Got tagged by devilonthehighway. Give 5 random facts about myself:

  • My room is pink: pink bed sheets, pillows, curtains, and the list goes on…HAH! And Hello Kitty lights whhoooot
  • I have about three laptops and one desktop computer…only one of them works lolololoooool
  • I have about 300+ dresses (Yes! I finally got around to counting it the other day lol) and…3 pairs of pants.
  • I have a scar on the left corner of my upper lip and the side of my cheek because apparently, when I was a toddler, I tried running away with this plate that contained a slice of cake…I ended up tripping on my own feet and smashed my face on the plate LOOOOOOL
  • Apparently I walk like I’m walking on the goddamn runway when in reality, (if you look and listen carefully) you will see and hear me dragging my feet.

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‘Dead Hard Candy' Collection (F/W 2014) by Sophie Whitely 

This Collection of 8 full outfits was created for school, and included one full  garment from the line up to be made in real fabric for the final exam. 

During this collection I went back into my childhood love for Tim Burton anything and decided to play with the current “punk” revival trend and incorporate it to my inspiration towards his movies and general work by using those elements in the collection.

This collection I designed for the more rebellious of my customers, who have that edge to their wardrobe choices, but also love the sophistication with a bit of my own twist that I always love to add when designing a themed collection. I’m a big fan and always wanted to do a collection with that theme :) This collection also has a “rocker” vibe with some of the garments, like Gwen Stefani, or currently Miley Cyrus would wear, so I used them as muses for designing.