree and she almost loses it as Robles leans in almost too close to hear. She grins. “Any guesses?”

“It’s tennis, right?” Tommy volunteers. “I saw you freak out over Serena Williams at the ESPYs.”

Ginny laughs then shakes her head. “I’m not gay, Miller. Not even bi.”

“Shit,” Voorhies mutters then takes out his wallet. “Who do I owe?”

Ginny frowns as she watches him pay everyone but Mike. Blip’s grin is almost wide enough to fall off his face since he knew all along. “You guys really thought I was gay?”

“Well…” Sonny starts then stops.

Ginny scoffs as she leans back in her chair. “So because I play a man’s sport, I’m automatically gay?”

“Well, Baker, it’s been like two months and we haven’t even seen you texting a guy,” Hanan finally supplies.

“That doesn’t mean I’m gay. It means—” Ginny shakes her head. “Not the point. To answer the question at hand, it is baseball players. But not because you guys are just that attractive. It’s mostly because it’s all I spend time with. Gotta love the one you’re with and all that.”

They all laugh and nudge each other. Voorhies finally replies, “So is it all baseball players? Pitchers? Catchers? Hitters? What’s your poison?”

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