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I’ve been meaning to do a quick Jadzia Dax closet cosplay for a while now and I finally motivated myself to do it today! And since I’m going to be doing an Ezri cosplay soon, I wanted to test out making the spots too!

I have more pictures but these two I had the most Jadzia-esque facial expressions so I wanted to post them first!


( A / N :  Okay, so this chapter is just a generic introduction to the plotline of Beauty and the Beast. You don’t have to read it, and you can just skip to the next chapter whenever it’s posted. If you want to read it, the actual fanfic begins at the ‘~’ line.)

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is it weird that I have aspirations to just like…have an artist booth at soem con? just a small one, once a year prolly, just have a nice little set up showing everything off, sewn stuff stacked….-sigh- it’s just….a really pleasing layout to me? idk…it’ll prolly never happen tbh lol.

Whoops, nearly forgot about the blanket! I neatly put it away couple weeks ago and then… it stayed there. Until now.

On another note I went through my posts and tagged all the knitted and sewn stuff I made so far with a “project” tag. So in case you want to have a look at the stuff I make without any horses in between, this is the tag for you.

So, it’s no joke that @alainaprana has inspired me to start sewing again since getting her commissions and since then I have made the collection of colourful plasters that I submitted already.

This is probably the biggest thing I have made from scratch and I am very happy with it. I mostly made this because I really liked the small painted bead that @dc-the-traveler made and thought “I could plushify that.”

Its 7inches tall from the bottom to the tip of the soul and is like a lil cushion. (based off this here image)

Thank you @furgemancs for inspiring my piece of felt craft I did here! it was fun to make.

(EDIT) tumblr squashed the pic, click it to see it properly.

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i've read it can be more difficult to diagnose autism in girls so in gaf au when do lexa's parents start to notice the signs? and what age do they actually take her to someone and get diagnosed?

yah i think theres been (yay sexism) less research done on autism in girls in general so like whoo dont u love it its great but anyway

so yah lexas not v old when her parents start to notice that shes not rly picking up social cues like anya did, or other kids lexas age are. maybe 2. & lexas verbal skills are V Limited in terms of her talking but she clearly shows a rly advanced understanding of other developmental markers. tbh lexa spends much more time w her nanny than her parents & her nanny has a degree in child psychology so they know some abt autism. also lexa stims when she’s little p obviously like she has one blanket she Loses it if it’s not w her at like. all times. she used to when she was abt three she started rubbing her wrist so much it like. got rly raw & painful. as u can see in the current timeline even sometimes she hurts her hands, which she’s kinda done forever, & a few times she hit her head when she was little & v upset. foods stress her tf out too like the textures of them & if they touch & even like. she doesnt like eating even numbers of things she will eat 5 chicken nuggets or 7 chicken nuggets but not 6, etc.

also, she reads by like. age 4, she learns arabic by 5 & english by 6 nearly Perfectly, she’s like three years ahead in math v v early on, & she doesnt rly interact w kids in the same way as her peers do. so like her nanny notices Things at like 2 shes officially diagnosed at like 3.5 & then a bit more precisely at like around 5. they get her into a therapist who specializes completely in spectrum disorders & she has a tutor & an IEP but she’s in regular classes for part of the day too bc she picks up social cues rly rly brilliantly if she can see other kids do them first. like she’s rly solid at recognizing patterns of behavior & then w some reinforcement she can emulate them p well. her stims kinda calm down bc she learns coping mechanisms but also the world, just, for her brain, gets a little less intense as she gets older. also anya is amazing like just so good at helping w stuff at home w lexa. 

i mean. ok so lexa also plays the piano she starts when shes 6 she Loves it like LOVES it so she does that in the current timeline as well, & she rly likes the mathematics involved in music so that’s p calming for her. math is p much always calming it helps her make sense of the world & stuff. shes still Rly particular abt fabrics too she has her favorites she even has like favorite ?? fits? of how clothes are cut & sewn & stuff shes particular abt brands & like. yah idk it was all way more noticeable when she was little but shes worked HARD to be in fully integrated education (which she gets to try in grade 10 & she likes it a lot she does rly well!) & just in general she knows what makes Everything feel way way better for her she knows her triggers she knows the simple things she can do daily to lessen those so. she’s p open abt it w those close to her & theyre good ppl so theyre rly wonderful at helping too so yah. idk. in terms of a girl on the spectrum she’s had a p solid experience of having her disorder validated & treated w respect & everything which is rly good & i Know is not always the case at all but. i think it can be rly cool to write smth positive bc like. if fiction doesnt offer a lil hope then yknow. could be better so. yah she’s obviously v wealthy & education is a priority for her parents so she has access & attention that so many dont have but at the same time she works SO HARD to put that to good use.