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When Hansung jumped in to save Sunwoo I was initially not going to cry. Because his expression was 10/10. But then, he started crying, Dansae (who is my favourite hwarang) looked so horrified and he was only just trying to protect his family but ended up killing his family-

Sunwoo’s promise of walking together with Hansung to form a new path would never get fulfilled because Hansung died in his arms like how Mak Moon did, and Hansung was the only one who doted on him so much and never left his side throughout the entire time in Hwarang House. 

Sunwoo let another person die for him even when he promised that that wouldn’t happen again. And that person was Hansung who he considered like a little brother to him, someone who never wanted all that power and riches, hated sparring wtih swords, who just wanted to be close to the stars and learn more about them, died because of the greed in Silla. (much like Wang Eun of Goryeo, except his death was less sad because his wife had departed so he wouldn’t have much holding him to life anyways)

Hansung had an unfinished goal, he wanted to show his Grandfather that he could be strong and that he wanted to stick by his brother whom he loved so much, and that he could take responsibility for his actions now that he was an “adult”. My friends, coming from a person who has writer friends, a character’s death is always sadder when they have a goal that is left unfinished, especially if it is one they’ve been working towards all their life.

And the way Master We Hwa’s smile dropped off his face like he knew something was amiss the moment Sunwoo stepped in carrying Hansung, Yeo wool’s disbelief and sadness at upon seeing his best friend dead. The other hwarangs, losing their friend and crying, and Master We Hwa’s speech at the end. 

That got me crying for an hour.

a cup of di-- I MEAN COFFEE

Wherein the MCU now has two big beefy men in tight t-shirts who try to flirt with the same lame-ass “Let’s get some coffee” line


I’m going to miss these bunch of cuties 😭 thank you so much for everything. Good luck for your future project 💕🎉