“Leo”, for a new series on! This month I’m giving my Patrons practical tips for translating line into 3 dimensions. When I worked on Peanuts, the biggest challenge was getting the Schulz personality to shine through the concept art while introducing a new look. In this tutorial, I walk through the whole process to take your line drawings to the next level. Join me on patreon for as little as $5 where you’ll receive in depth instruction, tutorials, PSD files, brushes and mentoring!

Doubling Down: Governor Pat McCrory Has Spent The Past 6 Weeks In The North Carolina Sewers Separating Male And Female Urine

When North Carolina governor Pat McCrory recently signed the “bathroom bill,” which legally requires transgender individuals to use the public restroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate, it set off a national debate about transgender rights. He has faced intense criticism for what many believe to be a bigoted piece of legislation, but if you think Governor McCrory isn’t 100 percent committed to the rationale behind this law, think again: He has spent the past six weeks deep in the North Carolina sewer system separating male and female urine into separate containers.

Wow. Regardless of where you fall on this issue, you’ve got to admit that the governor is definitely willing to work hard for what he believes in.

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Day 271 - Tritodon | トリトドン | Gastrodon (West Sea)

Its nickname is, “Laplace of the City”. Tritodon likes to hang out underneath storm drains. It uses reverse osmosis to filter impurities from the rain water runoff.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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For a series entitled Borderlife Milan-based artist ephemeral artist Biancoshock turned three abandoned manholes on the streets of Milan into claustrophobically tiny rooms. These cramped, but well-furnished rooms are both whimsical in appearance and very serious in meaning. Biancoshock intends this urban intervention to draw attention to the plight of hundreds of poverty-stricken people in places like Bucharest who’ve turned underground sewer systems into their homes.

Visit Biancoshock’s website to learn more about the Borderlife installations and check out more of his creations.

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I think I’ve decided on a Christmas outfit; a velvet circle skirt! I found this website that tells you what size fabric and how much to purchase! It allows you to measure in inches or centimetres, choose the fullness and length of your skirt, and all you have to do is measure your waist! You have to draft your own pattern, of course, but it tells you your radius, includes seam and hem allowance in the provided measurements, and how to place the pattern on the fabric.

Anyway, the first photo is my inspiration [source]. I haven’t chosen the colour (perhaps a grey or black), but I’ve calculated the cost of the project and with my coupons, for a yard of fabric and a zipper, I’ll spend no more than $4. $4 for a skirt! Talk about a deal.

I’ll blog the process.