sewer plant


The Gypsy Camp:  Home of Vampire Emmet Kellsim Jr.

What’s a good Vampire or Werewolf story without a Gypsy Camp? This is the home of my vagabond characters Emmett Kellsim Jr. (the now Vampire Clown), Misha the Dancing bear, and Baba Yaga the Witch. (click on the pictures for hi-res version)

When I moved the camp from Windenburg to Forgotten Hollow and updated it for the new Vampire Game Pack, I wasn’t sure I was going to share it, but since this is a NoCC version of the build I figured what the heck. The build features  2 caravans for Emmett and Baba Yaga and a “cage” for Misha.  It also features the Abandoned Sewer Treatment Plant where Vampire Emmett is hiding out until he’s cured.  I intentionally didn’t share any images of Emmett’s subterranean hideout so it will be a surprise for those who download the lot.

You can find both the build and the Sims in my SimDoughnut gallery while in game.  Just use the hashtags  #gypsy  #caravan # or #emmettkellsimjr. I hope you enjoy the build, and as always, if you use the lot in your game I’d love to see your screenshots.

Have fun :)!