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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

Mend the Heart Spell

A spell to start healing emotionally after rejection.

Originally posted by princess-of-positivity

You Will Need:

💝 Rose Petals
💝 Warm Water
💝 A bowl
💝 2 White Candles
💝 Rose Quartz
💝 1 bag of Chamomile Tea
💝 Red Fabric
💝 Needle
💝 White Thread


From your fabric cut out a heart and cut it down the middle so you have two halves. Thread your needle before beginning spell (just makes it easier).


💝 Place your rose petals at the bottom of your bowl then add your rose quartz on top

💝 Carefully fill bowl with warm water then add your chamomile tea. Leave it near you to steep. 

💝 Light both candles one to your left and one to your right in front of you. Let them burn during the rest of the spell.

💝 “My heart was broken, but it will heal, it will mend, it will seal.” While saying this take your two pieces of heart in either hand and place them down in front of you pressed together

💝 Take needle and thread and begin sewing it up the middle, repairing it. “It will heal, I will heal” repeat this mentally or verbally as you sew up the heart. 

💝 Tie off the thread once done and cut it if needed so you have a mended heart. Move the bowl between the two candles before you. 

💝 “I will be okay” and place your mended heart into the water and let it soak there over night. Blow out your candles but still leave them to either side of bowl for the night.

💝 Come morning take out your heart and place it in a window to dry (you may place it on a plate or paper towel to prevent it from getting things wet). After removing your rose quartz from the bowl, pour it down the drain or toilet. Imagine this action is pouring out the pain you felt from the rejecting.

💝 Once your heart has dried place it beneath your pillow. Keep it there until you feel you have finally gotten over the rejection then burn it to release the last of your pain.

Preparing for cold winters by always staying warm  ♡

Have you considered: button witches. Witches that use different coloured and shaped buttons for spells. A witch sewing a heart shaped button on the inside of her bfs jacket. A witch in school sneaking in the changing rooms during PE to unpick and loosen all the buttons on a coat belonging to some cruel bitchy girl as a curse. B U T T O N  W I T C H E S

And I realized how many people talk
about having their hearts on their sleeves

but you had lust dripping from the lines
of your knuckles
and after you punched a hole through me
you said, “you didn’t expect love, did you?”

I said no while I
tried to sew my heart
back into my sweater
and ended up
losing the pieces


anonymous asked:

Do you have any longer thirsty fics for other ships? Just looking at the Yoonmin ones made me want more? <3

sure! I’m just gonna put them in the same order as my bookmarks on ao3 bc its like, almost midnight, and ya girl is t i r e d and lazy :’( but i will d e liverrrr edit: just kidding i put it in order by ship :’)

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I hope this quenches ur thirst ;-)

- Admin Ange

The pants I’m wearing are pants I sewed myself
that is both metaphor and physical reality
and the explanation of that does not detract 
from the worth of it 
the pants are no more or less beautiful
because I admit to taking the time
to touch them until they hugged me just right
the metaphor is the same
lighting up the room I sit in will not make it smaller
touring all the corners
pawing through the layers of clothes on the floor
won’t strip the paint
art is no different
my art is no different
—  A.O.A.M. || Explanation

When you’re actually p happy with your cosplay but then you’re like, why not test the limits of your sanity and sew on ~450 pearls by hand.

Worth it.