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You're learning to use a sewing machine? Cool!! Can we see pictures of the skirt and scarf, maybe? 😊 If not, that's ok, but you sounded proud of them! Anyway, good luck with all your future sewing endeavors!

I am rather proud 🦈 Lol! Thank you!

I posted the pictures ✨

Yo shoutout to the young and new artists that follow me who love art and love drawing (or writing, sewing, whatever, any creative endeavor!). I’m really excited to be on your radar, and I hope I can help to inspire you to do some great stuff. I’m a little sappy right now, but I’m just happy you’re here. I’m happy you exist. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you one day and seeing your creative progress.

Keep it up! I love ya! Sweet jesus!

Dressing Gown Part 2

For part one: here

Ok, so the back:

I used three panels in the back with each gradually increasing in length.  I kinda guesstimated how wide to make them, as I wanted quite a bit of gathering. I’ve shown where the side panels match up to the side seams of the bodice.  I also added a belt and triangle overlays.  The belt design is from the World Tour gown. 

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