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Week 28 of the #YearOfStitch : Linen Stitch

Ok get ready…this one is HOT and a little tricky. Once you understand the concept it’s easy to get in the flow. I decided to color code this weeks tutorial since it can be tricky. That said, this stitch looks most like a linen weave if you work it in a single color. 

The photos should help clarify. 

First work the dark blue stitches from top right to the bottom left. 

Then work the next round of stitches from the bottom up (this will make more sense as a strategy when you are working with one color). Come up in the center of the dark blue to create a T shape. Come down under the dark blue stitch.

As you make your way back up, your light blue thread will cover some of your dark blue stitches.

Working back down from the top, you are recreating the same pattern you just did but you are locking this row with the first row (under the light blue vertical stitches).

Work the green from the bottom to the top just like the light blue row

See the pattern? Purple row is just like the red row.

Black row is just like the blue and green row. 

This is how cool it looks in all one color:

Did that work out for you? Fill me in!



1 Stitch a Day (13th-19th March)

13th - Blue square - It was a super sunny and spring day. It had to be celebrated. It was SO nice and pretty!

14th -  closed eyes -  I was tired and in lectures all day. This stitch seemed appropriate!

15th - M - My mum and stepdad came down for the day. It was super nice to see them as I hadn’t seen them in nearly a month. 

16th- map - My friend and I had to walk around campus and mark some stuff on a map. It was cold and windy. Ew.

17th- fire - My housemate and I went into town and went to have dinner.  It was quite spontaneous and we didn’t know where to go. We ended up at an Italian restaurant and we were very out of place. It wasn’t the type of restaurant students go in very often!

18th - hare ear - I did another needle felting course and made a little hare. It was so fricken adorable *insert heart eyes emoji*. I went to GBK with my friend for a burger afterwards. It was gooood.

19th - pink bowl -  I did two lots of baking/cooking on Sunday. The first attempt was at peanut butter cookies but…lets just say they ended up in the bin. The second was much more successful. I made some Yorkshire puddings and they actually rose! They were tasty too! The pink mixing bowl is my favourite so I thought I’d stitch it! 

#YearOfStitch Bonus Week! : Queen Stitch

I just can’t stop myself. One of our #YearOfStitch friends asked me to please add Queen Stitch to the mix because she was having trouble with it. I can’t say no. This is a tricky stitch. I tried stitching it a few different ways and this stitch is really temperamental. I thought if I started with the backstitches and then wove the vertical stitches through it would simplify the stitch - it did but it also distorted the stitch. This is just one of those stitches that has to be done in a specific way. I’ll talk you through it. 

The photos will help…

Key: Don’t pull this thread taught yet!

The first horizontal stitch is meant to tack down the vertical stitch 

Now you can pull it taught.

Regal right?

So you can use this as a border but I like it as a filler. Here’s how they all tetris together.

Rad right?

Enjoy your bonus!