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Top favourite Liz/Jack moments? In no particular order! XD

Really? REALLY?! Okay, this is gonna be huge. You’ve been warned. First of all, I love pretty much every Liz/Jack moment. But I’ll try and do a top 10…

  • 1. 1x05 Jack-Tor : It’s season one, they know each other for what, a couple of months? but it’s already Liz that Jack calls in the middle of the night because he’s freaking out. So she gives him that pep talk and it’s just the beginning of a long series of talks, advices and so on.


  • 2. 3x03 The One with the Cast of Night Court: When Liz comes to bail Jack out. Do I need to say more? That scene was really sweet :).


  • 3. 3x01 Do Over: Man, they are just so happy to see each other again, it’s just perfect! Frankly, this whole episode is awesome. Liz tries to help Jack, he tries to help her… :).


And the last scene, “I just like seeing you in there.” ♥

  • 4. 4x05 The Problem Solvers: The entire episode is great, really. At the restaurant when Jack knows what Liz is going to do, when they know what the other is going to say…


And then, “I was wrong. It’s you. It’s always been you.”

  • 5. 3x05 Reunion: Jack stands up for Lemon. What, isn’t that enough? lol. So… “She’s a good person. Whom I’m honored to call my friend.”


  • 6. 3x16 Apollo, Apollo: “Lemon, I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.”


  • 7. 4x13 Anna H. Shaw Day: “Jackie? He’s the best one. I don’t know what I would do without him.”


  • 8. 5x11 Mrs. Donaghy: Everything was said.


  • 9. 2x09 Ludachristmas: That cap says everything. Jack enjoyed his time with the Lemons.

  • 10. 4x14 Future Husband:



Also, all of those.

Happy? :p.

Out Of Character:

 I’ll be really quick so I don’t become utterly emotional, but I think that’s a failed cause.

I know I’m still a new blog in this fandom but I just wanted to give a thank you to everyone who not only made me feel welcome, but you have helped me so much:

agent-cstarling: I already told you how much you mean to me in the post on my other account but just…you’re an amazing Clarice and an amazing partner.

love-your-suit: For being all around amazing, and talking so long with me.  I love that you know so much about the series; as much as I do if not more.  You’re so sweet and geeky <3

severuswasalwayshere: I should be mad at you for making my spaz so much over the OTP but I can’t.  you’re graphics are amazing and you’ve been a pleasure to get to know on tumblr :D

themanofiron: you’re the best.  Thank you for RPing with me when I was just starting out.  I love talking to you both IC and OOC your Tony is amazing and I love our relationship.

Thank you also to magicianofmischief, lis-arthur and dr-brucebanner

And of course to ALL my followers.  I’m sorry if I missed someone, I know I did, so I just want to say thank you for everyone here <3 You’ve made this new RP account so much fun!  Have a happy and blessed New Year!