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A wonderful book I found at the library. I thought I’d share my favorite idea and instructions from it. How helpful and perfectly mori this apron is!

Find more Mori crafts and ideas here: ☙Woodland Comforts

what i see: a USUK AU where Arthur is being a typical house-wife for Alfred; making him breakfast/lunch/dinner, up-keeping the house all the time, does both of their laundry/dishes/chores, and is overall representing the stay-at-home wife role because he is victim to what society thinks the submissive one in a same-sex marriage should be- thus falling into the same stereotypical gender roles as other heterosexual wives to keep the gays in line

what i want to see: a USUK AU where Arthur is fully aware of the gender roles in society; but tries to break those gender roles by cooking, cleaning, doing feminine activities (like wearing pink frilly aprons & knitting/sewing), and taking care of Alfred anyways because he genuinely wants to do so & actually enjoys his interests- all while still having a semi-masculine personality- and also Alfred helps out and tries to keep the chores even as best as he can, while supporting his husband’s feminine activities/habits 1000% and loves him no matter what (besides, Alfred loves Arthur in his favorite pink frilly apron & it’s hella cute)


I used to work at a fabric store for two years and it was the end for me. I had a fabric addiction and was in no mood to stop. While working there we had to supply our own aprons. I went through so many, so as a result I just made a ton. I got so used to making them that I don’t have to use a pattern anymore.

These are only a few of the ones I have in my store, which will be live by friday 12/17/16

This style is $12.00

They are great for crafting and creating. They have short pockets that are still able to hold things such as pens, phones and other small objects.

Yo I have a question for the Megamind fandom.

Is there any canonical evidence in the film that Minion likes cooking? Or was this fact something that the fanbase came up with and used so often in fics and fanart that it’s just accepted as true?

This has been bothering me for a while, lol.


I will delete these when I have proper photos (whenever that may be) but I finally finished making my apron, using a fabric I designed and had printed!!! It needs to be ironed but whatever I just finished it and it only took me 3 days so I’m excited

Oh yeah

So remember how I was kind of worried about my brother turning into a spoiled shit? Well, he’s still kind of preoccupied with “stuff” but was also incredibly psyched about the books I bought him and told me the (Rick and Morty lord help us) sweatshirt I also gifted him was “the very best.” He was very sweet and as he got a little tired later in the evening he curled up with me like he used to: wrapped around my arm.

He sewed E an apron (it’s legit great and stylish) and made me a pair of earrings and a bracelet. The bracelet has tons of different colored beads so it will “match all kinds of outfits.”

He’s a little shit sometimes but a sweet one.

anonymous asked:

got any good tutorials for a maid uniform?

Hi Anon! 

I recommend finding a pattern like:

And editing it to be what you want! 

Here is a Maid Outfit Tutorial! 

And here are some other tutorials that might help! - Apron Tutorial - Puffed Sleeves - Petticoat Tutorial  - Petticoat Tutorial - Tiered lolita-esque skirt tutorial   - Alice dress (similar to a simple maid dress) - Maid Headdress (this artist has a few other meido tutorials too!)

I hope this helps!

<3 L2S Cosplay