severus x lilly

My perfect Harry Potter universe.

I don’t know why, but I felt the need share my perfect Harry Potter universe.

-Blaize, Pansy, and Theo are friends with all of Harry’s friends so they’re all one big group.
-Lilly x Severus where Lilly lives because James died for her.
-Severus steps up to be Harry’s dad and has some level of respect and gratitude for James because Harry wouldn’t be without him.
-Remus x Sirius where they have Teddy using Tonks as a surrogate (with Harry still as Teddy’s godfather).
-Dobby and Hedwig are still alive.
-Narcissa is a part of Draco and Harry’s lives.
-Dudley and Harry have reconciled and now have a good relationship (and Petunia has pulled her head out of her ass and is working on building a relationship with Harry; I don’t particularly care about Vernon).
-As they get older Draco and Harry have the kids they would have had, using Ginny and Astoria as surrogates for them.
-Dean x Seamus
-Nevil x Luna
-Mad-Eye is still alive.
-Shacklebolt as Minister.

I don’t think I forgot anything. Thoughts?