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Chapter 2: Renagade
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Measuring Tape (M)

Request- Hello! I am one of those silent followers hehe.. I would be really happy if you could write about you being BTS’s fashion designer and Tae being the Gucci king he is, would be fascinated by your job and get closer to you… 

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes, you have been warned! 

Sorry this took me so long sweetie, I’m such a little shit. Thank you so much for requesting. 


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When people asked you about your job, you always said you loved it. Which was the truth. You were head designer for BTS for the last four years, you really did love your job, and you loved the people you work with. Over the years you become close to all the boys, but one of them in particular. 

“Taehyung.” You called from the fitting room. You were measuring all the boys for the comeback outfits. You were writing down Namjoon’s measurements, the last one you took, you didn’t even notice Taehyung come in. Coming up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You jump in his hold. “Jesus, Taehyung don’t do that!” 

“Sorry. You smell so good, Y/N.” Taehyung always knew how to make you blush. He nuzzled his nose into your neck. You had to admit you loved when Taehyung was touchy with you. 

“Stop distracting me! I need to get you measured and try some of my ideas out on you.” You huff out, breaking his hold on you. You take out the measuring tape. 

“I like that I distract you.” Taehyung mumbled under his breath, taking off his jacket, but you still caught it. You chose to ignore it, walking over to him. He start to measure his arms, his waist, then his shoulders. 

You couldn’t not notice how buff Taehyung was getting. His shoulders broadened out to twice the size they were, since their debut. You finished up measuring him, you had caught feelings for Taehyung. He was always interested in your work. He was always supportive of your ideas and designs telling you not to shy away, to be bigger and bolder. He definitely upped your confidence over the years. 

“Okay, so we’re doe here. But I have an outfit I’ve been working on. It’s not for the comeback or anything, I was just wondering if you could try it out for me. I think it will fir you well.” You were a little scared he’d find it weird and not want to wear it. You nervously played with your fingers. 

“Y/N, I’d be honoured to wear anything you created.” Taehyung smiled brightly down at you. You let out a little sigh of relief. You walked over to the rack of clothes, pulling the outfit out. 

“Thank you, Tae.” You smiled shyly, handing him the clothes. You expected for Taehyung to wait for you to leave, but he started to strip right in front you. You tried to get out as fast as you could, that boy was trying to make you flustered, with little to no effort. It was rather easy for him to make you fluster, only him though. 

You anxiously wanted outside the fitting room, for Taehyung to put the clothes on. You paced back and forth, this was going to be your own line of clothes. This wasn’t a concept you had to follow for Bangtan. 

“You can come in now.” Taehyung shouted through the fitting room door. You turned the handle, taking a deep breath to calm your self down a little. You walked in, Taehyung was looking at himself in the mirror. The clothes fitted his lean figure perfectly. 

“Turn for me.” He obeys, turning about to you. You begin to adjust the jacket on his body, pulling it to sit on his shoulders properly. You sigh in content, looking up to his Taehyung staring at you intently. 

“What?” You question, your hands still on his chest. 

“I.. I just love when you smile like that… I really love this outfit Y/N. Y’know I’d love to see more of your designs, stop hiding them from me.” Taehyung frowns down at you. You giggle a little. 

“We’ll see. Well you’re free to go back to whatever you were doing. Sorry for holding you up.” You smile sweetly. 

“You weren’t holding me up, I love this. Thank you for letting me try it on-” 

“It’s yours, Tae. I made it for you.” Taehyung came closer, but you cut him off. “I have to go get some fabric before the shop closes. I’ll be calling you soon for your fitting,” You give Taehyung one last smile before leaving your little studio. 

You were spending another late night at your studio, sewing the boys concept outfits together. You were nearly down with their MV outfits, sewing up a jacket for Seokjin. You had music blaring through your speakers, singing along to spice girls, you were in your happy place. 

“I didn’t know you were a spice girl fan.” You’re head whips around to Taehyung smirking at you in your door way. “Mind if I come in?” 

“Not at all, come in.” You smile waving him over. He walks over like hes on a Gucci catwalk, he sets a bag down on your table. “Ohh, what did you bring.” You stand up walking over to sit beside Taehyung. You only know realised you hadn’t eaten his lunch today, it was now past midnight. 

“I just got some takeout from the noddle bar down the street. I thought you’d be hungry.” He smiles back at you, taking a container out of the bag, handing you it along with some chopsticks. 

“Ugh, I am. I’m starving, you’re a life saver Taehyung.” You squeeze his fore arm, before diving into your food. You can’t help but notice Taehyungs eyes never leaving your figure, it made you blush, His strong gaze taking over mind. 

“It’s also a thank you, for a few weeks ago. I really appreciate the clothes, I love them. They’re just my style.” Taehyung winks at you. You avert your gaze from his winking face, so you wouldn’t choke on your food. 

You and Taehyung finish off your meals making small conversation about the up coming comeback. You lean back in your chair yawning, stretching a little, sitting up again to look at Taehyung. His hair fell perfectly on his face, his skin was so soft looking. You just wanted to kiss his cheeks.. his neck.. his collarbones. 

“Can I see what your working on?” Taehyung breaks the silence. You stand up walking over to your sewing machine. 

“Sure, it’s a jacket for Seokjin-” 

“No, not what you’re working on for us. I want to see what your working on, for your own line.” Taehyung speaks softly in his deep voice, it was very comforting for you. 

“Mhmm, I dunno..” You hesitate. 

“Please.” Taehyung pleads, his soft brown eyes melting you. You agree, You pull out your sketch pad, walking back over to your desk to sit beside Taehyung again. 

“They’re just sketches I’m playing with, so I dunno. They’re not really all that good.” You scratch your head nervously, as Taehyung flicks through your sketches. You couldn’t read his expression of rather he liked it or not. His eyebrows knit together, as he turns to look at you. 

“Y/N… These are amazing oh my god! There’s so many things I want in here. You’re so talented, you know that right. wow.. When you put on a fashion show I better be a model.” Taehyung blurts out chuckling. 

“Thank you, Tae.” You giggle. “Of course, you’ll be my main model, wouldn’t have anyone else.” You giggle. 

“You better not.” You just now realised how close you and Taehyung were an inch away from your noses touching. 

“I.. I better get back to work.” You pull away. 

Over the next few weeks you try your best to avoid Taehyung. It wasn’t because you didn’t like him, more like the opposite. You really like him.. more then a friend. You were afraid someone would notice and say something, you couldn’t have that. 

So you distanced yourself and spent your time working in your studio. Lucky for you Taehyung was always at practice, getting ready for their comeback. But you couldn’t avoid him for much longer, you needed to get him fitted in his comeback outfit. 

You took a deep breath, texting him to let him know you were going to be in your studio all day, he could pop in whenever. It wasn’y five minutes since you sent the text and Taehyung was busting through your studio door. 

“Ohh, you’re here quick.. You know I’m here all day, you can come back if you were busy.” You avert your gaze to the stack of fabric testers. 

“I was free. I’m free all day, so shall we start.” He noticed you not looking at him, keeping to your self. Just like you had the last few weeks, it hurt him to see you distancing yourself from him. 

“Everything already in the fitting room, call me in when you’re dressed.” You gesture in the direction of the fitting room, leaving him to it. 

“Y/N, I’m ready.” Taehyung calls after a few minutes. You enter the small room, taking in his appearance, your eyes scanning over his clothes. 

“Thank god, they fit perfectly.” You sigh in relief, walking closer to him, your hands smoothing over his torso, fixing his blazer. “By the way, this colours good on you.” You say without even noticing. Taehyung grabs your hands, slamming your back against the wall of the fitting room. His eyes, glaring into yours. 

“Why have you been avoiding me?” He asks, his voice a little harsher then it was a few moments ago. You look up to his face in shook, his body was flush against yours. You were finding it hard not to moan out. 

“I-I wasn’t-” 

“Stop the bullshit Y/N. You have and you know it.” He holds both your hands over your head with one of his hands. His other arm circles around your waist, bringing you chest to chest with him. “Or, is it because I make you nervous? huh? Do you think about me in this way? Do you want my lips on yours, as I grind my hips into your? I’ve thought of you like that, so many times.” Taehyung confesses, grinding his hips into yours. 

“I have.” You whisper out, Taehyungs hot breath was making your skin itch with want. You wanted him so badly, right now. 

“Mhm, baby what do you want me to do?” He smirks, starting to kiss you roughly. His lips moving against yours in a passionate kiss, claiming his mouth as his, slipping his tongue into your mouth, through your parted lips. 

“Taehyung, I want you.” You breath out against his lips. You can feel Taehyung smirking against them. 

“That’s all I ever wanted to hear.” Taehyung moves back from you, turning around to strip himself of his clothes, leaving him completely bare in front of you. His skin was beautiful, it was like a blank canvas you wanted to mark with hickeys and your nails. He was so much buffer then he looked with clothes on. 

“I didn’t want to ruin your work, but I will ruin your clothes.” Taehyung takes quite strides back to your his lips attacking yours again, in a hungry kiss. His hands com up to your chest, ripping open your blouse, buttons flying around the room. 

He slips the material down your arms letting it fall to the floor, he kisses down your neck, sucking and licking at the sensitive skin. His hands moving behind your to remove your bra. His mouth moves further down, planting soft kisses on your breasts. 

You can’t help the moan after moan that slips past your lips, you loved how his hands touched you, your body melting under his soft kisses and possessive gropes with his hands over your body. You loved it. 

“I’m going to make you feel so good, baby.” Taehyung trails his kisses down your stomach, until he hits the top of your jeans. He unbuttons your jeans pulling them slowly over the curve of your ass. “You’re not wearing panties.” Taehyung looks up at you.

“Ohh, I haven’t really hand time to wash my clothes, I’ve to busy with the comeback.” You blush, embarrassed. Taehyung kisses your mound. 

“I think it’s really hot. I just wish I knew sooner.” He pulls your jeans down the rest of the way, helping your step out of them. He kisses your bare thighs, teasing you. 

“Taehyung please.” You whine out. Taehyung stopped teasing you, throwing one of your legs over his shoulder, so he could eat your pussy. He starts to lick up and down your pussy, his tongue circling your centre. 

“You taste so good, baby. I could eat you out forever.” His tongue was working wonders, your hands was holding on to his shoulders to balance you. You were seeing stars, the longer he licked at your pussy. 

“Fuck, Taehyung t-that’s amazing.” You moaned out, your nails digging into his broad shoulder blades. Taehyung pulls back from your pussy, putting your leg down, your juices on his lips. 

“I need to fuck you, my balls are about to explode.” Taehyung hands smooth down to your back, down to your ass, gripping it firmly, hoisting your up around his hips. Your legs wrap around his hips, your slick pussy grinding against his hard dick. 

“Taehyung, I need you.. please.” Taehyung lines his dick at your entrance, his tip pushing in slowly. You were taking inch by inch, till he was fully in. His head rested against your shoulder. 

“Fuck, how are you so tight?” He moaned out. 

“Please move.” You gasped out. Taehyung pulled his head back to kiss your lips one last time, before slamming his hips up into your. He was fucking your hard up against the wall. Your back slammed against it every time he trust into you. 

“You feel so good around me, your pussy taking me so well.” Taehyung grunted into your ear, kissing your neck softly, it was nothing like how he was fucking you. He was fucking you with force, passion, lust. 

“ Taehyung, please don’t s-stop.” You pant out, his dick was hitting the right spot, over and over again. You were a moaning mess for Taehyung, your hands clung to his back wanting to keep him close. 

“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my dick.” Taehyung grunts in your ear. Your orgasm washes over you, Taehyungs hips snapping harder into yours. 

“Yes Taehyung, oh god.” You scream out in satisfaction. Your head was lolled back in pleasure, Taehyung kept slamming his hips into yours, chasing his high. Spilling his seed into you, trusting a few more times, before stopping. 

Your back was against the cold wall. Taehyung had his arms wrapped around you tightly, his head in the crock of your neck. His breathing uneven, panting, just like you. You ran your finger through his sweaty hair. 

“I’ve wanted to do that do so long, baby.” Taehyung chuckles against you. 

“Me too.” 

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nasty-hombre  asked:

Hey so like, how do you feel about the girl scouts doing stereotypically girly things like sewing and baking, while the boy scouts get to do stuff like camping and shit? Cause like I definitely remember not being able to be a boy scout after I hated being a girl scout and wanted to do boy scout things.

yeah that sucks, but you’ll be happy to know that the girl scouts have just added a bunch of new badges based on STEM fields, including programming and fucking robotics. also, the boy scouts is a generally awful institution and iirc, the girl scouts was introduced as a liberal, more progressive alternative in a response to the boy scouts’ shitty conservative values.

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