sewing hoop

This is my guide to getting started with embroidery!

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Hello everyone, this guide is based on how I do my embroidery. Some of my methods aren’t perfect but they work for me and hopefully they’ll work for you.

This will be done in three parts: equipment, execution, and bonus tips.

This first part will help you get everything ready before you start. (this is quite a lost post under the cut and I’m not even sure it works on mobile lol)

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Some people have been asking what an “ITH” or “in the hoop” plushie is and how they are made. So here’s a super sped up video of me making a sleeping Diana. Total time to make this was about 27 minutes (not including cutting the fabric out), but you get to see it all in about 2.5 :)

Proper pictures to come when I have the energy but this will be a customisable hoop- I’ll embroider whatever you want it to say! From baby names to anniversary dates to profanity, the choice is yours!

whoops my hand slipped