achillean boys are amazing and so strong. all of us.

  • gay boys who are feminine or masculine or somewhere in between
  • ace mlm who don’t fit into society’s idea of men and sex
  • bi and pan boys who are told that it’s a phase or that they need to pick a side
  • trans and nonbinary mlm who don’t feel like they fit into the community
  • hypersexual mlm
  • mlm of color
  • mlm with disabilities and chronic illnesses
  • autistic mlm
  • closeted mlm
  • closeted mlm who never want to come out
  • closeted mlm who are desperate to come out
  • closeted mlm who can’t come out
  • mlm with mental illnesses
  • traumatized mlm
  • lower class mlm
  • mlm who are oppressed on any other axis
  • and mlm who aren’t
  • whether you fit into all of these categories
  • or none of them
  • or if you’re a category all to yourself

i’m proud of you for being who you are in a world that still wants to silence us

100 (+100) Follower Celebration

It’s official! I have crossed the 200 mark and while I know there are people out there with thousands of followers, I never expected people to take much interest in my writing or my love of Dick so I’m blown away that another 100 of you have shown up in just the last few weeks.  

As I mentioned, I’d like to do something for all of you.  It’s your likes, comments, reblogs, and interactions that make being here enjoyable and that encourage me to keep writing.  

Below is a list of characters I will write, 50 quote prompts and 50 kink prompts.  

Please send me an ask with a character, a quote, and/or a kink.   

You may make more than one request.  However, to give others a chance to make theirs, I will only be accepting the first one you submit.  All subsequent ones will be held until the end of the request period and accepted if I have not hit my limit.  

I debated whether or not to include any actors and decided at this time, I’m just not comfortable writing about real people.  I may make a side blog down the road, but for now, this one is staying RPF free.  


  1. You do not need to be following me to make a request, but followers’ will be accepted first.  
  2. All stories are reader inserts and are female by default.  If you would like gender neutral or male, let me know.
  3. Can’t choose between two characters? Why not both! (Threesomes will be accepted and are encouraged!)
  4. The kink list is optional.  Similarly, you can also just request a kink with a character.
  5. More than one request can be made for the same kink / quote but if I get multiples I may start crossing them off the list.  
  6. Fics are at the mercy of my muse.  Angst, fluff, crack, smut, it’s whatever she’s feeling.  If you would prefer not to have any smut, please let me know.
  7. Requests will be open for one week starting today (May 5) and closing May 13 at 7am (EST).  If I get a larger response than anticipated, I may need to close it sooner.  
  8. Fics / drabbles will be posted after requests are closed.  
  9. Please be patient.  I have only one fic commitment in addition to this challenge this month but several real life ones that can be unpredictable.  All requests will be fulfilled and I will get them out as quickly as possible.


John Winchester
Arthur Ketch
Mick Davies


  1. “Come over here and make me.”
  2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
  3. “Wait a minute.  Are you jealous?”
  4. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
  5. “I almost lost you.”
  6. “Wanna bet?”
  7. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
  8. “It could be worse.”
  9. “I think we need to talk.”
  10. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?”
  11. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
  12. “Just once.”
  13. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
  14. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
  15. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
  16. “I thought you were dead.”
  17. “It’s not what it looks like…”
  18. “You lied to me.”
  19. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
  20. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
  21. “You heard me.  Take.  It.  Off.”
  22. “I wish I could hate you.”
  23. “I swear it was an accident.”
  24. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
  25. “If you die, I’m going to kill you.”
  26. “Tell me a secret.”
  27. “No one needs to know.”
  28. “Well, this is awkward…”
  29. “I suppose you heard most of that?”
  30. “You know it’s not wise sneaking up on a man when he’s handling his weapon.”
  31. “Please, nobody died last time.”
  32. “Is there any way I’m going to get out of this with honor and dignity?”
  33. “Sorry.  Didn’t mean to enjoy the moment.”
  34. “Could you not do that while we’re… ever?”
  35. “Everybody dies alone.”
  36. “This must be what going mad feels like.”
  37. “Stop running that pretty mouth at me.”
  38. “Just once, I’d like things to go according to plan.”
  39. “Everybody plays each other.  That’s all anybody ever does.”
  40. “Oh, I’m going to the special hell.”
  41. “Well my days of not taking you seriously are coming to a middle.”
  42. “Well, you were right about this being a bad idea.”
  43. “I believe the exact phrase I used was ‘don’t’.”
  44. “Are you always this sentimental?”
  45. “It’s just a bad day.”
  46. “Remember that sex we were planning to have, ever again?”
  47. “I think we’re being followed.”
  48. “You are very much lacking in imagination.”
  49. “Right.  Because teenage pranks are fun when you’re about to die.”
  50. “This might come as a shock, but I’m actually not very good at talking to girls.”

*Completely made up and in no way relevant bonus points for anyone that recognizes where 30-50 are from. 


  1. Against the wall
  2. Blindfolds
  3. Break up/make up sex
  4. By the fire
  5. Calming the others anger (with sex)
  6. Casual sex
  7. Chair sex
  8. Comfort sex
  9. Desperate sex
  10. Dom/Sub
  11. Double penetration
  12. Fight sex/Grudge fucking
  13. Food play
  14. Fully clothed
  15. Gags
  16. Getting caught (masturbating)
  17. Getting caught (sex)
  18. Grace!kink
  19. Hair pulling
  20. I love you
  21. In the bath/shower
  22. Loud sex/knowing someone can hear
  23. Middle of the night sex
  24. Mirror
  25. Morning sex
  26. No foreplay
  27. No speaking
  28. Oral sex
  29. Outdoors
  30. Pushing boundaries
  31. Discovering boundaries
  32. Quickies
  33. Really rough sex (feral/primal)
  34. Restrained sex
  35. Road head
  36. Skinny dipping
  37. Spanking
  38. Spontaneous sex
  39. Surprise sex
  40. Tattoos
  41. Teasing
  42. Trying something new
  43. While one of them is on the phone
  44. Wing!Kink
  45. Creative punishments
  46. Inappropriate location
  47. Praise!kink
  48. Almost getting caught
  49. Flirting
  50. In/by a swimming pool

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Father Dearest pt 4

Originally posted by jensenfans

Characters: Crowley, Dean, Sam, Cas, Reader
Word Count: 2,063
Warnings: Bit of violence, mention of oral sex

By the time you were seven months pregnant, you had to begun to relax. Cas never told you that the boys were getting close, and you’d stop asking. He saw how it broke your heart when you heard Dean’s name, so that topic was rare. It was very obvious that you were pregnant by that point. You had found out that you were having a boy, so now having a name for the baby made it much easier. Per your request, Cas had joined you for that appointment.  He lit up when he saw Clark on the screen, talking about what a miracle he was. Work was going well, even if part of you itched to hunt again. You knew that just wasn’t possible.

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Erskine House

Since a lot of people were surprised to find out that the white house Harry bought in 2012 is named Erskine and has a lot of history, I decided to make this quick post. This post is for people who are interested in history (and gardening/architecture lmao), I guess. It really has nothing to do with Harry, except for the fact that he currently owns this house.

Erskine House was home to Lord Erskine (Thomas Erskine), a very successful lawyer, who garnered a lot of fame after working with Queen Caroline at her divorce hearing in 1820.

Erskine was a Whig, who in the 1790s led a campaign to prevent a radical reform movement.
Erskine was made Lord Chancellor in 1806.

“The ugly stuccoed house next door to the Spaniards Tavern, with a long porch, bears the name of Erskine House, it having been for some years the residence of Thomas Lord Erskine, the Lord Chancellor(…) Lord Eskine took this house, which he enlarged in 1788, some year before his elevation to the woolsack, and here he remained until 1823, beguiling the leisure which his dismissal from office forced upon him by planting trees and hedges, and laying out his grounds. Under the Spaniards Road was a tunnel connecting the house with that part of the grounds which lay on the Highgate side of the road, but after he had left and resigned his copyhold to Lord Mansfield (sidenote: a neighbor) the passage was filled up.” (London Town Past and Present, Volume 2 by W.W. Hutchings, Ford Madox Ford)  

“The large but plain white house adjoining the Spaniards is celebrated for having been the residence of Lord Erskine, who has been pronounced by other distinguished lawyers the greatest forensic orator that England has ever produced. It is surrounded by high walls that shut out the view of its grounds from the sight of curious, and the chief characteristic about its appearance is the long portico leading into it from the road. When Lord Erskine came to live here the house was not of much importance, but it had extensive grounds and commanded a fine view of the picturesque surroundings. He at once set about improving it, and having planted it with evergreens of different descriptions, he gave it the name of Evergreen Hill. He is also said to have planted with his own hand the extraordinarily broad holly hedge separating his kitchen-garden from the heath, opposite to the Fir-Tree Avenue. (…) The greater part of the leisure time of this legal light was spent in his garden, which was on the opposite side of the road, and connected with the house by a subterranean passage.” (Municipal Parks, Gardens, and Open Spaces of London by John James Sexby)

Also apparently one of Lord Erskine’s neighbors was “Parry, the Arctic explorer,” which is pretty cool. 

sexby said: Oh, you get a happy feeling inside, do ya? ;3c Tell me more.

It’s like I’m relishing in my groinsaw roar as I withdraw a flesh-choked blade from an astronaut’s ruined skull. And then I being thrusting my bloody, retina-covered pelvis with elfin fervor.

In general it’s suteki… as if a fleshy choochoo love train is entering my wet baby portal.