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Hi guys :) How about this: RFA + V & Saeran stealing/ accidentally eating all of MC's candy. She finds out and plans some sweet sweet revenge hoho~

Hehe, we relate to this one on a personal level. Maybe not MC’s pettiness…actually, yeah, that too. Enjoy~


  • To be fair, he gets a lot of chocolate from fans
  • He thought your box of chocolates was his…until he actually read the sticky note on the lid with your name on it
  • He felt really guilty, so he moves the note onto one of his other boxes and hopes you don’t notice
  • Well….when you find cherry filling in the middle of your chocolate, you notice
  • You can gather exactly what happened, but instead of confronting him, you decide to play around a little
  • You run to the store and pick up those jellybeans with nasty flavors
  • You cover them in chocolate and put them in a bag which you leave for Zen on the counter with a cute note
  • When you hear a cry of disgust, you know he ate it
  • He comes running to you apologizing, because he knows exactly why you did it
  • He promises to make it up to you however he can
  • “Well…I’ve been wanting to practice some new styles with my curling iron…”
  • You can bet he was sitting in front of you the whole day while you did some weird stuff with his hair


  • He’s not even thinking when he steals it
  • You were eating some gummy bears and left it on the counter while you took a shower
  • Yoosung only saw candy and started eating it….all of it
  • You come out of the shower and see the empty bag left on the counter
  • You confront him right away
  • He just looks away and says he doesn’t know anything about it
  • You believe him at first, and just assumed you miscalculated how much you ate 
  • But a little later, he gives you a kiss goodnight and you can taste it on his lips
  • Still, you say nothing…you have a better idea
  • You buy several bags of gummy bears the next day
  • For the next week, you place a few secretly inside every one of his meals
  • By the end of the week, he’s going insane and just bursts, “Okay! I get it! Yes, I ate your gummy bears, and I promise I won’t do it again! Just please…no more…”
  • He makes it up to you and buys you a bunch of candies
  • He’ll even separate out your favorite flavors so you don’t have to dig around


  • You weren’t home and Jaehee was having some serious cravings for chocolate
  • You had a small jar of them
  • She usually didn’t take from you, but…maybe if she took one or two you wouldn’t notice
  • Too bad her week was super stressful and she lost count
  • She stares at the bottom of the empty jar, horrified at her deeds
  • She tries to run to the store to pick up more before you came home
  • But she was too late
  • She was already opening the bag to fill it when you walked into the kitchen and surprised her
  • The chocolates went all over the floor
  • You’re actually really calm about it and wave it off….doesn’t mean you’re not getting revenge
  • Throughout the weeks, you plant little tricks everywhere
  • She thinks she finds a tin of cookes?…Sewing supplies
  • Is that a box of chocolate?….filled with carrots and celery
  • You even replaced the ice cream with smoothies
  • After a few weeks, she’s begging for forgiveness and you finally let it go


  • You had made a bag of handmade chocolates for the next RFA meeting
  • You had worked for hours on them, and you stepped out for a little break while they were cooling on the counter
  • Jumin came in, about to head out to work
  • He thought the chef had made them, so he thought he could take it to work and leave them on his desk
  • He had a meeting with a large group of people, and he handed them out as little favors
  • They were all gone by the time the day was over
  • When he came home, he found a very disgruntled you giving him the silent treatment
  • It wasn’t until after dinner that you finally told him what he’d done
  • While you were still a little upset, he knew it would soon pass
  • But then the next day, he finds all of his nice ties are replaced with ones with goofy patterns
  • “MC…why are there cookies on my tie?”
  • “I don’t know…ask your employees.”
  • He just sighs and goes with it until finally you cool off and return his regular ties
  • He still keeps a few of the goofy ones though, because he finds them amusing


  • It was that time of the month, and you were PMSing bad
  • Good thing you had saved that one bar of chocolate for a time like this
  • You walked into the kitchen and found Seven had just finished the last piece
  • You were so mad, you started hitting him with the closest item next to you….a loaf of bread
  • He’s backed up against the wall, “Look! I’m sorry! I don’t track your cycle. How was I supposed to know?”
  • He tries to calm you down and cheer you up by a few tickles
  • But you are not amused
  • “You can’t solve everything with tickling!” you yell as you continue beating him with bread
  • After a few hours, he thinks you have calmed down and gone back to normal
  • Boy,oh boy, was he wrong
  • Everytime you gave him food, there was literally only a bite left…he would have to find the rest on his own
  • You’d hand him a bag of HBC with one chip in it
  • You’d give him one noodle on a plate
  • You replaced the pantry with empty cereal boxes and chip bags as well
  • P-E to the T-T-Y
  • He gets so sick of it, he orders a huge box of your favorite chocolates to appease you


  • He has no self control when it comes to sweets
  • He found your candy in the pantry and devoured it within a minute
  • You didn’t even notice until later
  • He wasn’t even sorry
  • “Well, there was no note on it saying it was yours.”
  • Oh, he wanted notes? He was getting notes
  • You literally labeled EVERYTHING in the kitchen
  • Every single container of food you wanted had your name on a stick note
  • He’s unfazed at first
  • Until there’s so many notes that they start getting everywhere
  • He just walks up to you, his sweater holding a few stray sticky notes, and tosses you two boxes of the candy he ate
  • You thank him…and also inform him that he would be the one removing all the sticky notes left over


  • He was craving a midnight snack
  • He was sleepy too, though, so he wasn’t exactly thinking or reading labels
  • So, he ate your chocolate and went back to bed
  • The next evening, when you were preparing to enjoy your little treat, the truth comes out
  • You take his camera secretly and fill it with pictures of food and candy
  • When he finds it, he apologizes for his deed
  • But he’s also kind of laughing at your ridiculous little prank
  • You really can’t stay mad at him, and he takes you to your favorite restaurant to make up for the chocolate 

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Coraline has nightmares. Sometimes her parents run into her room to wake her up, finding her thrashing, slapping at the air screaming “get off me!” Sometimes they wake up and find her hugging them tightly, skinny arms locked around their bodies. Sometimes they wake to find her patting their eyes, making sure they don’t have buttons, she says. Sometimes she goes outside and checks the garden, smiling when she sees that the flowers have still wilted from the heat.

When her mother drums her fingers on the counter, Coraline shivers and begs her to stop. She doesn’t go into the drawing room anymore, as a rule of thumb, unless the cat is there, and when they do, they both stare at the little door with the brick wall behind it like it might explode.

When the buttons on her jacket popped off and her father fetched the button box to sew it back on, she jerked back like he had tried to hit her. Zippered jackets became the norm.

With her own money, she bought a new cover for the well, strong and heavy, and put rocks on top for good measure. She declared it should be safe when she was done, and nobody wanted to ask why.

She considers burning down the Palace one day, but the thought of there being no door alarms her more than the thought of the door itself, so she quickly scraps that idea.

Her parents get concerned, wondering if somebody had hurt her one day when they were out. They get her help. She denies it all, sticking to a story about another family in the wall with buttons for eyes who ate the souls of kids. Nobody believes her. She doesn’t expect them to. She’ll keep them safe anyway.

Hi lovely people, 

as promised, here’s part two about German phrases and idioms! If you’re looking for part one, look here

One *asterisk means it’s colloquial, **two asterisks mean it’s vulgar. 

  • Gang nach Canossa (lit. walk to Canossa) - the hard task of having to admit to somebody that you were wrong.
    Ich lag falsch, also musste ich den Gang nach Canossa antreten und mich bei ihm entschuldigen. - I was wrong, so I had to get over myself and apologise to him.

  • *an den Haaren herbeigezogen (lit. pulled by the hair) - reached for, not obvious
    Das Argument ist an den Haaren herbeigezogen. - That argument is not convincing and a real stretch. 

  • *zum Mäusemelken sein (lit. to be for/like mice milking) - impossible and thus frustrating
    Ich bekomme diese Rechnung einfach nicht hin - das ist zum Mäusemelken! - I just can’t seem to get this calculation done right - it’s so frustrating! 

  • das Ei des Kolumbus (lit. the egg of Columbus) - the solution for a big problem, a great idea
    Die neue Software macht alles viel leichter - ihre Einführung war das Ei des Kolumbus! - This new software makes everything easier - its installation was a great idea!

  • kein Blatt vor den Mund nehmen (lit. not putting a sheet in front of your mouth) - speaking your mind, and in the course of that sometimes insulting someone.
    Beim letzten Meeting hat sie dem Chef gegenüber kein Blatt vor den Mund genommen. - She really spoke her mind at the last meeting and said what she really thinks about the boss.

  • *dem Fass den Boden ausschlagen (lit. to hit the bottom out of a barrel) - to be outrageous/a scandal
    Du hast mich nicht nur belogen, sondern auch betrogen? Das schlägt dem Fass den Boden aus! - You didn’t only lie to me, you also cheated on me? That’s outrageous!

  • *aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern (lit. to chat from the sewing box) - to tell secrets/reveal something very personal
    Als wir uns neulich zum Kaffee getroffen haben, hat sie viel aus dem Nähkästchen geplaudert. - When we met up for coffee the other day, she told me many personal secrets (e.g. things about her relationship). 

  • *jemanden zum Mond schießen können (lit. to shoot somebody to the moon) - to be so frustrated with someone that you want them gone/to be as far away from you as possible (often meant affectionately and not mean!)
    Dauernd lässt sie uns warten, wenn wir verabredet sind - manchmal könnte ich sie wirklich zum Mond schießen! - She always keeps us waiting when we’re meeting up - sometimes I’m really fed up with her (but I like her anyway). 

  • unter einer Decke stecken (lit. to be under the same covers) - to conspire with someone
    Die Überraschung hast du doch nicht alleine geplant - steckst du mit meiner Mutter unter einer Decke? - You surely didn’t plan this surprise all by yourself - did you have help from my mum? 

  • *eine Leiche im Keller haben (lit. to have a corpse in the basement) - to have a burden from the past/a bad conscience/to be guilty of something
    Beide Politiker haben Leichen im Keller. - Both politicians have done bad things in the past. 

+my masterposts

When you were seven, you got into
your mom’s sewing box, and when
she caught you, you stitched apologies
into your skin until you were made of them.
I know it hurt, but you are not seven anymore:
open your blouse and unstitch yourself.

When he wasn’t there for you,
the floor shook so hard that your shins
got limp and your knees gave in and
your heart beat faster than seismic waves.
I know you think missing people
feels like crying in bed at noon,
but missing should feel like how
the sun still shines without the moon.

It is okay to be embarrassed
of brushing your teeth and finding
his name hiding in the bristles,
but don’t let that stop you from brushing.
I believe in you. Remember when you
screamed out words that were only disregarded,
but you never stopped screaming?
Remember when you filled yourself with
water because being empty was comfortable
and you wanted extraordinary?

You started from dust and dirt and shame
and you planted flowers in places where
others continue to water without seeds.
Remember how good it felt when
someone told you how good you are doing?
You can do that for yourself every day.

—  You are doing better than you think you are. Be proud of yourself.
Dollar Store Magick (Part 1)

I’m not going to pretend, being a witch can be pretty hard on the wallet, so here’s a few tips for those of us who are, to put it bluntly, poor. All of the tips here can either be bought at your average dollar store, thrift store, or around your house.

~Use shoe laces instead of chord. I can’t stress how much getting one of those dollar packs of 12 or so shoe laces at the dollar store can help you so much in magick. Bonus:They usually come in a mix of white and black and of varying length!

~Grab one of those 20 packs of birthday candles while you’re at it. Multicolored, burn quickly, and if you ever have a birthday you forgot about you already have them on hand!

~Those little box sewing kits that contain needle, thread, buttons, pins, etc are practically portable alters. Just take out the thimble and replace it with a stone and put a candle in there, then boom you’ve got a mini-altar. Plus, wardrobe malfunction? No problem. Hemming dresses and casting spells all while heading to that cocktail party.

~Use old clothes, those shoe laces, and that sewing kit and make your own sachets! They don’t have to be the prettiest or most well sewn, they just have to be able to hold your ingredients, plus now you get to choose if you want patterns! Reusing old clothes AND making your own sachets, I see no loss.

~Got a pillow you need to throw out? Save back some of the stuffing! Now you can take that sewing kit and some more old clothes and make poppets. Plus, if it’s one of those feather pillows you can use those lovely down feathers in so many spells I could write a whole other post about it!

~Need spell jars/bottles? Save back jars from things like pickles and peanut butter! A bit of soaking and scrubbing and that label comes right off. Saving the environment AND stocking up on supplies.

~Got old tomatoes? Plant them! Tomatoes are some of the easiest plants to grow and they do well in most climates. A little known fact about Tomato is that it is a member of the nightshade family, so it is great for any harmful magicks. Plus, free tomatoes!

~Work with sigils? Grab some of those little boxes of chalk, either multicolored or all white, and write your sigils with those then wipe away in one smooth motion. Plus, you can draw those little pictures of sunsets like you did in kindergarten.

~Need an athame? Use a kitchen knife, there are PLENTY of ones to choose from, including ones with a wooden handle you can inscribe with symbols and things of the like.

~Need a chalice? Grab one of those cheep wine glasses, or two so you can use one to hold offerings or to hold water if you work with the elements. Personally, I’ll use a wine glass to hold coins during money or prosperity spells, dirt with a seed for growth or new beginnings, salt water for purification, even incense in a pinch.

Part 2

Marinette had never been so insulted in her entire life.

“Honorable mention, Tikki. Honorable mention.

Her kwami sighed. “Don’t worry about it, Marinette. Maybe it’s good that no one recognized you were Ladybug? It’ll protect your identity.”

She nudged herself in a lazy circle of her rolling chair with the toe of her shoe. “I know being Ladybug isn’t about the recognition, but – seriously? I didn’t even with a costume contest at a Con?” Marinette threw her hands in the air and said, “Are people blind?”

Tikki puffed her chest up and said, “Marinette, it’s just a silly costume contest that you fell into by accident. Who cares if you didn’t win?”

“I do!” Her lower lip jutted out and she grumbled, “It’s not fair, the winning Ladybug didn’t even have the spots right.”

“No, but her yo-yo was a perfect replica and it worked,” Tikki pointed out.

Marinette narrowed her eyes. “Her hair was red.

Tikki placed her hands on her hips and swooped in to hover right in front of her Chosen’s nose.

“This isn’t like you, Marinette,” her kwami scolded gently, “What’s really going on?”

“Nothing! I just–” she hopped up from her seat and Tikki had to dart out of the way “–think people should be more authentic when they’re cosplaying.”

She started to rummage through her bolts of fabric, and her kwami frowned.

“What are you doing?” Her face was drawn in suspicion as she floated over to Marinette’s work bench.

Marinette lifted out a red and black spotted bolt of fabric left over from the costume she had made for Alya for a costume party a few years ago and inspected it. Plenty for another suit.

“I am going to make a costume for the next Con and win this time!” she declared.

Tikki watched in resignation as her Chosen dug through her sewing box for a new bobbin of red thread. With a delicate tone, she asked, “Shouldn’t you be doing your homework for tomorrow? With all that akuma business, you haven’t had time to work on it.”

Marinette felt a pang of guilt; Tikki had a good point.

But Marinette had something to prove.

“I’ll just get started on this, then I’ll get right to my homework.”

Tikki sighed. Famous last words.