a short list of interesting pokemon i’ve gotten off wonder trade
  • a german surskit caught in a master ball
  • an azumarill in a master ball
  • about a hundred wurmple, scatterbug, caterpie, etc. to the point i’ve started collecting them as the Wonder Trade Worm Party
  • my own Seviper, several months after i first traded it away (it gained only 1 level in that time)
  • so many magikarp
  • a shiny, pokerus’d lv 1 torchic with really good IVs
  • three shinies in one night
  • a gastly named Rick Gastly, and its only move was Destiny Bond
Kanto Dex Holders’ Official Bios


Birthplace: Pallet Town
Birthday: August 8
Blood Type: O
Accomplishments: 9th Pokemon League (Kanto/Johto) Tournament Winner

A trainer who traveled throughout the Kanto region after receiving a PokeDex from Professor Oak. A quick-tempered yet cheerful boy who grew up quickly after battling Team Rocket and encountering many different Pokemon. Eventually, he grew skilled and powerful enough to become the champion of the ninth Pokemon League. Later, he faced the Elite Four and was an invaluable fighter in the notorious Masked Man incident. A few years afterwards, he journeyed to the Sevii Islands with Green under mysterious circumstances.


Birthplace: Pallet Town
Birthday: November 22
Blood Type: AB
Accomplishments: Gym Leader tryouts. Currently the Gym Leader of Viridian Gym.

Green is Red’s rival and best friend, as well as the runner up of the ninth Pokemon League and a skilled trainer. The great Pokemon researcher Professor Oak is Green’s grandfather, and Daisy Oak is his older sister. Green is usually calm and composed, and is exceptionally good at figuring out his opponent’s strategy in battle.


Birthplace: Pallet Town
Birthday: June 1
Blood Type: B
Accomplishments: 3rd place at the 9th Pokemon League
Skills: Disguise, inventing and renovating machines
Knowledge: Has deep knowledge of Pokemon evolution
Hobbies: Collecting accessories (especially earrings) and cute shoes

Blue was kidnapped by the Mask of Ice and raised as one of his masked children. After escaping from his training facility, she met Red and Green and had adventures with them. She has a very strong bond with Silver, another of the captive children, whom she escaped with. She performs meticulous research before a battle and creates tricky plans to overwhelm her opponent. She is cheerful and shrewd, but was devastated after seeing her parents get abducted by Deoxys.


Birthplace: Viridian City
Birthday: March 3
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Drawing, fishing
Family Members: Uncle Wilton the Fisherman

It is said that every ten years a child is born who is imbued with psychic powers from the Viridian Forest. Yellow has the ability to read the minds of Pokemon and to heal their wounds. Her full name is “Amarillo del Bosque Verde”. She used to live an ordinary life in Viridian City, but her life changed drastically after she met Red. When Red went missing during his challenge against the Kanto Elite Four, Yellow set out with Red’s Pokemon, Pika, on a journey to find him. For some reason, she chose to hide her identity as a girl.

Alternate names for Pokemon games
  • RBY: Pokemon Glitch, Exploit, and Crash
  • GSE: Pokemon: In Color!
  • RSE: Pokemon Water, Trumpets, and Berries
  • FRLG: Pokemon: The Sevii Islands are The Worst Part
  • DPPt: Pokemon: Kinda Forgettable In The End
  • HGSS: Pokemon Yellow 2: In HIGH DEFINITION
  • BW: Pokemon: Broken Experience System Edition
  • B2W2: Pokemon: Movie Star Edition
  • XY: Pokemon The Dress-up Game
  • ORAS: Pokemon: You get a legendary FOR FREE
  • SUMO: Pokemon Tutorial and Cutscene

laughs because you thought you could get away with making a pokémon/fire emblem crossover without me getting my grubby hands all over joining in

full bio is Long And Endless so ofc since it isn’t going to be on the roster to stretch it to heck and back I’ll be putting it here >:V

Live to serve, indeed. Celio had never been a very capable fighter, or even very good at much of anything outside of thinking and tactics, but no-one had any use in a tactician that couldn’t hold his own on the battlefield. It was fine with him, though — he’d never intended to fight for much of anything.

Celio Lovelace hails from a distant land, the Sevii Islands, or the Fire Tribe located on One Island more specifically. Its people were blessed with eternally warm weather, splendid jungles and beaches sprawling across their land, ever-fertile soil that always brought them a bountiful harvest and a local ocean current surrounding the archipelago too strong to allow anything beyond hardy ships through. It all amounted to a self-sustaining civilisation that could get away with keeping itself largely cut off from the rest of the world, leaving Celio free to tinker and dabble with pulleys and mechanisms in his youth. He’d always been brilliant at that; for everything he lacked in brawn he more than made up for in brains, but there was never much of a need for any of his talents. His hobbies remained just that — hobbies.

                 And then One Island’s volcano erupted.

The legendary Pokémon Moltres that the locals deified had grown agitated and set fire to the air for some unknown reason one day. Celio couldn’t say for sure just what it was that’d happened; all he knew was that the island and the village he’d called home had all but been completely destroyed; in the heat of the moment he’d had no time to spare for much beyond boarding the nearest ship evacuating. It wound up taking him to Unova ( immensely unfortunate given the escalating tensions and the air of strife and conflict permeating throughout the region, though anything was better than the scorched wasteland he’d left behind ); there he met Luka, a shapeshifter who he swiftly pledged his services to after she saved him from a Hydreigon in the midst of mauling him. She wound up saving him a second time by giving him work as her butler, where he proved himself to be exceptional at providing services like cleaning and cooking and brewing tea. The same attentiveness and eye for detail that’d helped him in his tinkering and studies helped make him a superb butler for her, and he often finds ways to incorporate his little ‘inventions’ into helping him clean house. His battle capabilities still leave much to be desired, though; beyond using the ability to superheat his skin and have embers dance on his palms his Fire Tribe heritage gave him to heat water for tea for Luka on the go or to occasionally scald an enemy with, he’s all but useless offensively. His combat prowess all goes to healing. He’s quick to heal with a staff and quicker to lend support to his Lady in Service, though ‘combat support’ usually boils down to him hurling pebbles from the sideline while she does the real cleaning up on the battlefield. He and his Hoppip are nigh-inseparable.

Don’t be fooled. She, too, is utterly useless in battle. She’s just very cute and he loves her.


These popular TV series imagined as football teams for Panenka magazine really caught our attention. I could see Kevin Spacey making for a good referee but Sheldon in any capacity as an athlete would take some convincing.

Don Draper (John Hamm) from Mad Men features, a fitting tribute before the show reaches its conclusion in the US this May.


Zlatan brings attention to a worthy cause in an impactful way after scoring against Caen this weekend by removing his shirt to reveal the names of just some of the 805 million people suffering from hunger around the world.

A visually impressive statement from high a profile player, watch this video to learn the story behind the artwork.


Compare your salary against the highest paid footballers in the world and see how much little time on the pitch it would take them to earn your wages.

I plugged in the average yearly pay in the UK and compared against Wayne Rooney to find that he would have comfortably made a few hundred in the time it took to write this post. Follow the link and try comparing your own income against other Premier League players and stars from leagues around the world.

Compare here on the BBC Sport website