JANE: When Earth has reached its final destination, it will be repopulated with a fresh brood of loyal subjects over whom I will rule absolutely. 
JANE: But I will not rule alone, Jake. Oh, no. I will need a husband to rule by my side. 
JANE: That is where you come in. 
JAKE: *Whimper…* 


Jane Crocker - SEWthoughtful

Jake English - KitsuneDolly

Photography - ZippyC



So, the current tutorials I’m planning on doing are: striped trickster leggings, and a striped circle skirt (for trickster Jane, for example).

What I wanna know from you guys is- what else should I consider making a cosplay tutorial for?? :> I can’t guarantee that I can make a tutorial for every suggestion, but I’ll definitely consider them and appreciate the input! Let me know! :D