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In no particular order

Things I want from The Raven Cycle on screen include but are not limited to~

  •  Wardrobe Department don’t let me down
    (Blue with approximately 153 clips in her hair and outfits that look like she sewed together a full shopping cart’s worth of craft supplies, Gansey in his chartreuse and his boat shoes, most importantly, in AT LEAST one scene Adam has to wear his Coca-Cola shirt and cargo pants he should actually wear them every scene he’s not at school or at an important event boy don’t got money to waste on his casual clothes)

  • I swear I swear I’m not just being thirsty but I feel like the actor who plays Ronan Lynch has to take off his shirt a lot for Maximum Badass Back Tattoo Exposure

  • Badass soundtrack
    (fun fact I don’t listen to EDM I’m not at all familiar with it when they mention it in the books my brain fills in ‘Another Night Another Dream’ no one and nothing can take this from me)

  • Accents !

  • Please please please let the casting directors take the Lynch family resemblance seriously

  • Let !!! Ronan!!! Lynch!!! Curse !!!

    (ridiculous bickering, Gansey in the background just ‘children please can’t we all get along’)

  • (please please please a minimum of one dream sequence where Dream!Ronan is trying to chat up Dream!Adam pleaseeeeeee)

  • aCTUAL SCeNeS OF RONAN SLeePiNG OvER AT St. AgNeS !!!!!!!

  • The Barnes just being magical as fuck
    (I was kinda bummed in the books that we didn’t get Ronan and Adam exploring the Barnes and having an amazing time. If I ever actually got my lazy ass around to writing a fic I’d want to have Ronan showing Adam around and always being like ‘I haven’t shown you the best part yet’ even though Adam has been there a shitton of times and Ronan has said that every time. Cuz the Barnes should have eVERYTHING right? A bunch of magical rivers that are basically like your own waterpark. A badass rope obstacle course high up in the trees. Wild unicorns.)

  • Treat. Noah. Czerny. Right.

LOADS of shiny new gems. those top ones are my favourites out of the batch. i think the extra space between them and the edge makes them makes them look brighter. what do you think?

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Helpful tip for buying from!

I get a lot of my fabric from, and they used to have free shipping if you spent over $35, well now they’ve changed that to $50. 

Which sucks ‘cause sometimes I only want a couple yards, and it’s not worth it to pay the $5 in shipping, especially when the fabric is only $5 a yard.

But I found this out last year that sells most of their stuff on Amazon, and typically you can purchase it with free shipping.

So if you shop with them, and only want to buy a few yards but not pay shipping, check out Amazon!  They’ll usually have it, and the retailer is still, so you’re getting it from the same place!


This year hasn’t been the best, we’re afraid to report. Not that Jack didn’t try his hardest, it’s just that people are a little too hard to scare at the moment. There always seems to be something rotten taking our spotlight the rest of the year.

Oh well.

With Christmas upon us, our local seamstress aspires you to look your worst while the world burns around you. She’s been designing and creating new Halloween outfits. Feel free to stop by, she needs the money to hire a model.


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