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This is the finished Green Dress. The dress and design was made by me. Everything was hand sewn. The design is renaissance inspired, but I made the patterns myself. I will post the progress pictures below.

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I wanted to make a book for storytellers. As I myself write stories from time to time. I actually hope to make the book ready to publish by the end of the year. I imagine a special edition only for myself bound exquisitely :) I think I understand the need for a proper vessel to carry your written words. I believe that for a writer,  a good journal is a show of respect to your personal work.

Imagine writing your own tales of joy or sorrow, little by little filling the pages of this blank book. Maybe one day your children will continue it or your grandchildren will find it on the shelf and wonder how it came to be? 

Check out the Book of Immortal Tales on Etsy here and I thank all of you who appreciate the work I do:

So, it’s no joke that @alainaprana has inspired me to start sewing again since getting her commissions and since then I have made the collection of colourful plasters that I submitted already.

This is probably the biggest thing I have made from scratch and I am very happy with it. I mostly made this because I really liked the small painted bead that @dc-the-traveler made and thought “I could plushify that.”

Its 7inches tall from the bottom to the tip of the soul and is like a lil cushion. (based off this here image)

Thank you @furgemancs for inspiring my piece of felt craft I did here! it was fun to make.

(EDIT) tumblr squashed the pic, click it to see it properly.


I FINISHED MY CURE FLORA COSPLAY AND I AM HAPPY. Everything is sewn and crafted by me except the Princess Perfume, which is the official Bandai RPG item <: ehehehehehhe

I’ve been a Precure fan for so so long and this series just makes me so happy. No matter how I’m feeling, Precure always makes everything seem okay <3 I’m so glad I finally buckled down and made a Precure cosplay!

My first, second and third dress. I feel I’m learning and progressing with each one. I personally like the last one best and I think that will always be the case, I will always think the latest one is better than the ones I did before. I’m currently working on my forth dress which I hope will be better than my third. You can see each dress in detail by clicking the links. All of them were designed, drafted and sewn by me and all of them are 100% hand sewn.

- Maria Heller

Martin Freeman with my boys

I thought it was worth a bit of my time to head up to the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot premiere tonight in NYC. Was hoping for a glimpse of MF, but I brought along John and Sherlock in case of a miracle and guess what?

A miracle happened! Martin came over to greet us and sign for everyone. He graciously posed with mini John and Sherlock. MF was so sweet - while I auditioned for the role of Crazy Doll Lady number 1.

I think he really liked them though and was nearly as pleased to meet them as I was him.

Shoutout to @ericswifetara who sent me a wardrobe full of beautifully sewn and crafted clothes for the boys - the white shirt of which Sherlock is sporting here!

Also so much love to the Hellions for all their love, cheerleading and awesomeness! @heimishtheidealhusband @hopelesslybenaddicted @iamjohnlocked4life @may-shepard @monikakrasnorada @queenmab3 @roseinmyhand

Hello again!

This time I sew a cute r2-d2 to grow my family of star wars cuties. Doesn’t it look proud?

I will also be selling this on etsy if you would be so kind as to take a look.

❥ First 3 buyers get a special offer! 


❥ I am moving out in a month and I really need some extra cash so if you could re-blog this so more people could see it, I would be really thankful. Thank you a lot!

Also selling BB8 doll here

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A beautiful dark large grimoire bound by Sasho Karapeev in black calf with a central inlay and geometrical tooling. It’s tough, durable and could be a true temple for your writings.


Mori Girl Wristlets, crocheted from vegan friendly yarn and adorned with vintage lace and mixed buttons <3