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Newborn monsters!
For when you want a little monster pal of your own but you don’t want to have to choose.

The Mystery Monster listing lets you get a totally surprise monster in the mail! 
You can give me some basic specifications like colors you hate/love, any expression you’d prefer, but for the most part it’ll be a complete surprise what you receive!


One of these days Mokona is going to start one of these calls and catch Yuuko in the middle of a shower. She will be every bit as calm and collected as she is here, because Yuuko Ichihara, and Kurogane won’t even blink, because gay feudal ninjas have seen everything already, but Sakura and Syaoran will not survive the experience. RIP, future Sakura and Syaoran. You tried your best. 




It’s not like we expected anything less from Tomoyo BUT STILL. WOW.

Dollar Store Magick (Part 1)

I’m not going to pretend, being a witch can be pretty hard on the wallet, so here’s a few tips for those of us who are, to put it bluntly, poor. All of the tips here can either be bought at your average dollar store, thrift store, or around your house.

~Use shoe laces instead of chord. I can’t stress how much getting one of those dollar packs of 12 or so shoe laces at the dollar store can help you so much in magick. Bonus:They usually come in a mix of white and black and of varying length!

~Grab one of those 20 packs of birthday candles while you’re at it. Multicolored, burn quickly, and if you ever have a birthday you forgot about you already have them on hand!

~Those little box sewing kits that contain needle, thread, buttons, pins, etc are practically portable alters. Just take out the thimble and replace it with a stone and put a candle in there, then boom you’ve got a mini-altar. Plus, wardrobe malfunction? No problem. Hemming dresses and casting spells all while heading to that cocktail party.

~Use old clothes, those shoe laces, and that sewing kit and make your own sachets! They don’t have to be the prettiest or most well sewn, they just have to be able to hold your ingredients, plus now you get to choose if you want patterns! Reusing old clothes AND making your own sachets, I see no loss.

~Got a pillow you need to throw out? Save back some of the stuffing! Now you can take that sewing kit and some more old clothes and make poppets. Plus, if it’s one of those feather pillows you can use those lovely down feathers in so many spells I could write a whole other post about it!

~Need spell jars/bottles? Save back jars from things like pickles and peanut butter! A bit of soaking and scrubbing and that label comes right off. Saving the environment AND stocking up on supplies.

~Got old tomatoes? Plant them! Tomatoes are some of the easiest plants to grow and they do well in most climates. A little known fact about Tomato is that it is a member of the nightshade family, so it is great for any harmful magicks. Plus, free tomatoes!

~Work with sigils? Grab some of those little boxes of chalk, either multicolored or all white, and write your sigils with those then wipe away in one smooth motion. Plus, you can draw those little pictures of sunsets like you did in kindergarten.

~Need an athame? Use a kitchen knife, there are PLENTY of ones to choose from, including ones with a wooden handle you can inscribe with symbols and things of the like.

~Need a chalice? Grab one of those cheep wine glasses, or two so you can use one to hold offerings or to hold water if you work with the elements. Personally, I’ll use a wine glass to hold coins during money or prosperity spells, dirt with a seed for growth or new beginnings, salt water for purification, even incense in a pinch.

Part 2

When you were seven, you got into
your mom’s sewing box, and when
she caught you, you stitched apologies
into your skin until you were made of them.
I know it hurt, but you are not seven anymore:
open your blouse and unstitch yourself.

When he wasn’t there for you,
the floor shook so hard that your shins
got limp and your knees gave in and
your heart beat faster than seismic waves.
I know you think missing people
feels like crying in bed at noon,
but missing should feel like how
the sun still shines without the moon.

It is okay to be embarrassed
of brushing your teeth and finding
his name hiding in the bristles,
but don’t let that stop you from brushing.
I believe in you. Remember when you
screamed out words that were only disregarded,
but you never stopped screaming?
Remember when you filled yourself with
water because being empty was comfortable
and you wanted extraordinary?

You started from dust and dirt and shame
and you planted flowers in places where
others continue to water without seeds.
Remember how good it felt when
someone told you how good you are doing?
You can do that for yourself every day.

—  You are doing better than you think you are. Be proud of yourself.
That’s a wrap! 5 top tips for getting to grips with gift-wrapping

After braving the shops and hauling home your bags, it’s time to take on the wrapping! From oddly shaped gifts, to losing the end of the sticky tape, there are lots of obstacles to tackle… None of which are more inconvenient than running out of paper. Here are some handy alternatives that might help you out of a tricky spot!

1.    Use pieces of material

From grandma’s sewing box to the kids’ old fancy dress, pieces of fabric can easily be found around the house. Simply wrap the material around the gift, scrunch at the top, and tie with a ribbon.

2.   Get eco-friendly with newspaper

Time for all of those newspapers you’ve been saving to come into their own! Do your bit for the environment and wrap your presents in newspaper – the trees will thank you (even if your family doesn’t!)

3.   Bring out the brown paper

Trusty brown paper provides a blank canvas for you to make your wrapping your own! Draw on gift tags, create ribbons with colourful pens, or if you’re feeling particularly artistic, draw on your own festive pattern.

4. Create gift-wrap word searches

Get creative by making your own wordsearch wrapping paper! Use an online tool to create your puzzle and hide festive messages for your family to find – simply print, and wrap!

5. Up-cycle old Christmas cards

Presents beautifully wrapped, but forgot to buy gift tags? Old Christmas cards can easily be up-cycled! Simply cut a tag shape from the front of a card and hey-presto! Ready-made Christmassy-ness!

my mum let me have her sewing machine so now i can actually practice sewing stuff :-0

on a whim I started on my team skull grunt cosplay, made the bandana + wristbands with some fabric i found in my mums sewing box !!! ♥ also a wig I bought from my pal avery :’D

Dame of Camelot: Part 1

I’ve got a second part coming up soon :)

Hey!! I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog!! I look at it every day to see if anything new is there. I kinda hope you don’t mind me asking for a reader x Arthur from Merlin, were the reader is tired of being judged because she’s a woman, so she challenges him and wins, and she ends up as a knight of Camelot and they get together. I really hope its not too much to ask. Send a message to let me know if you’d ur taking this please!! Ciao!!

 (Hope you like it!)

Author: Queen of Geeks

I balanced the box of sewing supplies in one hand and a basket against my hip with my other hand. All of them had or tears in them that needed stitching. They’ve all been washed, but I was the one with the most nimble of hands.

“Ah yes, and here’s the maid with the clothes.” One of the knights snickered. I rolled my eyes.

“About time.” Another laughed. “They look too pretty to do actual work.”

“Yes, because we’re the ones who do actually work.”  I shrugged my shoulders. There were snorts and I carried on making my way to the servant’s quarters. Most other maids dealt with the rude comments, but I chose to speak back.

Taking a seat in a chair, I put the basket on the floor and opened up my sewing box. Pulling one of the many shirts out, there was a large tear in the sleeve. Sighing, I began threading a needle and started sewing. Many shirts and trousers later, I was close to finishing. There were still a few clothes left, but my hands were aching. Standing up, I separated the finished clothes from the others. Most of them belonged to Arthur which was slightly concerning, but it gave me a job. I didn’t mind taking them up for Arthur. Sometimes it was nice. But sometimes he made me want to stab him with his own sword.

Those would be the days that I understood why Merlin tended to hate him. Unlike my brother, I couldn’t turn Arthur into something with magic. Merlin was lucky in that sense.

Resting my basket against hip, I knocked on the door of Arthur’s bedroom. Eventually it was opened by Merlin. I smiled at him.

“I have some clothes to drop off.” I explained when he gave me a curious look.

“I was just leaving.” Merlin opened the door and let me in. I let the door close behind me, I placed the basket on the table and looked around to see Arthur was gazing out the window.

“Your highness?” I asked. Arthur turned around and smiled at me. “Yes?” He asked looked at me. I gave him a small smile. “I have your clothes.” I told him folding my hands in front of me.

“About time.” He scoffed. I raised my eyebrows at me.


“The clothes. Why does it always take so long for them to be brought up? What else you people do?”

“Cook. Clean.” I muttered under my breath. “I’m sorry, but I have to leave. Have a nice night.” I gave a quick curtsy before leaving.

Pacing back and forth in front of Merlin, I began ranting as he sat with Giaus. “All these men are sexist pigs! All they think they can do is make fun of women! If it weren’t for women, they’d have no food! Or clothes for that matter.” I was close to screaming. Taking a deep breath, I moved my hair out of my face.

“You just need to prove that they can’t do this.” Merlin told me. Giaus looked at us.

“Don’t give your sister-” Giaus began but I interrupted.

“I got it!” I whirled around to face both men. “Merlin, Arthur is having try-outs for new guards and knights.”

“Yes, but (Y/N), that requires you knowing how to fight.” Giaus pointed out. I put my hands on my hips.

“Are you on my side or not?” I asked. “I do know how to fight. I have learned.” I told him. Giaus smiled at me.

“We have faith in you, my dear.”


I rolled my shoulders back and listened to the clinking of the armor. Merlin and I were able to convince everyone we needed to polish armor. We then decided that we’d return it after the tournament. Thankfully we took one that fitted me. I tilted my head and looked at Merlin through the helmet.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Merlin asked me.

“Yes. I am completely sure.” I told him as I picked up my sword.

“Good luck.” Merlin smiled as I made my way into the field. Everyone was looking at me and I took a deep breath. Looking back at Merlin, he smiled at me and I nodded.


In front of me stood the last man trying out. It was him against me. I had to win. Mainly because I had no magic that I could use to win. I raised my sword and looked at my opponent. The signal to go went off and I dodged a swing right away. I parried and swung back. Hitting the ground, I rolled away missed another stab. Getting too my feet, I swung my sword and the force of him blocking it caused my arm to shake. He kicked and I dodged his foot. Stumbling, I fell back and rolled away. Kicking at the back of his knee, I caused him to fall.

Jumping to my feet, I swung my sword and the sword skittered out of his hand. I pressed my sword to his chest. My breath was heavy and I would feel myself sweating under the armor.

“And it appears we have a winner.” Prince Arthur walked over to us and took my wrist. Raising it in the air, everyone cheered. I took my arm from him and sheaved my sword to help my opponent.

“Good fight.” he told me. I nodded.

“Let’s see who our winner is, shall we?” Arthur asked. I looked at Merlin who was grinning.

“Fine.” I muttered to myself. Pulling it off, there was a gasp and everyone went silent. I turned to Arthur. “That’s right. It’s me. A woman.” I told him. “I won fair and square.”

“Then so be it. A Dame of Camelot. (Y/N)!” There were more cheers.