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“Awww, aren’t you glad to see me, Celly?”

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                     “No!! Why are you still in Sevii?? Go back to Kanto, or Johto, or wherever it is you’re from — don’t you have a job to be doing??


These popular TV series imagined as football teams for Panenka magazine really caught our attention. I could see Kevin Spacey making for a good referee but Sheldon in any capacity as an athlete would take some convincing.

Don Draper (John Hamm) from Mad Men features, a fitting tribute before the show reaches its conclusion in the US this May.

This Friday was DOPE with MCHarveyDentist,  CL Smooth, Apathy, Saukrates, D-sisive and many more... The day was amazing for #CookOut2 jam in Hamilton…  huge respects out to Mook & all the organizers as well as all of the artists who blessed the stage including the king - CL SMOOTH.

but on another completely serious note…


Catch HARVEY DENTIST & I hit the stage for this event! Not to be missed.

Peace & Love tumblr!

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stuff about Celio just because I can ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

His best attribute is that he’s just nice. He’s kind. In the manga he’s willing to let himself get physically attacked to save a stranger without really thinking much of it, he’s generally well liked by the community, npcs on One Island talk about what an upstanding citizen he is — he’s shy and a little awkward but he’s a very respectable person overall.

His worst attribute is his overwhelming lack of self-esteem in anything he does ever smh. He’s surprised Bill actually came out to the island despite it being a planned trip that he’d gone as far as to send his boat out personally to pick him and the protag up for, he apologises to you throughout the Sevii Islands fetchquests for a plethora of things ( for taking up your time, for taking up Bill’s time, for being a bad host, for talking to you when you look busy, for not showing you around the islands, for leaving you alone, etc. ), he puts himself down and lumps praise onto other people whenever they help him out, he responds to compliments with a ‘really?’ and a nervous laugh, there are several points in speaking to him where he just trails off with ellipses or just stands still quietly waiting for the conversation to somehow pick up without saying anything, he gets so shocked that the Network Machine works properly once you give him the ruby and the sapphire that he flips out and starts crying in the middle of the Network Centre—

TL;DR: Celio belongs in Super Weenie Hut Jr.


Zlatan brings attention to a worthy cause in an impactful way after scoring against Caen this weekend by removing his shirt to reveal the names of just some of the 805 million people suffering from hunger around the world.

A visually impressive statement from high a profile player, watch this video to learn the story behind the artwork.


Dalymount Park

Once the home of Irish football Dalymount Park is shown here in its current state of disrepair by visual artist Barry Masterson who attempts to document the sense of marginalisation currently being felt by teams in the League of Ireland. The home of Bohemian FC since 1901 and having hosted Internationals, Champions League qualifiers and FAI Cup finals the much needed development of the ground fell through following the collapse of the Irish property market leaving large parts of the terraces unusable. 

Despite its eerie appearance it is still hosting Bohemian’s home games, and to see how other club grounds are clinging on in similar conditions check out some of his other work here.


  “Hey glasses.”

    Best greeting ever. Way to go Cayden. Anyway. What’s he doing back in Sevii? Helping re-socialize some Ponyta, but there’s a teeny tiny problem. He missed the ferry over to Two.

  “You got a minute? I’m stuck ‘ere ‘nd actually need more than a minute.”

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have u met cynthia celio. take her to ur homeland and she will fall in love

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                     "Cynthia?? I don’t know anybody with that name, no. Is she some sort of anthropologist?? I’d be happy to give her a Rainbow Pass or loan her my boat or something if she’s some sort of researcher wanting to look into the ruins.”

I feel like Sun and Moon are the Orange Islands games we’ve been wanting all these years.
-The Island Trials
-Chill Atmosphere
-Different Pokemon Forms (remember that island of pink Pokemon? That was hella weird)
-Connection to the Kanto Region

I mean the Sevii Islands were nice and I think they worked for what they were there for but this just feels more like the Orange Islands.


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                     Talk about an unexpected guest. How’d she even get his home address?! How— actually… It was no secret that he lived on One Island, and considering the island only had a few people living on it to start with, hunting him down probably wasn’t as big a task as he was making it out to be in his mind… Still, to come all the way from her ranch unannounced was so very Hayley.

                     "I… Um, welcome to my… House…?? Would you like… Something to eat, or a drink, or — what are you doing in Sevii??

“This place is a dump.” Ah, yes, a true show of how great a guest Hayley was. She wasn’t really one to talk, though, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to anyways. A bit more of a glance around the place before her gaze returned to Celio.

“I don’ know ‘bout you gettin’ me somethin’ t’ eat, considerin’— wait, are you even able t’ cook? Color me surprised. Didn’ know ya had it in ya. Anyways, anyways, I found somethin’ I wanted t’ give t’ ya, an’ I figured, ‘ya know, I doubt Celio really gets many visitors– I mean, who would actually want t’ visit ya?– so I should stop by so he can get some much needed company!’ So, here I am!”