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A wonderful book I found at the library. I thought I’d share my favorite idea and instructions from it. How helpful and perfectly mori this apron is!

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I used to work at a fabric store for two years and it was the end for me. I had a fabric addiction and was in no mood to stop. While working there we had to supply our own aprons. I went through so many, so as a result I just made a ton. I got so used to making them that I don’t have to use a pattern anymore.

These are only a few of the ones I have in my store, which will be live by friday 12/17/16

This style is $12.00

They are great for crafting and creating. They have short pockets that are still able to hold things such as pens, phones and other small objects.

Yo I have a question for the Megamind fandom.

Is there any canonical evidence in the film that Minion likes cooking? Or was this fact something that the fanbase came up with and used so often in fics and fanart that it’s just accepted as true?

This has been bothering me for a while, lol.


a white apron appears…

This is actually for a cosplay not just me developing the need for aprons ;) I swear!

The fabric is quite important to me. Which may sound odd when said like that. It was woven by members of my family about 150 years back. The linen plants grew on the fields I played on as a child, by now they have long been turned into meadows for cows. But the fabric and its creation process are part of my family and my own history so I am very grateful I got it from my grandmother to create something new with it.

That way it’s used and valued (at least by me). And believe me, this linen feels absolutely amazing. It is the same I used for my Anders tunic. For this apron I used some of the leftover scraps from that. There is not much left anway.

-Sewing Room Details and Info-

Hey guys! A few people asked me for more information about my sewing room, so I took some more pics and I will also tell you what organizational products I am using. So let’s get started!!!

Here are the two pics I previously posted, and that tall garbage bin is a Tupperware pop up lid bin. It is GREAT for fabric scraps ^_^

Onto the white Bins on the walls! They are from IKEA and they are called the REUTUR Recycling bin. They are $9.99 each and sadly they don’t make the big ones that you see on the bottom anymore. But they basically slide open, and they have handles on the side so they can come out of the holder. The main box that holds the bin just screws into the wall and if you start installing them from the bottom up (I lined mine up with the crown molding on the floor) They can then just be stacked and screwed into the walls for easy installation. 

For the Cork Boards, the big one is just a staples brand self healing cork board. and the two little ones are from the Martha Stewart Wall manager collection at Staples.

The organizers on the right are also from the Martha Stewart Wall Manager Collection from staples. They are super easy to install!!! And the hangers and bins on them just snap into place and can be moved around however you like!

This cube storage bin is from Walmart, it is the 9 Cube Organizer in the Espresso Colour, It also comes in white. You can buy the bins separately from Walmart as well, I was lucky enough to find a bunch in the basement ^_^

I use these bins to hold the fabric I have already cut, that is why there are little notes on them. So I cut out all the fabric I need, then each separate garment or costume gets their own bin and each cut out piece of fabric gets it’s own label. I always cut everything I need first, it is tedious especially when you are excited to sew everything and see it come together, but this will save you A LOT of time down the road, especially during con season.

And this is my sewing table! I believe my mom got it from Sears about 15 years ago. It used to be white and badly damaged from movers, so last summer I completely sanded it down, patched some holes, painted it and then put 3 coats of high gloss varnish on it. I also got new metal knobs for the drawers (it used to have old ugly plastic gold knobs) The back of the table also folds down but I like to keep it up and take my chair around the other side so I can sit and draw out my patterns and cut my fabric.

The part that the actual sewing machine sits on can actually go up and down, it used to have a cover for when you pushed it down, but it got lost a long time ago when we moved.

And for a bonus, here is my Pattern book! I actually don’t buy patterns anymore… I make them myself using this brown craft paper that you can buy on a roll from Walmart for 3 dollars!!! It lasts a really long time. And I always keep my initial design plans in the pocket before the pattern(s) so I know what it is for, and every pattern is properly labeled. Also buy a BIG binder for your patterns, I didn’t know I had made so many that when I put them in a thinner binder…the binder almost exploded XD Oh and I also write how much of which fabric needs to be cut for that specific pattern piece.

If the pattern is especially big (aka my Goddess Madoka Dress Tiers) then just use a little clip like you see above to keep it from falling out of the pockets.

And that is all!! If there are anymore questions I will gladly answer them ^_^

anonymous asked:

got any good tutorials for a maid uniform?

Hi Anon! 

I recommend finding a pattern like:

And editing it to be what you want! 

Here is a Maid Outfit Tutorial! 

And here are some other tutorials that might help! - Apron Tutorial - Puffed Sleeves - Petticoat Tutorial  - Petticoat Tutorial - Tiered lolita-esque skirt tutorial   - Alice dress (similar to a simple maid dress) - Maid Headdress (this artist has a few other meido tutorials too!)

I hope this helps!

<3 L2S Cosplay


after i finished sewing alistair’s apron, i couldn’t help myself… ended up creating props for a whole little photoshoot, which i took rather seriously, haha :-P but it was worth it! 

next i really should do something for briar (my only other EAH doll). but we’ll see when that happens. i want to sew some winter clothing =w=…… 

more pics of alistair on my new flickr!