achillean boys are amazing and so strong. all of us.

  • gay boys who are feminine or masculine or somewhere in between
  • ace mlm who don’t fit into society’s idea of men and sex
  • bi and pan boys who are told that it’s a phase or that they need to pick a side
  • trans and nonbinary mlm who don’t feel like they fit into the community
  • hypersexual mlm
  • mlm of color
  • mlm with disabilities and chronic illnesses
  • autistic mlm
  • closeted mlm
  • closeted mlm who never want to come out
  • closeted mlm who are desperate to come out
  • closeted mlm who can’t come out
  • mlm with mental illnesses
  • traumatized mlm
  • lower class mlm
  • mlm who are oppressed on any other axis
  • and mlm who aren’t
  • whether you fit into all of these categories
  • or none of them
  • or if you’re a category all to yourself

i’m proud of you for being who you are in a world that still wants to silence us

Father Dearest pt 4

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Characters: Crowley, Dean, Sam, Cas, Reader
Word Count: 2,063
Warnings: Bit of violence, mention of oral sex

By the time you were seven months pregnant, you had to begun to relax. Cas never told you that the boys were getting close, and you’d stop asking. He saw how it broke your heart when you heard Dean’s name, so that topic was rare. It was very obvious that you were pregnant by that point. You had found out that you were having a boy, so now having a name for the baby made it much easier. Per your request, Cas had joined you for that appointment.  He lit up when he saw Clark on the screen, talking about what a miracle he was. Work was going well, even if part of you itched to hunt again. You knew that just wasn’t possible.

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sexby said: Oh, you get a happy feeling inside, do ya? ;3c Tell me more.

It’s like I’m relishing in my groinsaw roar as I withdraw a flesh-choked blade from an astronaut’s ruined skull. And then I being thrusting my bloody, retina-covered pelvis with elfin fervor.

In general it’s suteki… as if a fleshy choochoo love train is entering my wet baby portal.