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Can you guys make a list of stuff cosplayers should pack to go to cons? Like, aside from cosplay and wigs?


Above all else no matter if you bring your cosplay or not you need to take a bottle of soap! They cost less than a dollar and you can find them anywhere. The worst part about the hotels we stay at is that they don’t have liquid hand soap. They have a tiny bar of soap by the sink no bigger than a spool of thread and expect 4+ people to use the same bar to wash their hands. Imagine the amount of germ floating around a con just from people who use that bar of soap or less after potty breaks in the hotel room. Every con Lara packs a bottle of liquid hand soap for the hotel sink and it’s essential for cleanliness.

Now for other things…

  • Tweezers and Bug Spray
  • Hair clips/bobby pins/hairsprays/ exc.
  • First Aid! Carry it everywhere! At least bandages and headache pills!
  • A camera (CHARGED) [and batteries/charger]
  • Your phone (CHARGED) [there’s not much worse than a cosplayer turning into a Snorlax in order to charge their phone at the con] and portable chargers!
  • Bathroom wipes [This is a little personal but bathroom wipes are a life saver at cons. If you don’t want to invest in a name brand there’s always baby wipes and stuff but these are very handy to carry with you at all times and have in the room!]
  • Hot glue gun and sticks [just be sure to unplug it when you’re finished]
  • Snacks/drinks (WATER)
  • Hand wipes or sanitizer!
  • Your shampoos, body wash, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste! All your hygiene essentials! [Travel sizes work best for cons, you’re not gonna be gone very long you don’t need huge bottles] 
  • Socks [yes, people forget they need them]
  • Air spray for the room [no, not your strong perfume, I mean a dollar bottle of spray]
  • Feminine products and washes [You can’t fool mother nature and you never know when things won’t go your way]
  • Anything to patch up props (small pieces of things you used)
  • A sewing kit [or your sewing machine >.> ]
  • Normal clothes [Shoes, shirt, pants, socks, and undies! Sometimes cons are held near expensive or interesting restaurants so you’ll want to pack something nice to wear in case your group decides to get out of cosplay and eat somewhere nice and it’s just always good to have something comfortable to put on]
  • A bag. A plain plastic bag that you can throw out to put your dirty undies in. It’s important so you don’t get smells on your clothes!
  • Q-tips!
    Body wash (yes, check again)
  • Umberella/sunblock/ exc.
  • Makeup REMOVER (wipes are recommended)
  • A pillow case! [or in some cases your own pillow]
  • At least one extra blanket [it’s easier to get yourself warm than make your roommie suffer through the heat]

Other than these things just bring your cosplay essentials like wigs, wig stands, costumes, props, makeup boxes, you can have fun at the con without worrying!


So my mom was cleaning out one of the spare rooms in the house that she lives in a few weeks back (it was my grandparents house), She mentioned that she’d found a  large tin of sewing supplies and I asked her last night if I could have them after my struggle with making the bag. I needed pins mostly but I figured there would be other odd and ends stashed away.

As you can see its your typical grandma’s sewing tin!

but my mom hand an additional surprise, she found what she believes is either my grandmothers or my great aunts old “portable” singer.

I say portable because this sucker is heavy! it probably weighs about 20lbs. We don’t think it was ever used as it still has the protective wrap on the case handle, the tag from where ever it was bought from and the bobbin thread is sewn to a thin piece of fabric that is sealed in a baggy.

The thing is motorized, it has a rubber “chain” attached to the fly wheel from a small motor. and the motor has a foot pedal.

I haven’t had a chance to fire this beast up.

I still would like to have a more modern sewing machine, something with stitch options, but I couldn’t pass this thing up. its gorgeously ornate.

*update* I just punched the Machine number from the tag into google and:



Is this normal??

I know little to nothing about sewing machines, I just know my little 30$ janome was begging for death after a measly 3 thin layers of cotton.