sewing aprons


I’m taking this ask and running with it because I have a ton more ideas for aprons in this au and I need an excuse to draw Shinji in cute outfits.


I used to work at a fabric store for two years and it was the end for me. I had a fabric addiction and was in no mood to stop. While working there we had to supply our own aprons. I went through so many, so as a result I just made a ton. I got so used to making them that I don’t have to use a pattern anymore.

These are only a few of the ones I have in my store, which will be live by friday 12/17/16

This style is $12.00

They are great for crafting and creating. They have short pockets that are still able to hold things such as pens, phones and other small objects.


after i finished sewing alistair’s apron, i couldn’t help myself… ended up creating props for a whole little photoshoot, which i took rather seriously, haha :-P but it was worth it! 

next i really should do something for briar (my only other EAH doll). but we’ll see when that happens. i want to sew some winter clothing =w=…… 

more pics of alistair on my new flickr!