sewn bows


new reboot “welcome to monster high play-set, purchased by myself today in england,uk. cost £50 and imo its poor! barley any accessories,just lumps of plastic.the rotation on the stage is very loose. lalas clothes are very cheap material (the bow is sewn completely lop sided. the doll itslef is much igger than previous and for £50 id like articulation! (doll comparrison is next post.x


Mikasa Ackerman - Sailor Mars/Mikasa

Cosplayer: Jenna K.

Designed by: Kim B. & Kayla M.

Our Mikasa is played by the incredible Jenna.  For our Beyond the Northern Wall set we wanted to take Mikasa out of her comfort zone a little but keep her the fierce femme fatale that she is.  you’ll notice that some of the 3D maneuvering gear straps are painted on.  This is to make it easier for our dancers to move around unhindered.  As many AoT cosplayers know, those straps can make it really difficult to do certain things and we wanted to avoid any mishaps on stage.  

Our take on Sailor Mars is vintage and ready to wear.  We kept Mikasa’s iconic scarf color as her sailor scout color.  Some home sewn bows, simple knee highs, and painted character shoes tied this sailor scout look together.

If you’ve seen our Beyond the Northern Wall performance from Anime Expo 2015 (click here if you haven’t) you’ll notice that at one point Mikasa realizes she is wearing gloves and is just disgusted.  We gave Jenna the freedom to perform Mikasa’s abduction into the Sailor Scouts as she thought Mikasa would and she nailed it.