hello last night was my little sister’s 18th bday party the party was on a boat here is me and hard g and bekn and sophie dancing to macklemore and doing the face my sister does in photos and being excited about a boat i am v hungover but im p sure it was a good night except i somehow managed to leave my shoes on the boat

(also hard g took the last photo i hope he deosnt mind me putting it here)

sophie and i are gonna make a my drunk kitchen type video tonight and im p excited about it ‘cause we drunk-cook a lot and it’s always brilliant

so yes, look forward for that at some point in the future (in the next week or so i guess? videos need to be edited and that so yeah, gimme timeee)

yay, off to brighton in a couple of hours to see sophie for a few days ^__^

in related news, i’m probs not gonna be on tumblr much/at all over the next couple of days

in more related news, i still need to pack


here’s a video i found on my camera of me v drunk with sophie the other day and it’s kind of hilarious so yeah