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Funny story because i have a lot of them

So, in case you don’t know (and how in the world don’t you know) i’m a HUMONGOUS, filthy, Homesutck. Like, i’m worse than i was in the Undertale fandom but not to the point where i’m cringy. I even want to learn how to sew so I can have my own pyralsprite because Terezi is my zodiac troll and I just can’t-

Anyway, I was talking to my mom yesterday (on messenger) and her zodiac troll is Gamzee (who is one of my favorite trolls tbh) and I changed the chat colors to a dark purple. Now keep in mind, she hasn’t read Homestuck at all. She only knows the things I have told her.

So we’re talking, and she notices I changed the chat colors. She changes it to red because, and I quote, ‘I like it’.

So I try to explain to her that she is the highestblooded land dweller in my family (my sis is Eridan, who’s my top 1. i’m pretty jelly, but more on that later) and she has no idea what the Hemospectrum is so all i’m typing in caps is:




and I think I confused the hell out of her.

Idk if this is funny or not but it just came back into my mind and I can’t stop giggling about how innocent she is.

And my other mom (yes, I have two) is Nepeta, so she has the lowest blood in my family, and i’m happy that she’s enjoying being a cat even though she hates them.

The Gamzee in my family hates clowns.

The Eridan in my household doesn’t like being associated with male characters.

I’m the only one that’s happy with my zodiac troll lol


Sombra didn’t know what she expected from a man clad in leather and an owl-like skull mask. (my own shitposting about sombra inspired this)

lance: they call me “the tailor” ‘cause of how i-

keith: you can sew?

lance: no, it’s just a-

keith: my jacket has a hole in it, can you fix it?

lance: i can’t actually-

keith, already handing him his jacket: thank you so much

Preparing for cold winters by always staying warm  ♡

Random headcanon

All of Joker’s clothes are custom made and Harley is in charge of getting his measurements after he ended up murdering the last few people who tried it because he was offended that they “thought they were allowed to touch me”


Corrupted Jaspers! :D Also, here’s imgur album with 31 pics: (together and separately)

Ocean is up for commission here: (you can also request other pattern Jasper, brown one for example)

“Our Jasper” is up for commission here: 

“Our Jasper” (lmao sorry I don’t know how to name her to avoid confusing with Ocean) has approximately 200 pieces in her pattern including spots which were sewn individually. Location of spots and spikes may vary a little bit, by the way, I sew them on without strict location, so every Jasper will be sorta one of a kind, they won’t be like clones of each other.  

They both are huge. heavy and awesome for hugs :D Oddly they are really super cuddly and super comfortable for hugs. 

Next in my “Jasper challenge” are non-corrupted Jasper and Malachite :)

I was commissioned for some flirty DaveKat and I turned it into an awful session of truth or dare + typical dirty joke I’m very professional.

Who You Gonna Call?

So this summer the cross stitch bug bit me HARD. I haven’t done it since I was eight, but my brain just went “Hey. Hey remember the thing where you count tiny squares for hours and stab yourself and swear at knots? LET’S DO THAT!”

And then I figured out I could make my own super-nerdy patterns and WHELP!

Circles are hard.

Pattern: Me!
Measurement: 3″ x 3″