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Omfggggg and then if you DO find the buttons, you'll have to PAY to get them sewn back on bc that is NOT something you can go to mom about like "can u sew my buttons back on? my last dick appt thought he'd be cute by destroying my clothes" THEN YOUD BE MINUS A CUTE SHIRT AND MINUS YOUR HEAD



Just wanted to share this because I’m pretty proud of it ^-^

I stitched this sewing machine as a Mother’s Day present for my mom because she likes sewing/quilting, plus it a beautiful pattern I really wanted to use. It was a lot of fun and turned out really nice! I love how old-timey it looks on the off-white fabric with a weathered frame. :P

So here’s a picture of it all framed and beautiful, plus a shot of the back in case you don’t have enough stress in your life already. I guess I’m on to another project!

(PS, the pattern is from tinymodernist on etsy. There’s a lot of fantastic designs in their shop.)


my first harry potter costume (2000) vs my latest harry potter costume (2013)

I can’t wait for Fantastic Beasts, it’s going to be so fun omg.

Between the Forest - tiny blue flowers and a boy Kurt thought could never exist. Somehow, he finds a friend from the forest. 

a small idea I had that wouldn’t let me go. enjoy. 1200 words.

They meet in a patch of forget-me-nots. He’s only seven, running away from home in a fit of anger, clutching his coat around him tightly, his breath escaping him in tiny panicked gasps. He’s lost, he’s never been this far from home before, and tears prick hot at his eyes because he doesn’t know where he is. He doesn’t know what to do and he should never have run away and his dad is going to be so mad. 

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With the excuses are for the weak photo, I've been trying to get into Lolita for five months. Saving money, trying over and over to get better at sewing and sew some of my own stuff, my mom treats it like a fetish and tells me I look disgusting every time I try on my own clothes and won't let me leave the house. I don't live in a rural or conservative area, rather a conservative family that shames and ridicules me. These aren't excuses, it's the reality of the situation for some people.

Yes, and that makes things difficult but the fact is 

you can still do it. 

Anything you are passionate about is worth working towards and fighting for. 

this was the era when i missed the live chat by ten minutes

this was the era when i then proceeded to listen to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 28394701238940 times 

this was the era when I stayed up till midnight for each single, and then the album

this was the era when my best friend left during the middle of class at school to find me and tell me that we had floor seats for the Red tour 

this was the era when i had a countdown that started over 200 days before the concert, for the concert

this was the era when I planned tour costumes and posters for months

this was the era when I watched every awards show Taylor was on and supported for each one

this was the era when my mom and I sewed tutus to look exactly like Taylor’s for “Treacherous” on the Red tour

this was the era when I dressed up with my best friends two nights in a row and sang along every lyric at the Red tour

this was the era when I met some of you, Anna, Shayna, Casey, Jennicka, Christina, and Megan

this was the era when Taylor held my hand

this was the era when Taylor sang All Too Well on the Grammys because she knew thats what her fans wanted

this was the era when Taylor commented on fans instagrams leaving kind messages with words of wisdom and sisterly advice

this was the era when Taylor commented on my instagram at 1 am and I sobbed till 3 am

this was the era when Taylor strutted around NYC in the cutest clothes ever

this was the era I had PCD over a year after the concert, has to be a pretty awesome concert for that to happen

THIS was the Red Era, and there is no way I could have better spent it.

tomorrow will be a whole new era, and I could not be more excited to do this all over again.