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I’m so in love with the light in this picture! *___* Thank you to the ever amazing @darlingelves for making me truly look like the Lady of Light ❤ I also really like how you can see the drape of the chiffon.

Galadriel cosplay made and worn by me, edit done by me as well.

Special thank you to @selfmadecosplay for letting me borrow the wig and Nenya ❤

Photography by @darlingelves


Okay, so those of you who know me know I’m in pretty dire financial straits right now– I’ve had to send my entire maintenance loan back to my parents after one of my dad’s jobs fell through. I’ve currently got -£20 in my bank account, with bills to pay and no bursary for at least a week. There’s a donate button here on my tumblr, but I just want to open up all my freelance work. I have experience as both a copy writer and editor, a scriptwriter, and plenty of you read my fic. I also freelance as a tailor and embroidery worker. If you want to see samples of my work, pm me and I’ll show you any ongoing projects, and once I have had some custom I will start posting before and afters on the dresses I currently have in for alterations. Likewise, if you have any need for writing or editing work, I’m happy for forward you my CV. If you want to commission script work, original fiction or fic, message me. 

Please help. I’m 20 years old, legally homeless, and have both my parents as financial dependents. I can’t get a job because I’m prohibited by my university, and I don’t have anyone I can ask for help. I’m really, really sick of pasta. If you can afford to hire me or donate, please do. There’s a donate button on my blog. 

Okay, hello everyone.

I know that I don’t have loads of followers, but I feel the need to clarify where this blog (I) stands now that we’re well on hiatus and that the con happened.

For the quick recap, being a Johnlocker since well… 2012 I guess?, I discovered TJLC last November by reading some meta on tumblr, and then watching all the TJLCE episodes, which consolidated my belief that Johnlock was indeed endgame in the show. We all know what happened next.

It’s been some weeks now that I’ve given up on a potential Lost Special, and doubting that Johnlock will ever become canon on the show. My stance here is pretty much “don’t expect anything but be pleasantly surprised if it happens”, which has allowed me to relax a bit more about the show and think more clearly.

The thing is, interpretations are sometimes what not canon is about, but they are nonetheless valid interpretations. All the work we’ve done, all the meta we’ve written, it holds up! They can’t take that away from us, and if your interpretation is that now Sherlock and John are living together with Rosie and are finally happy, that’s something that they can’t take away for now.

That’s the deal in art, the creator creates and gives original meaning, but it is the receiver/fan that has the power to decide what they take away from it. For example, I had this literature teacher who made her own theory about the ending of a book we’ve red in class. Her theory was quite far fetched and not everyone was agreeing with her, but it was holding up with what was said in the book. Then, a few people in the class met the author of the book and asked if the theory was true: of course he said that it was not, and the next day they went to tell her that. I was sure it was a bad idea to tell her since she truly believe in her theory and that would make her sad, yet when the students told her, she dismissed them casually, saying that the writer can believe in one thing and she can believe in another, as long as she has proof in the book that supports her theory. That’s art. We make it our own once it’s in our hands.

I am not saying that I agree with what has been presented in S4. Other than Johnlock, I do not agree with how Mary and Molly’s arc were treated, the general lack of John, or the mess that was TFP. Generally, I do not agree with how they planned everything last minute, preferring big moments of random reveals to intricate planning since the start. I don’t understand the point of establishing one character as gay and the other lead as bisexual if it is not for them to end up together. I don’t understand the point of having a drink code, and multiple other proof of a homoerotic subtext if it is to not do anything with it. I do not understand the TPLOSH references if it was not to get it right this time. I have criticism to offer, just like all of us, but there is always a good and classy way to offer constructive thoughts and not hateful bashing – in the end that helps no one and puts everybody in a bad mood.  

I also do not say that Mofftiss are perfect, they are far from that, but that does not give us the right to treat them as trash. It won’t change anything, and I don’t think it’s good for someone to keep living and adding hatred in a toxic environment, so distance yourself if you need to and don’t lose your head over this.

And of course I get that we’re all disappointed because they really had the chance to change things around for the LGBTQ+ community. I still don’t get why they didn’t want to tell that story, if they’re telling the truth, or if something made that impossible, I guess we’ll never know.

But hey, think what the show has given us: loads of people here realized and came to terms with their own sexuality and orientation, we also learned a crazy lot about analyzing writing, scripts and television. We expanded our creativity by thinking about intricate plots. We learned to read the canon in meaningful ways. We started writing, drawing, sewing, editing, headcanoning. We learned about critical thinking, about deducing, about tropes and the reality of television work. We learned about the importance of representation and diversity in the media.

They gave us perfect ammo to be tomorrow’s creators and to show the world about Johnlock.

So what now? Instead of being stuck in that place where we’re angry at the creators, let’s be happy for what we have created here. Let’s write meta, because that’s always relevant to our interpretation of the show. Let’s write fanfiction, fix-its, fiction, let’s draw art, let’s enjoy the show for what it is and fort what we think it is, and let’s not forget about critical thinking, about self-introspection and respect for the creators and all the people working behind the show. Let’s read fanfiction, comment, leave kudos, enjoy the twitter and tumblr rpgs, ask them questions and have fun. Let’s cosplay, go to cons, meet people, make friends.

And finally, about TJLC: we’ve created an amazing community. We are clever, intelligent, creative people. Let’s continue in that direction and enjoy ourselves in a positive environment because we deserve it. It is a stimulating environment full of amazing people, let’s enjoy what we have, what we created!

And if TJLC doesn’t happen on Sherlock, that’s just too bad because it was and always be relevant. In a way, TJLC started in 1887 when the first people of the time red A Study in Scarlet. It will always be about thinking for ourselves, reading past the text and into the subtext, promoting diversity and standing up for what we believe. I’m happy to have discovered our community and I think that a lot of us have grown because of it. Let’s not forget that today we are fans but soon we’ll be in charge of literature, television and media and it is up to us to decide what stories we will tell.

TJLC lives.

An amazing Fem #Kratos by #cosplayer @_rachelleighcosplay_. #cosplay #PS4 #GodofWar

Regrann from @_rachelleighcosplay_ - Amazing photo and edit of my Kratos by @cosplaycomposites !!! Check out his amazing work!!!
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