Catch All Rope Basket

I like making rope baskets. They are a quick project when we need a diversion  or break from long-term projects.

This basket matches my cutting mat and will hold all my tote and zippered pouch supplies. It is just the right size. One hundred feet of rope creates a basket that is 9 ½ inches in diameter and 5 ¾ inches high.

If you would like to make one in this fun color, it was made with 3/16in x100 feet diamond braid polyester rope purchased at Home Depot. There is an assortment of colors available.

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where did you get all that sewing related furniture in acnl

hello! i got the sewing machine and the loom through trades, they’re both orderables so they should show up at timmy and tommy’s randomly. then the sewing kit and yarn basket w nlse, im not sure which RV visiting villagers u can buy them from…..but ye

Week 40 of the #YearOfStitch : Basket Stitch

Q4. Holy Moly. 

I just signed up for a basket weaving workshop so I was particularly inspired by the basket stitch this week. You can really customize this stitch since you get to decide how wide or tall you want the weave to be. I also really like the look of the stitch in the shiny cotton versus the traditional silk because the layers of this stitch are stunning and I like them being visible. 

Photo time:

For this one I went over 6 and down 3 but you do you!

You can change up the look by playing with the width and height. 

Have fun with this one!




Thanks to a free pattern I found online, you can now make your own woolly unique “weaved” buttons! Hope this helps. ^.^

Cut four 1 ½" (3.8-cm) and six 1⁄2" (1.3-cm) circles out of cardboard (or thin plastic, such as a yogurt cup lid). Cut a 6-yard (5.5-m) length of yarn and thread it on a tapestry needle. Beginning at center of wrong side of form, wrap yarn around cardboard circle from top to bottom two times, then again from side to side two times (Step 1).

Turn form over and rotate it 45 degrees so that previous wraps form an X. Working from top to bottom, wrap yarn around form from side to side 10 times for large buttons (Step 2) and 8 times for small buttons, covering the cardboard between diagonal lines of X.

Working right to left, wrap yarn 10 times for large buttons and 8 times for small buttons around form from top to bottom, using needle to weave yarn over upper half of horizontal threads and under remaining threads a total of 5 times for large buttons and 4 times for small buttons, then under top group of threads and over bottom group an equal number of times (Step 3).

End by fastening off yarn on back of button.
Sewing Basket, Sewing Kit, Sewing Essentials, London Bus Sewing Basket & Embellishments, London Bus,
I had so much fun making this gorgeous big red bus. The sides of the bus are felt and the main basket is ribbon card. Inside is a large pin

Store your sewing essentials in this funky London bus and make sewing tasks more fun. Already supplied with accessories to get you started such as: scissors, pins, pin cushion, needles, and lots more.