a short list of interesting pokemon i’ve gotten off wonder trade
  • a german surskit caught in a master ball
  • an azumarill in a master ball
  • about a hundred wurmple, scatterbug, caterpie, etc. to the point i’ve started collecting them as the Wonder Trade Worm Party
  • my own Seviper, several months after i first traded it away (it gained only 1 level in that time)
  • so many magikarp
  • a shiny, pokerus’d lv 1 torchic with really good IVs
  • three shinies in one night
  • a gastly named Rick Gastly, and its only move was Destiny Bond
A Bit of BTS

((because I have been a little dry on inspiration for the past couple of days. it’ll get better (always does) but since I feel kinda guilty not posting anything in interim, here’s a post full of details that can’t be seen because it got hidden behind text or similar, details that probably weren’t noticed, details about things that you couldn’t know, practice drawings from before the blog started and also a couple of other things. so basically this post is the equivalent of that one drawer you keep all the stuff in that doesn’t really have a place in all the other drawers. Those who aren’t interested, feel free to ignore, those who are- scroll on!

First up, because it’s the first image I have cropped behind the text on the Colress panel of this post is what is either a Furby or Tattletale. Honestly not sure what would be worse.

And here is Lysandross’ painting from this post, minus ‘mistake’ and without his arm in the way

Oh, and most importantly, Guzma’s spray art without any building or Guzma in the way

The next few pictures are practice drawings of some of the characters I did before starting the blog/when the blog just started. Mostly of N and Lusamine since I was super worried about drawing their hair. It only took one drawing of Guzma to realize that he’s perfect no matter how anyone draws him.

(pfft this next outfit Lusamine’s in is a redesign of the outfit of the villain in Pokemon Quartz. Sorry for bringing back dark memories.)

Aaaand one of N with Princess from AskLeafeon because she is my baby and I felt like it

Someone out there may have noticed this lady in the background. She has appeared three times and honestly is just a self-insert. I figured there may as well be a version of me somewhere who has a job, even if it’s in a fictional world. You go, fictional me.

Speaking of putting real people into the world, this is Adam. Hi Adam!

Here’s a little detail for you; the place the Bosses are currently located is called Safe Harbor!

And last, but not least, for those of you who remember Silver’s scrapbook

I take scrapbooks very seriously.

That’s the last of the images, however…

There is a hidden cast page. Only hidden because it’s only partially complete, and I still need to make another page for extra characters that might pop up (such as Mars and the villains in the building opposite them)

Also, N is indeed a furry. I just want to get his fursona just right. A friend of mine is into furry art and I want to get it spot on. SPOT ON

Also also, in answering questions I operate on a few rules. Nothing fancy, it just helps prevent me getting backed into a corner.

The big ones are:

1. Never confirm what games are blog canon. There are two exceptions to this rule. One is making Pokemon Yellow blog canon, but with the Sevii Islands added. Since Red canonically has all three starters and a Pikachu, and the plot of Yellow is exactly the same as GRBFrLg but with a few phrases changed and some Pokemon switched around, there is no harm in that. Platinum is also blog canon for similar reasons- it’s the same as DP, but more of it. HGSS, ORAS, BWB2W2, XY and SM all have much larger differences between them. The most obvious being what Legendary Pokemon you can catch and when, and in most of them there tends to be plot difference too.

2. Never confirm the gender of the player characters. Red gets a pass because Game Freak picked him for us, he coo’. This one is mostly because there is no way I’d be able to choose. So the games where only one of the options appears in a game won’t have those characters appear in asks. Ones where they both appear (ORAS, HGSS, DPPl, etc.) are alright, if I can get away with not confirming them as the main character. Kind of a tricky situation, but necessary.

3. Don’t answer questions to a specific character twice in a row. As much as I’d love to have the blog all N/Maxie/Archie/Cyrus/Lysandre/etc. all the time, it’s probably a good idea to have the others have some spotlight. A few of them might kill me if they don’t.

There are a few smaller ones that are situation specific, but those are the big three.

Well, I’ve run out of things to put here! xD Hopefully someone enjoyed this (and apologies to those who didn’t!). Either way, I hope you have a pleasant day/evening/night!))

The Blessings of the Elements

In the middle of the Kanto sea, south of the Sevii Islands, lies another. In reality, barely an island, merely the peak of a long-dead volcano jutting from the bed of the sea like a horn from the face of this earth, this outcrop is known by the locals as the Sanctuary of Elements. 

It is said that this mountain, such as it is, holds incredible treasure, and many have travelled to its inhospitable slopes to claim it; all return empty handed of valuable treasure, yet some have come back changed, blessed some might say by the elemental power which makes its home within the hollow crater. 

Thus began the legend of the Gods of the Elements. People from miles around would brave the mountain’s peak for a taste of the divine power promised by the locals; they would take the spiralling path that is the only way up, a pilgrimage that lasts many miles to the top, and on the way facing the Trials of Ice, Fire and Lightning to offer a precious item, a basket of food, gold, silver of simply an item of personal value to the shrines buried deep in the summit and hopefully recieve the blessing of the avian gods; The blessings of Wisdom, Strength or Spirit….. 

At least… 

That’s how it went in the old times. 

Now, the island is a resort, the mountain deemed dangerous and rarely climbed. 

Those that do climb it are well informed; the answer to Articuno’s Riddle is widely known, they are told what to expect from Moltres’ Gauntlet, and with the right Pokémon Zapdos’ test of Intuition is a breeze. The trials were never really meant to keep travellers out, though. They were always merely a test of worthiness. 

Of course, in modern times we know the three Avian Gods are not, of course, Gods. 

Their powers cannot move the earth, raise the sea, command life or death or space or time; they are merely powerful Pokémon with sway over their elements, and through their sway they can grant blessings themed from their cores. 

Articuno’s Blessing, the Blessing of the Mind, is one of Wisdom; opening one’s eyes to see new paths or solutions, broadening one’s horizons, giving one the mental acuity to better study and intake information. 

Moltres’ Blessing, the Blessing of the Body, is one of Strength; unlocking hidden slivers of fortitude, resolve and courage that may lay dormant within one. 

Zapdos’ Blessing, the Blessing of the Soul, is one of Spirit; granting luck to those who seek treasures for the gain of others, helping one to find it within them to talk and connect to others, giving aid and luck in relationships and friendships. 

 You who have come to this sacred sanctum seeking guidance and blessing…. The question to you is….. 

 What offering do you bring… 

And with it, what blessing do you plea?

thatlurkerguy  asked:

Maybe Unova hasn't had a war in a while too, so the trainers are not as essential in their society than other regions. There is less of a need to make sure that the trainers are battle- ready. And as you said, Unova is more industrialized so there is more jobs available than those relating to pokemon. And the "talking to pokemon is uncivil" is more advanced with the industry so there is a shadow over even training pokemon?

It could be related to wars! I think they only had one that really happened on Unovan soil that is talked about, which is the war between people and pokemon*. Which probably lends itself a lot to a more… hostile way of thinking? Kanto has obviously had war in recent history and the subtly hostile NPC reactions in Sevii suggest that it was probably between these two. I don’t remember there being talk about war in Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh? I mean Johto and Hoenn may have gotten involved because you can access Sevii in both of those regions. Sinnoh could have for kicks. So I think industrialization could also probably be a lot of it as well? Most of the other regions have 1 unindustrialized super city and the rest of it is pretty minor.

* The Swords of Justice legendaries who fought with Pokemon against humans… at some point in the past. They are based on the Three Musketeers (the story itself is set in 1600′s) and written four years before the French Revolution (1844). Either timeline is suitable for the story but it could be moved up…
** I have seen that the Desert Resort vaguely matches up where the Twin Towers stood. I believe there was some kind of legendary reason for that in-game (potentially Kyurem?) and in that case, it would have been in the past, but that is another event that could be moved upwards.

What if the Pokémon world... had a Eurovision-esque contest??

Kanto: Doesn’t matter how terrible they are, because Johto will always give them a high score.

Johto: Doesn’t matter how terrible they are, because Kanto will always give them a high score.

Hoenn: Tends to submit a good-to-okay song, though is usually forgotten about by the end of the night.

Sinnoh: Always submits a peace song and ends up in the Top 5 because they get their friends to vote for them.

Unova: That one region that purposefully tries hard not to win.

Kalos: Used to be one of the best regions, with multiple wins in their history. Now so terrible, they’re rivalling the Orange Islands for most last place entries.

Orre: The YOLO region. Will submit anything, from a serious ballad about unrequited love and heartbreak to an old guy dressed as a Charmander rapping about cake.

Fiore: Also used to be one of the Pokévision greats, recently slipped into a dark age of not doing too well. They’re bad… but not as bad as Kalos.

Almia: Usually ends up in the top 5, courtesy to the Ranger bloc-voting.

Oblivia: Resorts to doing weird shit to get attention.

Orange Islands: Complains incessantly about how nobody votes for them because “They have no neighbours” In reality, no one votes for them because they’re crap.

Sevii Islands: Will have to re-apply for the ability to compete if they ever gain independence from Kanto.


The scores are read out in… Kalosian? Kaloese? PokéFrench anyway.

The maximum number of points a region can give is 12, therefore the highest score possible is 132. Nobody has yet managed a perfect score. The record high score is 116, achieved by the Orre region.

Kalos and Fiore share the record for most number of wins, with four each.

The Orange Islands have finished in last place 7 times, on four occasions with no points.

All the regions have won at least once.

The sixth contest ended in a three-way tie between Kalos, Fiore and the Orange Islands. This has been the only time the Orange Islands have won.

The second contest was won by the Kanto region, who used Jigglypuffs to lull the audience and viewers to sleep, and making them miss or forget the entries which followed. The incident caused Kanto to be disqualified for the next five contests, and Jigglypuffs have not been allowed to compete since. They are the only Pokémon banned from competing.

The minimum age for performers is 10 (surely if you can leave home to travel your country and catch and tame wild monsters at age ten, then surely you can perform on an international singing competition, right?)

Oblivia holds the record for least number of words in a winning song. Also, their one winner is also the only winning song to be performed entirely by a Pokémon.  For the record, the song was performed by a ukulele-playing Pichu and consisted of only 12 words.

The signs as Pokemon regions/areas
  • Aries: Kanto (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen)
  • Taurus: Fiore (Pokemon Ranger)
  • Gemini: Johto (Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver)
  • Cancer: Almia (Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia)
  • Leo: Orange Islands (Anime)
  • Virgo: Orre (Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness)
  • Libra: Sevii Islands (FireRed, LeafGreen)
  • Scorpio: Sinnoh (Diamond, Pearl and Platinum)
  • Sagittarius: Oblivia (Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs)
  • Capricorn: Kalos (X, Y)
  • Aquarius: Hoenn (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, OmegaRuby, AlphaSapphire)
  • Pisces: Unova (Black, White, Black 2, White 2)

Tüm bu oIup bitenin anIamı sensin.sebebini biImediğin başIangıcın sebebi oImayan finaIini de gö ben,ne sen.farkına varmadan farkına varabiIiyor isen tadına varacağın tek şey zaman.payIaş,hükmetme.savaş ama hor görme.yeniI ama pes etme.kaybet, ama boyun eğme.kazan ama böbürIenme.sev,seviI,öfkeIen,nefret et,özür diIe,vazgeç,gururIan,geri dön,ağIa,kork! BoI boI güIümse,kahkaha at.hepsi senin,zamanı kaybetme,tadını çıkar.


Kanto Dex Holders’ Official Bios


Birthplace: Pallet Town
Birthday: August 8
Blood Type: O
Accomplishments: 9th Pokemon League (Kanto/Johto) Tournament Winner

A trainer who traveled throughout the Kanto region after receiving a PokeDex from Professor Oak. A quick-tempered yet cheerful boy who grew up quickly after battling Team Rocket and encountering many different Pokemon. Eventually, he grew skilled and powerful enough to become the champion of the ninth Pokemon League. Later, he faced the Elite Four and was an invaluable fighter in the notorious Masked Man incident. A few years afterwards, he journeyed to the Sevii Islands with Green under mysterious circumstances.


Birthplace: Pallet Town
Birthday: November 22
Blood Type: AB
Accomplishments: Gym Leader tryouts. Currently the Gym Leader of Viridian Gym.

Green is Red’s rival and best friend, as well as the runner up of the ninth Pokemon League and a skilled trainer. The great Pokemon researcher Professor Oak is Green’s grandfather, and Daisy Oak is his older sister. Green is usually calm and composed, and is exceptionally good at figuring out his opponent’s strategy in battle.


Birthplace: Pallet Town
Birthday: June 1
Blood Type: B
Accomplishments: 3rd place at the 9th Pokemon League
Skills: Disguise, inventing and renovating machines
Knowledge: Has deep knowledge of Pokemon evolution
Hobbies: Collecting accessories (especially earrings) and cute shoes

Blue was kidnapped by the Mask of Ice and raised as one of his masked children. After escaping from his training facility, she met Red and Green and had adventures with them. She has a very strong bond with Silver, another of the captive children, whom she escaped with. She performs meticulous research before a battle and creates tricky plans to overwhelm her opponent. She is cheerful and shrewd, but was devastated after seeing her parents get abducted by Deoxys.


Birthplace: Viridian City
Birthday: March 3
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Drawing, fishing
Family Members: Uncle Wilton the Fisherman

It is said that every ten years a child is born who is imbued with psychic powers from the Viridian Forest. Yellow has the ability to read the minds of Pokemon and to heal their wounds. Her full name is “Amarillo del Bosque Verde”. She used to live an ordinary life in Viridian City, but her life changed drastically after she met Red. When Red went missing during his challenge against the Kanto Elite Four, Yellow set out with Red’s Pokemon, Pika, on a journey to find him. For some reason, she chose to hide her identity as a girl.

On that note though: ENDGAME CONTENT. As I mentioned, aside from the Ultra Beasts, Sun and Moon had almost none. And that’s downright depressing because that means that after a point, I just stop picking the game up.

This is part of why I love Johto so much. Once you clear the Pokemon League, the game gives you an entire second region to travel through. Though in that one they had the excuse, since Johto is quite literally connected to Kanto, but my point still stands…

To an extent, FireRed and LeafGreen did this with the Sevii Islands. That had it’s own story, and it even brought in one of the Elite Four for it! Lorelei would have been kind of forgettable for the most part otherwise.

Honestly, just… Why’d they drop this stuff? As far as I’m aware it’s a common complaint, too…

anonymous asked:

Besides fire emblem which video game franchises are your favorite? Have a blessed day btw :)

pokemon. pokemon was my everything. played since red and blue. my fondest memories are with fire red and platinum. the former because it was a remake of red (the one i started with) and i thought it was neat shit and the post game is my fave i really liked the sevii islands (and the nostalgic johto music) like i grinded for my team to be lv 100. and the latter being the fond memory from high school of my mom taking me to gamestop late in the day and buying me platinum and also getting me the guide book thing and i stayed up all night playing it because i was amazed at the new animations the pokemon had when u sent them out (like they actually moved and shit)

another series is harvest moon oddly. funny story, i got my first harvest moon game because my mom refused to buy me GTA so i was like “fine whatever damn i’ll get this game cuz its cute n shit” (i got the psp version of HM boy & girl) and like i was looking at the box and its all “farm shit, get laid, win contest” and i was like yeah that sounds cool. i ended up loving it. trust me lads, theres something so soothing about playing a farming game y’all should give it a try someday. 

i also enjoy the zelda series but i’ve yet to play all so far ive beaten the nes, alttp, LA, oot, almost mm, ww, tp, a little bit of OoA 

once upon a time i played kingdom hearts but theres so much shit now that i dont even bother

if anything i prefer sticking with handhelds because i dont have money for a literal console

I made specie variants for Dunsparce,jumping on the bandwagon before it dies off.
Common Dunsparce are seen anywhere dunsparce live.Being all around well adaptable to any enviroment, this subspecie is commonly picked by trainers.It’s distinctively well known as the begginers Dunsparce.
  Rock-Smash Dunsparce have only live in the Dark Cave within the Johto region.It’s thick back scales have deloped to resit the parasityc Zubats and Geodudes, thus giving them a better Defensive growth when trained.

Native to Unova and spotted in Sinnoh, the Swarm Dunsparce is a tough catch to novice trainers. Its greenish pigment camouflouges it and it has an outstanding speed compared to other also has a more streamlined body and knife-like tail.

The Sevii Isle Dunsparce is a curious case. It was introduced to Isle two as a stow away from Johto and headed for the nearest cavern in sight, which later got closed of for a few decades and left them without contact form any outsiders, on a isolated cliff. With no predator to claim fear on them, this subspecie grew with recessive,non battle related skills.It still manages to keep in battle, however it is trained a suport pokemon.

The Unovian Hunter Dunsparce is extremely rare and aggressive. Being of a large size and ferocity, it looks over grassland dwelling Dunsparce in the area, being able to defend them from threats like Beedrill and Vespiquen, as well as hunting prey: mostly the Butterfree line and Unfezants.It is yet to be recorded hunting in the wild.

Rattled Dunsparce are uncommon and never seen in battle. its body composition is smoother than a common Dunsparce and seems to be a more paranoid subspecie. 

mostlypersian asked:
~*{Might I request an art from you? A Sevii Islands Admin Ariana with Giovanni?}*~

Battle Couple Giovanni & Ariana want to battle!

Interview Peter Prevc and Severin Freund – 28.02.16 Almaty

Anon Ask: “Sorry, but can you quickly tell us what was the interview with sevi and peter after second comp in almaty about and what did they laugh about, couse this link you kindly shared with us doesnt work out of germany. Sevi was sooo cute in your gif.”

Since I am procastinating from studying anyway: here you go!

1.      The Interviewer always asks the questions twice (in English and german)

2.      I´ll not correct their grammar mistakes and just write down what they said

Interviewer (Norbert König): Congratulations to a great second jump, to a great competition, to the hill record.

Severin Freund: Oh it really was [the hill record]?

Norbert: Yes sure, half a metre longer!

Sevi: Ah, right 

doing a facepalm

Norbert: You teased Prevc a bit with that…

Sevi: Well…yeah, that´s always something nice, hill records. Although the snow so far down the hill was really soft and the telemark wasn´t that easy anymore. 

adjusting skis

But anyways, I´m really satisfied and to tease/fret the man standing next to me 

dramatic camera zoom out, one can see Peter Prevc standing next to Sevi, staring into the void 

is really difficult at the moment.

Norbert [to Sevi]: Now you can congratulate him officially in front of the camera of the ZDF (the name of the broadcaster). [In English] Peter, please come to us.

Fist bump, both grinning like little children

Ja Peter. So, there´s just one little problem, you are the champion now, but the record is gone.

Peter already starts laughing when Norbert asks the question in German and so does Sevi

Is that a sad problem for you?

Peter Prevc: Uhm…

Sevi, who has been giggling all the time, kind of pats Pero on the shoulder [moment from this one gif], Peter also chuckles. Norbert also smiles (very creepily)

No, i don´t think that… that´s really great compensation.

Norbert: So it´s pretty early. The day would come, you know that, that you would take the title from Severin, but ehm… did you expect it so early? There are still six competitions to come?

Peter: Yeah it was just … uhm … really awesome [from here I have to translate from German again because the commentator translates it into German and speaks so loudly I can´t hear Peter] this season. From the start of December to the end of January everything was great. That was the time I was earning a lot of points in every competition and so I did it now.

Norbert [in German again]: Severin, in the passing weeks you probably noticed that the [Overall WC] title will be gone. 

Sevi starts giggling again, stands in his fashion pose

Say just a sentence about Peter Prevc, I think he´ll even understand it in German, what kind of guy he is. In this winter and in comparison to the last one, when there was this extremely tight fight with you.

Sevi: Yeah I think he just learned something new, I would have never imagined, but he got even more constant, constant in achieving very good results and that´s quite spectacular, finishing a season having won all the titles. Chapeau.

Peter just stands there, biting his lips and showing no emotions whatsoever

Norbert [in English again]: You understand every word in German or just a little bit?

Sevi, again in the fashion pose, giggles, Peter also stop biting his lips and smiles, also does a fashion pose

Peter: Ah… Yes, i understood a bit, so thank you, Severin. they nod to each other

Sevi: Well deserved

Peter: It´s just like he was last season, when he was just jumping so far and so well.

Norbert: Planica is far away, there´s still three weeks to go. There could have been a bit more people here in Almaty, a bigger party, but what can we expect for Sunday in Planica?

Sevi and Peter laugh

Peter: Ahm… 

looking around

i thank that there will be in Planica … 

there are just like five people on the ranks the camera is showing

just a bit more fans. Ahm… but the whole weekend will be really crowded and i think it´s better for my nerves that everything will be already decided.

Norbert: And Severin, I suppose you´re not just excited for Planica but for all the remaining competitions, six jumps, eh, six competitions.

Sevi [nodding]: Seven, there´s still a team competition in Planica

Peter leaves

and it´s going to be exciting three weeks because all the big events already took place and still one gives one´s best every weekend. I´m coming closer [to Peter] but yeah, one more victory would be nice.

Norbert: Exactly. Stay healthy, defend the second place [in the overall ranking] and [we wish you] some more victories. Thanks, Severin.

Severin: Thanks