I get that Snape was in love with Lily. But he was still a jerk and a bully. I don’t believe that heroes do that. Snape never really did anything for Harry except give him the sword, but honestly if Dumbledore hadn’t been such a secretive weirdo, he could have just told Harry about the sword. I also don’t think Dumbledore was very fair to Harry since he didn’t tell Harry every thing he knew. You can’t just tell a 17 year old kid half the story when his life depends on it.

Watching Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Snape:How extraordinarily like your father, you are, Potter. He too was exceedingly arrogant, strutting about the castle.
  • Harry:My dad didn't strut
  • Sirius:Yes he did
  • Remus:Yes he did
  • Peter:Yes he did
  • Lily:Yes he did
  • McGonagall:Yes he did
  • Dumbledore:Yes he did
  • Marauders Fans:Yes he did
  • James:...yeah I did

 Matthew Lewis Talks Stage Acting and Alan Rickman’s Death 

In a recent interview with Fault Magazine, Matthew Lewis discusses life after Potter, the day he heard news of Alan Rickman’s death, and much more. With his TV appearances on Ripper Street and Happy Valley, as well as his upcoming big-screen appearance in Me Before You alongside Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke, Matt Lewis’s career has seen an interesting evolution.

After a decade of portraying Neville Longbottom on-screen, the actor shifted his focus to theatre. As he voiced to Fault Magazine,

“When it came down to it, I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was such a different school of acting than what I was prepared for. Getting up on stage, everything has to be bigger. You can’t internalize, as much as you can on camera, it has to be all big for the audience to experience it. […] I think I just had to really knuckle down and watch the other actors and directors. Before the end of it, about 3-4 months into it, I just clicked.

He goes on to talk about his affinity for complex characters,

“I don’t really get offered those types of roles anymore. The lovable, vulnerable, cheeky, Neville-type roles. They just never come up, it’s not like I’m getting them and turning them down. […] Neville was quite complex in his character, with his history and things like that, but I am more drawn towards characters that are shades of grey.

Matthew then shares the touching moment when he discovered that Alan Rickman had passed away. Having looked up to the actor for a substantial chunk of his adolescence, it was an understandably emotional moment for him,

“I was at Leavesden Studios the other day, visiting the set of Fantastic Beasts and I was with the producer who did all the Harry Potter films. He was taking me around the studio when the news came through. We were both just completely stunned. But also, to be in the studio when that came through, suddenly every room that I went into, every corridor that I walked down on, I suddenly remembered a story or an image of Alan. It got a bit odd. It was quite surreal. But also, powerfully moving as well. It was quite nice to be there. All those happy memories came flooding back and I got quite nostalgic actually. I went back home last night and just watched loads of interviews with him. It’s hard to describe. On his last day, I had a cup of tea with him in his trailer and we just sat and chatted about the future of my career and what I should do. He just offered me advice in where I should go and he said some things to me that filled me with a lot of confidence. And when you hear those sorts of things from someone of his stature, his ability, it means a lot.

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Photos: Scenes from “Harry Potter” and from the New York Premiere “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2”

emotionalxdramione asked:

ALSO: Lucius (7th year) takes Severus (1st year) under his wing, meaning Snape winds up spending time with his gf Narcissa, too. Narcissa grows quite fond of the young boy who she learns has a similar home life to hers (read: subpar fathers) and she sees how he's getting bullied and tells him not to worry, all those kids are beneath him. She does her best, just like her bf, to help him out, with one exception: she catches on to his crush on Lily and promises not to tell Lucius.

ACTUAL CANON LINE: And Severus Snape moved off to the other side of the hall, away from Lily, to where Lucius Malfoy, a prefect badge gleaming upon his chest, patted Snape on the back as he sat down beside him…
dude I actually live for snape and the malfoys friendship ??? and narcissa and snape yesss!!! I feel like she would be like the older sibling he always needed but never had. and when she finds out about severus’ feelings for lily, she keeps it to herself bc she knows how it can tear family and friendships apart (see: andromeda) and she doesn’t want that to happen to him because she’s really begun to care for him and I just love narcissa malfoy née black so much

send me headcanons about the black family!