JANE: When Earth has reached its final destination, it will be repopulated with a fresh brood of loyal subjects over whom I will rule absolutely. 
JANE: But I will not rule alone, Jake. Oh, no. I will need a husband to rule by my side. 
JANE: That is where you come in. 
JAKE: *Whimper…* 


Jane Crocker - SEWthoughtful

Jake English - KitsuneDolly

Photography - ZippyC


Cosplay Commission Post

Status as of 2/2015: I’m accepting orders for due dates in April and beyond. This includes AnimeNEXT, which would be ideal for taking commissions. I’m happy to deliver finished costumes at the convention. In general, most of the commissions that I take on are sewing-based. If your costume is more armor than sewing, I’m probably not your gal. I can certainly make armor if there’s just a little in your cosplay, but my skills are best used for sewing. Just something to consider. c;

Quote requests are always non-binding so please feel free to send me your cosplay ideas. Please always make sure you include *all* the info found below as this seems to be forgotten a lot in inquiries. I’d also like to note that I try my best to keep on top of my email inbox, but I can miss some sometimes. Life never slows and now I’m planning my wedding, on top of other things! In any case, it’s easiest for me to go through emails every other week or so. If you don’t hear back from me at all, double check if you included all the info I requested. If you don’t read this whole post and email me just “How much would Princess Bubblegum cost?” I don’t think that’s very fair to me, and I probably won’t reply. :p Otherwise, if you hit all the right points, then I greatly appreciate your patience~ <3 And as always, thank you so much for your interest in my work! c:

Here is a link to the current sales post of my own cosplays I’m selling: link!

This is my informational commission post that will be permanently linked to on my main page for ease! Thank you so much for all the interest, support, and repeat clients! Here is what you can expect if you want a cosplay commissioned by me…

I’ve been cosplaying since 2009, but costuming my whole life <3 I am a trained seamstress with a bachelors degree in fashion design. You can be sure that when you commission me you will receive a professionally constructed costume that will last and look beautiful! I am comfortable working with many different fabrics, including PVC and spandex. I specialize in sewing of course, but I also make jewelry, foam and sculpted accessories, certain footwear, wings, and certain wig styling. 

If you’d like to see my full portfolio of cosplay, please check it out at my ACParadise account ~*here*~! 


There are a few things I need from you in order to make our commission partnership work! c: I prefer that you live in either the NYC, Philadelphia, or surrounding area, or be able to get there! In some cases, I need to do at least one fitting with you. In other cases, maybe no fitting- but for most complex cosplays, fittings are highly important! Feel free to email me about your commission ideas even if you’re not local, and we’ll see if it’s possible! Also, if you are for whatever reason unable to take your own measurements, we can work it out to do that together too. Once I give you a quote, payments can be split into installments (only for orders totaling $300 or more), but I require at least one deposit made before I buy any fabric. Payments are by Paypal only and non-refundable seeing as my materials are not able to be returned once bought. My prices will be based on the material costs and the hours of work put in. I will make my prices the most competitive that I can offer for you, but I can’t sacrifice the quality of work that I specialize in in exchange for a lower price. When you begin to plan your commission, plan at least 2-3 months ahead or preferably more in case my schedule at the time is already full.

I hope this isn’t an obvious additional point- but do not under any circumstance wear my commissions and say you made it. That’s not cool, dude! On the other hand, if you are happy with your cosplay- feel free tell everyone where you got it! ;)

Please contact me by email at ( at gmail dot com) I always try to answer my tumblr asks, but when it comes to commission requests, I can’t guarantee I’ll reply unless you *email* me. Anyway, I truly hope I can help to make some cosplay dreams come true <3 Feel absolutely free to send me any of your ideas for a price estimate! Serious inquiries are appreciated, but initial emails are not binding ^u^ In your email, please send me the following information without missing any of these categories:

Your name:

Area where you live (city/state, etc):

Convention and/or date you ideally want your costume for:

Conventions and events you are attending before then (which we might be able to have a fitting at):



Please note here if you already have some parts of the costume on your own:

Reference (please don’t ask me to google it, submit a few reference pictures. Images on google can vary greatly!!)

Bust, waist, hip measurements, and height:

Other comments:


I got super lucky yesterday that I have a really easy-going and spontaneous friend who is also a fantastic photographer! we decided on a total whim to do a mindfang photoshoot by the river yesterday!! i’m SO excited to see the photos ;A; it was such a cool location (cool=super cold also), again very lucky- the coast guard didn’t see us trespassing lol! anyway, before i took all my make up off after the shoot (although my hands were already very faded) i took some photos for fun at home x3 lol

this was a spider ring a cute vriska at katsucon gave me x3 

does mindfang like john cookies? idek. vriska would 9u9

aaaand hello to some new followers and friends i met at katsucon ^o^ it was a total pleasure and i wish i was still there!! i don’t even know what to say about my tumblr tendencies to expect lol. xP i’d totally entertain the idea of doing a mindfang ask blog if i had any resemblance of writing abilities whatsoever…. but yea

/self indulgent picspam over

gutsyGumshoe [GG] began pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

GG: Rolal, are you quite certain it’s a usual occurrence to partake in these type of beverages on a Tuesday evening?  

GG: Not that I’m doubting you on the day I swore I’d trust you!

GG: Well, I suppose I’ll take your word for it on the matter!

GG: GOODNESS! That’s quite a kick in the seat, I am nearly convinced you’re poisoning me here with this concoction!

GG: On second thought…

GG: I suspect you’re onto something here, bffsie! :B


So, the current tutorials I’m planning on doing are: striped trickster leggings, and a striped circle skirt (for trickster Jane, for example).

What I wanna know from you guys is- what else should I consider making a cosplay tutorial for?? :> I can’t guarantee that I can make a tutorial for every suggestion, but I’ll definitely consider them and appreciate the input! Let me know! :D 


I seem to have attracted a couple new followers? I’m not sure where you guys saw me recently but hello and thank yew ^u^b  i’ve been having some semi-silence on the tumblr radio waves because of nycc prep so, sorry ‘bout that! x3x

along those lines, i figured i’d put up my NYCC cosplay “schedule” if anyone wants to meet up or get a coffee (one of many i’m sure lol) or wander the artist alley idek- hit me up! 

Friday morning/afternoon: Trickster Roxy

Friday afternoon/evening: my new h.naoto dress because <3333 x3

Saturday all day(?): Nabooru - Legend of Zelda  

Sunday: Aranea - Homestuck (borrowed from mostflogged! yay!! :D)

I wish I could wear my new Yoko cosplay at some point, but honestly I can’t bend my knees in those boots, so it really doesn’t make sense haha. ;u; But anyhow, i’m definitely going to make it to the homestuck meet ups! I can’t wait to have nowhere else to be at any specific time, this will be great. xD Send me an ask if you want to exchange numbers or anything!