Snape may have been a pretty awful professor, but when he and Sirius got into fights in the fifth book, I sympathized more with Snape because Sirius always felt like a bully who constantly seemed to get away with his bullying behavior because he was so popular with the people who he didn’t bully. Snape may have been more obvious about being an a-hole towards his students, but Sirius (even as an adult) just reminded me so much of the kind of bullies I encountered as a kid.

Honestly, you can hate Snape all you want. Snape is a character who does plenty to be hated for, so I get it. But please don’t try and undermine the good that Snape does by completely erasing it or minimizing its importance “because Snape is a terrible human being” because not only are you making the people who like Snape feel like shit, you’re also completely missing the point of Snape as a character. 

Snape’s role in the narrative is not to be kind or gentle or nice. He is never meant to be a good guy. Snape is absolutely meant to be wrecked, bullying, mean, and terrible. The point of Snape is not that he’s a good person - the point is that Snape, despite being a ‘bad’ person, is still capable of doing good deeds. The point is that even bad people are capable of goodness, bravery, and nobility. Even the most terrible or bigoted or wrong-sighted have good in them, and are capable of acting on it, and their good should be acknowledged.

Snape isn’t the only example of this. The Malfoys are another (bigoted violent racists who love each other enough to defy evil) or Regulus (bigoted violent racist who has a line that won’t be crossed and defies evil because it is). Snape is terrible, sure, and you’re welcome to point that out at length. But when you refuse to see his good deeds, the actions he does out of love or protection or service, and try to handwave them or undermine them or just plain ignore them, you’re completely missing the point of his character, the point his character was designed to make, and, honestly, the entire theme of the novels - which is culminated in the entire that light and dark both exist in us. Sirius said it meaning that darkness can exist even in light, but the opposite is just as true; light exists in dark as well, and Severus Snape is the embodiment of that idea. He is the proof that even the ugliest, greediest, angriest, most terrible among us are capable of goodness. 

And that’s so important, it’s such an amazing premise to base a series and a character on, that it honestly amazes me that anyone wants to try and pretend that his good deeds don’t exist simply so they can have the satisfaction of smugly rubbing his bad deeds in people’s faces.

I’m ugly crying you guys.

My Mister brought up something I haven’t really thought deeply about.

About memories, and pensives.

When you remove a memory to store it in a pensive for later viewing (and to declutter the mind), is the memory… You know, just not there in your brain anymore? Removed?

I’ve read fics where memories are copied, but I don’t know (or really think) it’s canon. Does anyone know??

Anyways. Continuing:
When Snape gave his memories to Harry in HP7, does that mean Snape dies without those memories of Lily? Some memories were happy, and some weren’t. But still.

Can you imagine dying without some of your memories like that? Thoughts?

something that really irks me

I have a large problem with Snape being portrayed as some sex god who is suave. He is written in fic as sexual and confidant and lusting. It is the most out of character trait you could give him. Snape, who never had any romantic relationships his entire life. Snape, who doesn’t even see himself worthy of love. You really think he would have the confidance to sweep someone off their feet with roses and dances? Do you really think he even knows how to do that? Snape was convinced from childhood he was unwanted, so there is no way he would ever confess his attraction to someone and pursue them. He sure didn’t with Lily, and I think he wouldn’t ever even expect anyone to return his feelings, because his self esteem is about as low as you can get. Snape doesn’t see himself as worthy of love or even someone else’s sexual desire. Snape would never pursue anyone because he would be possitive he wouldn’t have a chance. And you really think Snape would give flowers and attention? No. Snape, cold bastard that he is, would see a pleasant conversation as intimate in itself. There is no way Snape would dare be sweet to even those he cherished. Its not his personality. Snape only had a handful of people close to him in his entire life, and since everyone else treated him as dirt, the few nice interactions he did have, he glorified. To Snape, a small smile or polite nod of the head is basically being friends with someone by the time he is an adult, and he tries to avoid that itself. Tolerance is as close as he would dare get to people at that point. Snape doesn’t do sweet romantic gestures. He can’t, he doesn’t know how. Plus he thinks it is overdone and frivolous, and could really give a hoot what anyone, even those he cared about, thought about him. Sex and romance is certainly the last thing on his mind for lords sake! Snape does not try to impress. He gave up on that a long time ago. So the idea he would go to extraordinary lengths to seduce someone is so weird, it’s not who he is. Severus Snape would never make the first move, if anything he would be the one to be swept off his feet (however stubornly he would be).