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I’m quite nervous to post this - I usually have fabric or a costume to hide behind, but in this case it’s just me talking! 

I think this covers pretty much everything I wish I had known when I first started shopping in the garment district. And I hope it’s helpful to people who are interested in shopping there and looking for tips!

There is some footage of the shops in there as well. And some store recommendations at the end.

itstwipz  asked:

Hello! I hope all is going well for you I was wondering if I could possibly message you about finding a certain colour of fabric. Ive been searching for awhile and I haven’t been able to source anything.

I buy most of my fabric in-person, so I don’t have a lot of suggestions for online stores! However if you want to shoot me a picture I can post it and see if anyone can provide some suggestions. 

Otherwise you can try:

  • Asking for advice in the Cosplay Tutorial Hangout group on facebook or other communities, especially local ones! 

  • Try looking in fashion fabric stores as opposed to the general sewing/home decor type fabric stores. If you have a fashion sewing district that you can shop at, there are usually more unique fabrics for sewing. If you are searching these types of stores then try the opposite, check out the home decor stores and see if there is a drapery/quilting/upholstry fabric that could work for your purpose. 

  • Consider getting a white or similar colored base fabric and dyeing it the correct color

  • Consider getting custom printed fabric, especially if it has a unique pattern or design

  • Look to see if other cosplayers have made the same costume and ask if they can tell you where they bought the fabric.

Hope this helps!

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Running and Hiding - Harry Styles (Hunger Games AU)

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Character/Person: Harry Styles

Fandom: One Direction

idk what this is. i may or may not have written it for my own enjoyment hahaha enjoy it i guess?? give feedback pls???

p.s. let’s pretend that the 75th hunger games went like this lol

My Masterlist

(Y/N) ran swiftly, stepping on the areas without crackling leaves in attempt to keep the sounds of her feet silent so nobody could suspect her movement. Only a second after the games officially began, she ran in the complete opposite direction of everything while the boy from her district, who was trained from a young age to compete, ran to grab all the materials he could. Unlike him, (Y/N) was a lover, not a fighter, and for that reason, they both agreed to go their separate ways and compete individually instead of as a team.

After she had ran far into the dense forest, she slowed down and leaned against the back of a thick tree, catching her breath. Peering towards the direction she came in to check that nobody followed, she sat down on a patch of grass. Trees surrounded her, and the air was cold. She hugged her arms around her waist to keep the body heat in. Of course, the one year they decide to design the Games in a cold environment is the year I gets chosen for the second time. Needless to say, she absolutely despised the cold.

The Hunger Games had always seemed pointless and horrible to her. So many innocent people died every year for the entertainment of the obnoxious Capital residents. Of course, (Y/N) didn’t want to die, but killing in order to survive was the last thing she was going to do. She’d survived this thing once before with her own methods, and she could attempt to do it again.

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