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I am very proud to announce that these guys are now for sale!

Each of them are hand crafted, hand sewn, and movable – both the limbs AND eye are able to move.

These guys are made from minky, wire, and glass for the eye – and stuffed to be huggable (if you dare, of course). The size is 9″ by 9″ with the limbs/tentacles stretched out (give or take a few inches), while the body is 3 to 4″ by itself with the limbs/tentacles not included in the measurement.

Each one will be $75 a piece WITH AN ADDITIONAL S&H charge, due to how much time and cost go into them. This does not include extras – but extras can be added on for an additional price.

Please keep in mind that because these are hand made, each one will differ. No two parasite plushies will be the same.

If you are interested in ordering one, there is a form you can use right here.

If you are looking for a CHEAPER alternative, I do have “teacup” sized ones, but they are limited and small – as of currently, there are only three left, and can be held in the palm of your hand.

Thank you for your consideration!


I made these forever ago and just got around to adding them to my Etsy! I had a lot of fun making them. I would love to make more. 

If you’d like to take one of these guys home, here’s a link to them on my shop!
Plushies: [click here]

Keychains: [click here]


This is the finished Green Dress. The dress and design was made by me. Everything was hand sewn. The design is renaissance inspired, but I made the patterns myself. I will post the progress pictures below.

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LOOK AT MY PRECIOUS LITTLE HAWK BOY! LOOK AT HIS TINY WINGS! AAAAAAAAA! Anyway, I like Sanguinius. He is very quickly becoming my favourite Primarch and I am extremely upset about what happened to him during the heresy. Poor warhammer Jesus, he deserved better.
(Sanguinius and Rogal were both hand sewn by me. Sanguinius took 7 hours)


My renaissance inspired Navy Dress is done! I made this dress for Oana. I designed, drafted and sewn the dress. I made the patterns myself and the dress was 100% hand sewn. Those sleeves were very complicated to make but I like how it all turned out. 

I made 2 posts about the sleeves and you can check them up here and here if you want to see how they were done. Also here you can see how I made the top and skirt. Oana styled the wig herself. 

Bonus: 2 photos of Oana without the wig, with our cat, Acke

- Maria Heller

The Knight Shop: Chaperone

Cullen Rutherford works as a modern day knight at the Knight Shop, a quaint little place that rents knights for odd jobs and a cup of tea, all with the upheld honor of a knight.  Dorian decides to rent a knight for his cousin as chaperone to a questionable date arranged by her father. 

Cullen Rutherford x Talia Trevelyan

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Author note:  This is a bustling little AU on Tumblr that I adore.  So I guess you could say that this is an AU of an AU?  Wow.  I never intended to write something like this and when I started I never intended to finish, but it seemed to get away from me.

The bell on the door chimed its happy greeting as Dorian pushed his way inside.  The door was an old, heavy wood that stuck in warmer weather, chosen more than likely, to invoke an older time period than the modern bustle surrounding the quaint shop.

A woman, chiseled jaw and stern eyes, snapped a book shut and hurried to stow it beneath the counter she perched behind.

“Good morning.  Welcome to the knight shop.”  She folded her hands together atop the wood block counter.  “My name is Cassandra.  How can I assist you?”

Dorian took a cursory glance around the shops small entryway, taking in the replica armor displays with placards of detailed historical info displayed, a few sign boards with information on prices, even a small selection of merchandise, shirts, keychains, mugs, “I love Knights” bumper stickers.

There were professional portraits of available knights working at the shop, a few drew his eye closer than others.  Once selected, would these knights arrive at your doorstep in full armor?  No, that was rubbished.  Wasn’t it?

He snapped his attention back to the woman awaiting his response.

“I would like to hire a knight for my cousin.”

The woman swept her hand toward the wall of portraits.

“Anything in particular you’re looking for?”

Dorian scanned over the photos again.  They were housed in ornate, but elegant frames.  There were several appealing faces, but he was not shopping for himself at the moment.

“Hmm, not particularly.”  He tapped his chin a moment in thought.  “Who would follow rules the best?”

“Cullen.” she answered without hesitation and slid a form and pen across to him.

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