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I’d like to add, in light of recent conversations going around Tumblr, that is it perfectly all right to blog about what you don’t like. If you don’t understand a ship, or a character, or a show, and you want to post about it, feel free. Because in the end, it’s your blog and you can post whatever you want. 


Don’t tag it. Don’t tag your anti-ship stuff with the ship name. Don’t tag your character hate with the character name. Tag it anti ~ship~ or ~character~ hate. Let people who like the thing like it. 

And people who like something–as long as those who don’t aren’t being mean about it, leave them alone. This goes for morally grey characters, too. If you’re fascinated by their complexity, that’s cool. But if other fans of the show or movie or book find them less redeemable than you do… that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the character, or that they need to read the books again. It means they view the character differently than you do, and that needs to be okay. 

anonymous asked:

I feel that Severus would tried impress Hermione through cooking, taking her out on very romantic date, love making, and etc, to make up for his appearance. (Hermione does find him handsome, but Severus thinks that he ugly)

most definitely. Severus does a lot of things to “compensate” for what he thinks is a draw back. And in all honesty, his attempts to do only make her love him more, because she knows he loves her and is doing what he thinks will make her happy. But every time he does something like that, she makes sure to remind him just how handsome she thinks he is.