sewing skillz


The best way to practice sewing skillz (yep, with a z) when you’re like me (inexperienced, and with a tendency to just wing it instead of learning any actual correct sewing techniques) is to buy secondhand items that need minor alterations and go to town. This dress was about seven bucks at Value Village, sporting a great print but rather unfortunate bubble hem.

Bubble hems are over, peeps. FYI.

I busted out my trusty seam ripper, tore open the stitching at the hem (read: tediously picked apart three seams for about an hour), chopped off a few inches, and hemmed it up. However, to accommodate the aforementioned bubble hem, there was a lot of extra fabric in the skirt, so I took in the side seams (read: used my sewing machine to make an approximately straight seam without really measuring). And lo and behold, it actually ended up looking cute! Gonna wear the heck out this dress with all my different colored cardigans.