sewn from the soul

“You read too many fairytales when you were young,” he teased, “Were you always the princess?”

She smiled at this and raised an eyebrow, “Nope. I was always the dragon. Who wouldn’t want to be a beautiful legend with magic sewn into its soul?”

—  Nikita Gill, A Matter of Perspective
Entranced || Rowena & Rene


Dark times called for dark measures.  There was never a time when Europe was ever truly free of war, whether history recorded it or not.  Hunters and Witches would forever be entangled in a web of violence, and the latest sudden surge in attacks against magical kind was certainly no exception.  Those wretched librarians had infiltrated their ranks, sicked their dogs upon the witches and stolen their secrets … the time had come to retaliate.

The time had come to call on the big monsters for a counterattack, to call on the one who could move a mountain, summon tidal waves and lightning storms, who could enter the dreams of men and slaughter them from within …

The door to Rene’s crypt opened, a lock of hair taken from his remains and sewn within an enchanted poppet.  The Cursed soul would travel across the Channel to England.  He cared not for the reason he would be used, only grateful to see something other than the stone walls of his crypt.  Once reaching the island, however, the enchantment went into full effect, and the poppet transformed into the visage of the youth he had been upon his death.  

Dark eyes took several moments to adjust to sight, his ears to hearing.  Breathing was not necessary, as the poppet was not alive, merely animated by the Cursed warlock inhabiting it.  His gaze wandered over the Coven members in attendance as they spoke strategy.  His silent attention fell upon one with long, red curls, seemingly captivated by her.


“When people talk about a soul to me they what we call soul - the highest expression of ourselves is pure love. I don’t know care who you are, what your background is ,what you’ve done. I don’t care if your Henry Kissinger , George Bush I , or David Rockefeller  or the Queen of England or any of these guys who have manipulated the world and still are. At that level of yourself your pure love, everyone is, but you can become disconnected from that level and manifest in that disconnection anything but pure love.” - Unknown

*If anyone knows the source would be incredible*