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I am very proud to announce that these guys are now for sale!

Each of them are hand crafted, hand sewn, and movable – both the limbs AND eye are able to move.

These guys are made from minky, wire, and glass for the eye – and stuffed to be huggable (if you dare, of course). The size is 9″ by 9″ with the limbs/tentacles stretched out (give or take a few inches), while the body is 3 to 4″ by itself with the limbs/tentacles not included in the measurement.

Each one will be $75 a piece WITH AN ADDITIONAL S&H charge, due to how much time and cost go into them. This does not include extras – but extras can be added on for an additional price.

Please keep in mind that because these are hand made, each one will differ. No two parasite plushies will be the same.

If you are interested in ordering one, there is a form you can use right here.

If you are looking for a CHEAPER alternative, I do have “teacup” sized ones, but they are limited and small – as of currently, there are only three left, and can be held in the palm of your hand.

Thank you for your consideration!


This is the finished Green Dress. The dress and design was made by me. Everything was hand sewn. The design is renaissance inspired, but I made the patterns myself. I will post the progress pictures below.

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So I am a college professor and my semester is just finishing - it’s been a really rough semester (just physically getting through it because of some medical issues - my students are awesome though) and the @therebelcaptainnetwork May 4th gift exchange was something that really got me through the final month or so there, knowing that there was going to be a sudden glut of fic and then actually getting the distraction of reading it all.

But the thing is that while I write professionally it’s only of a boring scholarly nature, I just don’t write fic at all and don’t participate in any of these exchanges and it all feels very one sided. But they always bring me a lot of joy and so I wanted to give something back to the people that are keeping me distracted/sane lately. The one fandom thing that I can do at least half decently is be crafty though and so I’ve been making a whole little crew of Rogue One dolls over the last couple months and I thought I would offer to gift a couple to you amazing writers out there -

So: my proposal is this -

1) you must have taken place in the May 4th exchange
2) you must also reblog this to get the word out
3) then if you would like a doll send me a private message telling me which character - it can be one of the Rogue One characters that I’ve already patterned (just don’t pick Kaytoo or Saw, they were both nightmares to make), either Jyn or Cassian in a different outfit than I’ve done already, or a different Rogue One character that I haven’t tried yet. (Or I suppose a whole different SW character if you really want? I can give it a try?)

How it will work is this:
-I will give it a week or so to see who (if anyone) responds
-If like literally only one or two people do, I will make their dolls and send them out
-If way more than that request them (which… I dunno? I’m not assuming it will be high but I don’t want to get myself in trouble here) then I will random number generate a pick or two and make those and mail them out

FYI: the dolls are about 6-8" tall, relatively 2-D and are hand sewn crafts, not toys - there are visible stitches, etc. Also because they are hand made they each obviously come out differently so the faces in each one are very slightly different.

So that’s it - it’s way outside my comfort zone to put something I’ve created out there like this or to think anyone would want one but I just really want to thank you fic writers for bringing me joy - hopefully I can do the same for one of you.


My renaissance inspired Navy Dress is done! I made this dress for Oana. I designed, drafted and sewn the dress. I made the patterns myself and the dress was 100% hand sewn. Those sleeves were very complicated to make but I like how it all turned out. 

I made 2 posts about the sleeves and you can check them up here and here if you want to see how they were done. Also here you can see how I made the top and skirt. Oana styled the wig herself. 

Bonus: 2 photos of Oana without the wig, with our cat, Acke

- Maria Heller


I wanted to make a book for storytellers. As I myself write stories from time to time. I actually hope to make the book ready to publish by the end of the year. I imagine a special edition only for myself bound exquisitely :) I think I understand the need for a proper vessel to carry your written words. I believe that for a writer,  a good journal is a show of respect to your personal work.

Imagine writing your own tales of joy or sorrow, little by little filling the pages of this blank book. Maybe one day your children will continue it or your grandchildren will find it on the shelf and wonder how it came to be? 

Check out the Book of Immortal Tales on Etsy here and I thank all of you who appreciate the work I do:

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The tamaranean was focused, almost as if she was blending out her surroundings. Which of course wasn’t the case, she would never blend out anyone of her friends during their activities together, no matter how much she desired to make it perfect.

She kept very focused, carefully proceeding until this part of their project was done, and then she smiled at the little doll. “Is it looking nice like this?


I FINISHED MY CURE FLORA COSPLAY AND I AM HAPPY. Everything is sewn and crafted by me except the Princess Perfume, which is the official Bandai RPG item <: ehehehehehhe

I’ve been a Precure fan for so so long and this series just makes me so happy. No matter how I’m feeling, Precure always makes everything seem okay <3 I’m so glad I finally buckled down and made a Precure cosplay!

My first, second and third dress. I feel I’m learning and progressing with each one. I personally like the last one best and I think that will always be the case, I will always think the latest one is better than the ones I did before. I’m currently working on my forth dress which I hope will be better than my third. You can see each dress in detail by clicking the links. All of them were designed, drafted and sewn by me and all of them are 100% hand sewn.

- Maria Heller