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The Björketorp Runestone & Curse

The Björketorp Runestone is one of many standing stones (menhir) located in Bleking, Sweden and is one of the world’s tallest runestones, measuring 13.7 feet (4.2 m) high. It is part of a stone circle with two other blank standing stones, with several other solitary stones in the surrounding regions. Most scholars date the runestone’s inscription to the 7th century AD. It’s carved with a type of runes that form an intermediate version between the Elder Futhark and the Younger Futhark. The runestone is inscribed on both sides, the shorter message appears to say “I foresee perdition” or “prediction of perdition” and the longer side’s inscription (pictured) translates as:

“I, master of the runes(?) conceal here runes of power. Incessantly (plagued by) maleficence, (doomed to) insidious death (is) he who breaks this (monument). I prophesy destruction / prophecy of destruction.”

Local lore says that the curse came true at one point. Long ago, a man wanted to move the runestone so that he could have more room to farm, so he piled wood around it to attempt to heat the stone and then crack it with water. The weather was calm with no wind at the time, but as soon as he lit the fire a sudden gust came and lit the man’s hair aflame. He dropped to the ground to put it out but his clothes caught fire and the poor man died in agony. The flame around the runestone, however, was miraculously extinguished, as if someone had smothered the fire.

voltron season 3 episode predictions
  • shiro falls out of the ceiling tiles and into allura’s arms, along with 15 armed rebels and a couple of vegetables from earth. the entire episode is just him screaming, allura screaming, the paladins screaming, and the black lion kicking them all out. they never really figure out how exactly shiro got into the ceiling tiles but shiro says it has something to do with the vegtables.
  • the reunion episode between matt holt and shiro is just a complicationed dance routine with sam and pidge looking on in a mixture of shame and contempt. it has been months since they last saw each other. how do they know this. the entire dance is just the whole episode.
  • lotor is just a tiny alien in a huge mech suit, and once the paladins figure that out they put him in a glass jar and now hes a decortive item in the castle. the joke is that youre supposed to move it every time you see him to freak out someone. this ends badly as keith once woke up with it shoved down his shirt, and all of lance’s creams got replaced by several bad duplications of the jar. pidge is a master at this game as they can crawl through vents and place the jar of screaming prince lotor anywhere undetetced. 
  • shiro’s makeup bag gets replaced by alien substances and winds up geting posioned because he used some crushed berries as eyeliner, and the episode is him runnin though the castle, arm activated and destroying a couple of walls looking for his damned eyeliner. allura helps.
  • hunk and pidge are working on shiros arm (which needed maintenance or something) and they discover it can be turned into any body part. they accidently turn it into a foot and cant change it back so its just shiro walking around the castle like normal only its a foot.
  • the cow, which had wandered off on its own in the castle, gets an entire episode thats just from the cow’s point of view. it raids the kitchen at night and loves the food goo. it crawls though the vents and often scares the heck out of pidge. it has a collection of stuff it stole, like several of keiths knifes, lances moisturizer, a rolling stones album, several pens and socks, an entire altean ballgown, and coran’s ponytail bands. prince lotor in a jar eventually winds up in it but no one cares.
  • lance does DOFA deez nuts on allura at least once. the episode consists of pidge and lance memeing the other paladins. 
  • at one point someone adopts an alien cat. it hates hunk but loves keith. keith hates it and hunk loves it.
  • “every time you kill zarkon, theres a tinier zarkon that you can kill eaiser behind it. after you kill the last one, you become a god.” “lance put the redbull coffee down and put your shirt back on before i throw you into the pool.”
  • hunk swears, and everyone just stares. they suspect that hes a galra in disguise and try to anbush him while hes making cookies.
  • the paladins get into another time loop only when they get out of it, shiro and matt are 10 year olds, hunk lance and keith are maybe 4, and pidge is an infant. the episode is just allura, coran, and samuel holt just taking care of the children with their giant robot cats that also seemed to revert to kittens. lotor in a jar makes an appearence but its just him screaming for a couple minutes.

A while ago I asked for help choosing between two different Triforce design options. Here is the winner! This one received over 2/3 of the vote, but what actually solidified my decision was the comments some of you left explaining your choice.

People in both sides argued that their preferred design “fit” better, but this one was called more “elegant, sleek, and elven”. A few people made comparisons to visual similarities to the guardian spirits/spiritual stones. Several others pointed out that the arrows guide the eye toward the rest of the panel – I didn’t even realize at the time that there were other arrows nearby in the applique design.

I’m a pretty introverted person and I spend most of my time working alone in my workshop, which is how I like it. But sometimes I miss working alongside other artists and bouncing ideas off of each other. Thank you all for the thoughtful feedback – I’m positive we made the right choice!


The Greece Runestones of Sweden

The Greece Runestones are about 30 runestones containing information related to voyages made by Norsemen to the Byzantine Empire. They were made during the Viking Age until about 1100  and were engraved in the Old Norse language with Scandinavian runes. All the stones have been found in modern-day Sweden and most of them were inscribed in memory of members of the Varangian Guard who did not make it home.

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Hades!Harry pt. 1

  A/N: “Could you write about Hades!Harry??xx” I’ve never written anything like this before but i was so excited to step out of my comfort zone. I got a bit carried away so there will be a Part 2. Enjoy!

    Y/n didn’t find herself in scary situations that often. Her days consisted of tending to the crops, making sure her younger siblings are fed three times a day, and treading the two hour journey to the nearest market to sell anything she possibly could for extra cash. Her routine had been this way since her parents were killed out at sea a year ago. That’s all she knows; no major details or even a chance to bid them farewell.  

   They left, one morning, with the intention to trade goods with villagers that resided a couple hundred miles east of the Atlantic. They promised her and her two younger brothers that they would return in a month’s time. Unfortunately, the day after they departed, Y/n received a knock at the door and an unsealed letter with no return address stating that her Mother and Father had died. 

  “Ship caught fire. There were no survivors, sorry for you loss” 

    Y/n had been only seventeen at the time, but her wisdom was well beyond her years. It was that very wisdom that allowed her to take charge of the household and become the new guardian for her brothers. She wouldn’t call the death of her Parents ‘scary’. Incredibly tragic? Yes. But she had been raised to take on challenges when they’re thrown at her.

   The girl always stood by that, even when she found herself being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night by two dark figures. She kicked, flailed and scratched every chance she got. There was no way they would take her without a fight. The brawny black figures had managed to pin her down to the bed and tie her hands behind her back with chains. She blew a stray strand of hair from her face as they picked her up and made their way towards the door. She began to wonder how she had not heard them break the door down. 

 'God I’m so stupid’ she thought to herself, though she knew very well that even if she had heard them break into the cottage, she would’ve ended up in the very same position.

   Just before they carried her passed the boys’ room, she was able to peek in and see that they were staring back at her in sheer terror. Her heart broke. She was helpless and she knew they felt the same. It was obvious that whoever these people were, didn’t take an interest in the children and that was the only bright side she could find in this predicament. They throw her in the back of a horse-pulled carriage, one of the men stayed in the back to make sure she didn’t escape somehow. The floor of the carriage was covered in dirt and hay, the walls of it were just high enough to hide her from anyone passing by.

   The man beside her, who she could now see was wearing all black armor, proceeded to tie a cloth of some sort across her mouth to prevent any screaming. He left her nose exposed, which gave her the idea that they wanted her alive for some reason. 

 Numerous hours later

 The sun began to rise and she regained consciousness. She didn’t remember falling asleep but she couldn’t blame herself, she’s human.  The carriage came to an abrupt halt, which caused her to hit the top of her head on the wooden barrier. “mmh!” She groaned in pain; the man that had sat with her the entire night, flashed her an unapologetic smile. A few seconds later she was being lifted once again and pulled out of the cart. 

  She took this opportunity to look around and try to figure out where the hell they had taken her. It was like nothing she’d ever seen.

 Before her, stood a castle, bathed in charcoal colored bricks and dressed with Gargoyles at the large, Redwood double-doors. Her feet were still bare and she couldn’t help but wince every time she stepped on a pebble. The armor clad men showed no remorse as they pushed and pulled her every which way. The doors opened slowly, almost as if the structure itself had been expecting her.

  Once inside, her feet were brought relief by the cold marble flooring in the corridor; her eyes darting across the room. She spied million dollar paintings, two grand stair cases, and several stone pillars that kept the manor standing. It was hard to miss the other knight-like men who were posted at just about every corner. Without a moment to think she was, yet again, being guided rather roughly to a location that remained unknown to her. She gave up fighting a long time ago, figuring that if she kept her sanity in tact, she may be able to think up a way to save herself or find someone who can.

  They dragged her up the set of stairs to the left, and through a massive hallway. The walls in this particular area were made, not of wood or stone, but of skulls. Hundreds, possibly thousands of skulls, bound together to form a wall. She wondered how they did it, and if those people had been killed for that dumb reason. Y/n couldn’t help but wonder if her head would be an addition to the foyer. After examining the enclosure, she decided to look straight ahead. 

There at the end of the hallway, was another set of cherry colored doors. one door was slightly ajar and it allowed her to peek inside, the same way she did as she passed the room of her brothers not so long ago. She saw what looked to be a bed, a big one; garmented in a duvet the color of blood.

A bedroom?

They dropped her, upon their arrival to the room. They finally removed the chains from her arms as well as the cloth from her mouth. She fell to the floor, her arms covered in bruises and welts. She turned to face the men and opened her mouth to demand answers but was cut off off by the sound of another. A deep, raspy voice; coming from somewhere in the spacious room. 

“So glad you could make it”

She turned back to face the front, eyes locking with a man. He was tall and fit. He was someone she had seen before, she just couldn’t put her finger on where. “do i- hmm” she started but had stop and clear her throat, it had been hours since she had some water. “do i know you?” she asked, sheepishly. Something about his presence intimidated her.

“Yes and no” he smirked. He sauntered over to where she was sitting on the ground, rubbing at her sore arms. He crouched down to her level “you’ve probably seen me in an old carving or something of the sort” he ran his index finger across her jaw. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

‘i’m Harry. Although, if we’re being cordial I should give you my real name” he sighed. “Hades, lord of the underworld”. He studied the blank expression she was giving him. 

“I mean I added that bit about the underworld. Has a nice ring to it” he stated She still said nothing. “I’m not fond of it either, that’s why I make people call me Harry” he smiled before standing. She stared up at him, swallowing what moisture she had left in her dry mouth. 

“oooh don’t look at me like that” he chuckled. biting his bottom lip.

She clears her throat again “Why am I here?” her voice is smaller than its ever been. Part of her hoped he didn’t hear, afraid of how he would react. “Well, doll” He breathed. “I’ve been lonely for quite some time now. I used to have a lovely wife but….let’s just say….I let my temper get the best of me one evening” he snickered. She heard the men behind her stifle their laughter as well. 

“Anyways, i want another but I have standards. I’m five thousand years old, i’m not getting any younger and I know what you’re going to say ‘Harry you don’t look a day over twenty-three!’” he shrilled in a high pitched nasally voice. 

“I wasn’t going to say any-”

“Shh! I haven’t finished my monologue” he interjects. She, boldly, rolled her eyes.

“Long story short, you’re a smart, headstrong, young woman. I started watching you after your parents died…sorry about that by the way it wasn’t my intention” he confessed. Her eyes widened but she was frozen in shock by what she  had just heard. She waited for him to explain what he meant by that.

“I had gotten in a fight with Poseidon and it got a little out of hand I really am sorry, darling” his voice was filled with atonement. He looked back to her, searching for any sign of forgiveness. Even though was was the god of all things bad, he still possessed somewhat of a heart. She nodded, sensing a little bit of guilt in his words.

“What i’m trying to say here is, You’re my new Wife!” he declared. 

anonymous asked:

8 and 83 with Prinxiety

8. You’re so f*cking hot when you’re mad.
83. You’re just leaving me here? At least have the decency to finish me off with a stick.

Believe it or not, I was hoping somebody would give me #8. I’ve got ideas, and prinxiety fits perfectly into them. That other one is really random though. And again, I don’t cuss and neither does Thomas so forgive me for using substitute words.

Roman ran through the fairy tale forest as fast as he could. He felt fire catch on the trees behind him because the heat was so intense.

Today’s daydream wasn’t exactly going according to plan.

“GIVE IT BACK” a voice boomed across the landscape.

“Never! You will have to defeat me first!” Roman yelled behind him.

Though, this was pretty fun. Maybe he should trick the emo jerk into playing with him more often.

Roman ran into a huge stone wall. A fortress? When did that get there? Was Anxiety adding to his landscape? That fiend. He had just gotten it the way he liked it.

He stood his ground with his back to the fortress and his katana in hand. A fire burned to form wall in front of him, barring his escape. Anxiety emerged from the fiery wall not wearing his hoodie. The snow on the ground melted around him. He pointed to the black hoodie tucked into the prince’s belt.

“Give it back, Roman,” Anxiety said. “Or at least let me make a new one. Or do you want me to ruin you day?”

Roman smiled mischievously. “You’re so amazingly hot when you’re mad,” He said.

Just as he predicted, Anxiety’s flame grew hotter. Roman laughed dramatically. “Wasn’t I supposed to be the fire elemental, you witch?”

“Oh, so you want a witch do you?” Anxiety said. “Be careful what you wish for, your stupidness,”

“Alright, that is your worst insult yet. I can stand being burned, but if you are not going to put half an effort into your insults then… What are you doing?”

Anxiety moved his arms, and the fire turned black. It twisted and turned and warped until it formed itself into a tornado around the prince, trapping him. Then it forced him further and further back until the tornado of black magic collapsed the stone wall behind him, pinning him under several feet of stone bricks.

Anxiety began walking away. Roman didn’t know what to say here, so he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“You’re leaving me here? At least have the decency to finish me off with a stick!”

Anxiety broke a stick off a nearby tree and pointed it at Roman in a very Harry Potter type fashion. The hoodie flew out of Roman’s belt and Anxiety caught it and put it back on.

“Daydream over, Princey,” Anxiety said. “And don’t let me catch you barring me from doing things again,”

White Light on a Black Sea Chapter XXIX.

Two years later, I’m back.  I’ll eventually post something longer about my hiatus, but for now, I’m honestly just happy to finally have the next portion finished.  I owe a massive thank you to anyone who wrote to me, reviewed, or read this, because every time I wanted to give up, your kind words reminded me that it was worth another try.  I also have to specifically thank @krustybunny, @wordsmith-storyweaver, @marriedkillianjones and @holdingoutforapiratehero. I love you all, and your support means more to me than you’ll ever know. 

Available on and Ao3 for those who prefer to read it there.


Hook crept through the various rows of cargo that littered the shadowy docks as silently as he could, listening to the sounds of Ed’s wrath fade with the waves as he neared the anonymity of the city’s streets. With a new coat of paint and a uniformed crew, the Jolly had passed for a Leinster naval ship without much difficulty, but it was his quartermaster’s performance that really solidified the illusion. Ed was cantankerous even on his best days; the role of exasperated navy captain with little patience for the bumblings of an inexperienced young harbor guard was one the old sailor was born to play. Hook had to stifle a chuckle when he thought of the poor lad’s blanched face and stuttered apologies as Ed ranted about protocol and falling standards. Sneaking off the ship had been downright simple thanks to Ed. He’d have to remember to buy the man a drink. Or five.

Thanks to information gathered during their assault on the Lady Victoria, they’d been able to plan their arrival and departure for maximum success. His crew had timed their approach to Leinster’s port nearly perfectly, arriving just before midnight and, as such, right before the exhausted guards were scheduled to end their shift. There was little chance their subterfuge would be discovered before the harbor master arrived the next morning, and Killian had every intention of leaving these shores with his beloved princess long before that could happen.

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The Silver Egg | Draco Malfoy

Summary: Draco and Reader go Egg-Hunting on Easter, which ends in a pleasant surprise.

The Sunday morning sun bathed the magnificent Malfoy Manor’s garden, full of bushes and rows of flowers. The big, black oak doors that led to the Manor’s backyard opened, and thus two young lovers ran happily down the several stone steps carrying brown handmade baskets in their hands, still wearing their expensive satin nightwear.

(Y/N) turned to look at her boyfriend, Draco, with a sly smile.

“Ready for me to beat you at egg-hunting?” she inquired. Draco scoffed with a playful smile plastered across his lips.

“Good luck with that,” said the platinum blond, before running towards the nearest bush as he began to fetch the colored eggs.

“Hey! That’s cheating!” (Y/N) called from the other side of the garden, running and crouching in between some rosebushes.

Draco had by far picked up seven bright eggs with different patterns and surely, different surprises inside. He felt warm and fuzzy on the inside, something he had never felt since his days at Hogwarts, when the only thing that made him the happiest boy alive was to see Harry Potter fail miserably. And as he heard (Y/N) chuckling behind him, Draco was happy to acknowledge that the reason behind his newfound everyday-happiness was because of her.

He ran to a tall tree and crouched, picking a purple egg, when suddenly, something caught his eye. There, behind a bush, was a gleaming silver egg –The Silver Egg. This was the most valuable egg that had been placed for hunt on the territory. Feeling rather jumpy, he stretched out his slim hand and grabbed the shining object, placing it now in front of the tree were he had found the insignificant purple egg so it would be more notable.

“I think I’m done!” he called. (Y/N) glanced around at the grounds as she walked towards the boy.

“Yeah, I think I’m done too.” she said as she approached Draco. (Y/N) gifted a warm smile just mere seconds before her eyes widened and her legs moved quickly behind Draco.

“Aha!” exclaimed (Y/N), snatching The Silver Egg from the floor. She held it high and smiled smugly “Well, look what I’ve found.”

“Open it,” said Draco, slightly out of breath. (Y/N) walked over to him once again, stopping right in front of him and proceeding to open the egg.

Draco watched attentively as the girl pulled it apart, making a slight cracking sound as it gave in. Suddenly, the girl’s triumphant expression morphed into one of pure astonishment. Taking this as his queue, Draco took the egg lying in (Y/N)’s hands onto his.

He took out the price with shaky fingers and tossed the empty shell to the grass, taking in a deep breath before kneeling in front of (Y/N), who had clasped her hands onto her open mouth.

Draco now held the price higher; a silver ring with a big diamond on the center and three to each side resembling a flower gleamed underneath the sunlight, sending gleaming bits as it moved on Draco’s nervous hands.

“(Y/F/N),” he began “I’ve been in love with you since before I can remember. You had given me hope and support when I needed it the most. You have been my best friend and companion, and thankfully, my girlfriend. You have made me into the man that I am, out-growing the boy that I was. I want to keep spending my days by your side. Will you marry me?”

Teary-eyed, a shaky gasp left (Y/N)’s mouth as she lowered her hands and squatted to be in Draco’s level.

“Yes,” she croaked out “Yes, yes, I will!”

Draco smiled. He grabbed (Y/N) by the arms and helped themselves up again, not before he had slipped the precious ring in (Y/N)’s delicate finger.

Placing his hands on his hips, he took no time in kissing (Y/N) repeatedly, managing to say as many “I love you”s in between as he could.

Nudge Theory
Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1827 (Act II)

A/N: A five act mini-series. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks. It was originally going to be three acts, then I got invested because Cas is adorable. Now it’s outlined for five acts. I’m not sorry. NSFW themes below the cut.

Previous chapters:   Act I

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Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”

Blame it on being over-tired. Blame it on a certain heavenly shade of blue you couldn’t shake when you finally succumbed to the tender embrace of slumber. No, blame it on the Winchesters. After all, they’re the reason you’re sound asleep with an angel at the wheel as the dawn light swirls misty gold on the horizon. To be more specific, blame it on the mountain of porn you weeded through on Dean’s computer the evening before to sort out your current destination. Whomever or whatever you blame, clearly you are in no way at fault for lucidly dreaming of Castiel, angel of the Lord, possessed of the bluest eyes in the history of blue, so blue, they might in fact have been the first blue in all of creation - it’s not like you planned to have the best sex dream of your life with him seated at arm’s length.

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The thing that gets me about the whole neo-primitivist movement is that they keep trying to position technological interconnectedness as something that no society would ever adopt willingly.

Like, dude, there are recorded cases of ostensibly uncontacted hunter-gatherer civilisations getting caught stealing wi-fi and using cell phone minutes as currency.

By and large, people of every cultural background love the idea of being in constant contact with their friends and neighbours, and adoption of any technology that enables it is both immediate and enthusiastic.

Y’all are weirdos.

Night on the town, part 8

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2954

Warning: Angst

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

One could have heard a pin drop in the silence after Leonard spoke.  He looked up at you expectantly as it took you a moment to process how everything had just happened.  Your mouth hung open a second just before a bright grin appeared.  Nodding and screaming “yes”, you wrapped your arms around his neck.  Everyone gathered cheered and clapped.  You could hear Jim hooting and whistling behind where you stood, but you were busy kissing Leonard.  He pulled back to look at you with the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face.

“You really mean it?” You answered with a quiet laugh and a nod.

“Yes.  I want to marry you, Leonard.”  He kissed you again in his excitement, while the group around you had started to disperse.  While they were all happy for you, they wanted to start their leaves.  Leonard slipped his arm around your waist holding you tightly to his side.  As you descended from the docking ramp he kissed your forehead pulling his bag over his free shoulder.  He did not want to let you too far from him.  Both of you smiling like fools in your shared happiness.  “I can’t believe you have been hiding that from me, Leonard. I was starting to worry.”

“You have nothing to worry about darlin’.  I would have asked you to marry me that first night if I wouldn’t have scared you away. You took my breath away from the first time I saw you in that bar turning Jim down for a dance.  I feel like the luckiest man alive right now, [Y/N].”  Just by the look on his face, you knew he meant every word.  

The shuttle ride to Georgia was pleasant other than Leonard and his flight anxiety.  One would think that after all the time he spent on the Enterprise that his anxiety would have decreased.  With larger ships, it had gotten better, but he was about to crawl out of his skin with a smaller craft.  Several times you had to kiss him to distract him before he tried breaking out one of the windows and jumping out.  By the time the shuttle landed he ran out of the doors first breathing deeply.  “Bout damn time, thought that thing was never going to land.”  

You laughed as left the shuttle, both bags in your arms.  “Leonard, what am I going to do with you?”  

He looked over at you with a smirk, “I can think of a few things but we better not be late or Momma will be after us both.”  Leonard grabbed both bags leading you towards the exit.  The ride to the McCoy home was beautiful.  Georgia was so green and pretty.  You could not stop smiling as you stared out the window.  When you pulled up to the old southern home his mother was standing on the porch waiting.  Her salt and pepper hair was pulled up into a loose bun on top of her head with tendrils falling down around her face.  Her light blue dress moved with the Georgia breeze.

“Well look at you two. You are a sight, that’s for sure. Leonard hun you get up here and give me a hug.”  He smiled as he embraced his mother tight.

“It’s good to see you, momma. We are glad to be here.  This is my… well my fiancée now, [Y/N].  [Y/N] this is my mother, Margaret.”  You held out your hand to her but she grabbed it and pulled you into a tight hug.

“We hug here, my dear. Especially if you are going to be a McCoy.  I’m so happy. Leonard, you sure picked a pretty one, smart too.  Another doctor.  I hope that means you will be givin’ me more smart grandbabies.”  Blushing brightly, you wiped the hair out of your face. “Come on you two, I got dinner waiting on ya.”  

You couldn’t remember the last time you had a home cooked meal.  It was wonderful and felt like a family.  Margaret asked many questions of you.  She wanted to know all about the woman who was going to be her new daughter in law.  There was a lot of laughter as all three of you told stories and jokes.  It was wonderful hearing how Leonard was a child. Before the mess that his ex-wife had created within him.  Joanna was due to arrive in two days much to the happiness of Leonard and Margaret. Jocelyn kept Joanna away from her grandmother as much as she did her father.

While you were nervous to meet Joanna, you were also excited for Leonard.  He talked about her all the time and missed her terribly.  He was just as excited to see her as he was to get engaged.  Bringing together the three most important people together made him happier than you had ever seen.  Not once did he sound out of sorts as he had often on the Enterprise.  Leonard was home.

After two helpings, a piece, of peach cobbler, you and Leonard finally were able to go to sleep. Both of you completely exhausted had slept well into the morning until the aroma of fresh coffee woke you.  You pulled on loose shorts and a tee shirt, something you had not worn in ages.  Real clothes, not just uniforms.  Leonard was still sleeping like the dead, so you left him to follow the delicious scent.  Margaret was there reading, a cup of coffee sitting beside her.  “Morning dear.  Want a cup and some breakfast?”  Nodding you took a seat at the table.  

“Thank you.  Want a hand?”

“Oh no, you sit and rest. You and my boy there I know work too hard.  Enjoy your time off.   I like having people to cook for.”  She reminded you a lot of your grandmother.  Her and your grandfather had raised you since you were a baby after both your parents were killed during a battle with the Klingons.  You talked for a while about your life in Maine and about the family you had left.  It was easy to talk to her, that must be where Leonard got it from.  Margaret was a good listener and knew how to draw people out of their shells.  Just like she was now with you.

Leonard finally woke a couple hours later starving and ready to start the day.  He ate the large plate of food his mother made him then brought you on a hike to show you his home.  The woods and the trees were bright and peaceful with the river that ran the back edge of the forest.  You sat there together for a while enjoying the quiet.  The river was cool as you walked the edge with your bare feet.  You found several pretty water smoothed stones that you picked up as Leonard watched from the shoreline laughing quietly. “More rocks for your collection?”

“Yes, actually.  I need to make sure my bags are nice and heavy for you to lug back to the ship.”  He laughed louder leaning back on his hands, his legs out in front of him.

“I knew it!  I knew you loaded those bags with rocks.”  Picking up the three you liked most you ran back to him throwing yourself into his lap.  A sweet kiss turned into something much more.  Before too long you were both screaming out the others names as your bodies moved together in ecstasy.  As you put your clothes back on Leonard could not take his eyes off you. “I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“We get to spend the rest of our lives together.  Don’t forget that.”  The rest of the day and into the next you soaked up as much time as you could together. Later in the evening, Joanna arrived with her mother.  Jocelyn did not stay long and she barely looked at you other than to give you a look of irritation.  Joanna was sweet and was genuinely happy to be with her father and grandmother.  You could understand her shyness towards you as being a new person.  You tried to stay out of their way as they all bonded.  Leonard would bring you into the conversation and after a little while, Joanna would start to talk more to you.  

Leonard had asked to wait to tell Joanna about the engagement.  He wanted the time to spend with her then let her know the good news. It was easy to understand his motives. He did not want to throw such an important thing on her right away.  The next few days were spent letting Leonard and Margaret get to know who Joanna was now. You stayed on the sidelines for most of it.  Watching and supporting them as you could.  Though it felt like you were being pushed further to the sides with every passing hour.  By the third day, you had barely spoken to Leonard the whole day.  Joanna wanted to go swimming and begged Leonard for just “daddy/daughter time” down at the river.  You encouraged them to go on that you were tired and wanted to nap.

It was not a lie.  You were exhausted from the constant busy days and honestly from the emotions that were starting to arise.  There were no longer conversations with Joanna and you. Anytime you would speak to her, the answers were short bordering on curt.  At first, you tried to pass it off as shyness but at the end of the week, she had progressed to completely to ignoring you.  Leonard noticed but until you said something to him he had not mentioned it.

“She has been through a lot since the divorce.  Joanna is a sweet kid she is just trying to figure things out.  I know it will get better.  Give it time, okay?”  You sighed but agreed.  There was nothing left in you to argue.  So you let it be, going out of your way to be as nice as possible to her and stay out of her way.  It did not get better, quite the contrary it got much worse.  Joanna became much more upset anytime you would talk to Leonard and would inject herself into all your conversations trying to take his attention off you and direct it back to her.  

You were crying alone in the bedroom when Leonard came in.  Trying to keep him from seeing you, wiped your face and sat up to look over at him. “Darlin’ what’s the matter?”

“Nothing… I’m all right, just tired.”  Clearing your throat, you adjusted your position on the bed.

“Look I know she is being a little difficult.  I’m sorry it will get better.  We should probably wait on telling her about the engagement just a little while longer. We don’t want to upset her and I just want to spend the time with my baby girl.  It’s been so long.”   You felt awful inside, here you were taking time away from Leonard and Joanna.  

“Go spend the time with her Leonard.  I know we don’t have much time left here.  It’s fine.  I promise.” He smiled, kissing your forehead before going off to find her.  The next day Joanna was sitting at the table with Leonard and her grandmother having lemonade.  Margaret offered you a glass which you happily accept, taking a seat in between her and Joanna.  As you sat Joanna got up and walked out the door grumbling “I don’t want to sit next to her.”

Leonard looked at you and the tears in your eyes, confused.  “[Y/N], did you say something or do something that upset her?  I don’t understand why she is acting like this.” His question completely floored you.

“Leonard, I have barely spoken to her.  She ignores me if I am anywhere around.”  The tears turned into crying.  He honestly thought you had done something to upset his daughter.  “You know what, it doesn’t matter.  I am not feeling well.  I am going to go lay down.”  He did not try to stop you nor did he try to say another word.   He merely watched you retreat back up to the bedroom.  You fell asleep crying late into the night.  When you woke the next morning you noticed the bed was cold.  Leonard never came to bed.

You had a feeling he slept down on the couch and did not want to disturb him or anyone else.  The kitchen was empty and quiet.  So you poured yourself a cup of coffee and went to sit on the front porch watching the sun come up.  So many thoughts were running through your mind and you were unsure how to fix any of it.  Lost in your own thoughts you did not hear Joanna walkup.

“You need to go away.” The little voice startled you, so much that you did not hear what she said.

“I’m sorry?”  You looked over to her as you set the mug down. Looking more upset she crossed her arms in front of her.

“You need to go away and leave my dad alone.  He doesn’t need you.”  It felt like a slap in the face.  You weren’t sure how to respond.  “Just go away.  I don’t want you here and I don’t want you marrying my dad.”

“Joanna I don’t understand. I haven’t done anything to you.  I very much want to get along with you.  Your dad loves you so much and I love him.”  You tried to reason with her, but you could see in her eyes it was not going to work.

“You aren’t my mom and I don’t want you to be.  I hate you and I will tell my dad you hurt me if you don’t leave.  You know he will believe me over you.”  She laid it all out.  For eleven years old she was smart and knew the art of blackmail already.  The sad part was she was completely right, Leonard would believe every word she said.  He had already accused you of upsetting Joanna before without a thought to how well he knew you.  She stood there staring at you with anger and hate all over her face and it broke your heart. You sniffed as the tears fell, getting up from the chair you walked past her without another look.

There were not much of your belongings to pack.  You had only brought one bag with you, so you were done within ten minutes.  Leonard walked in as you zipped up the bag, looking as though he just woke up with the unshaven face and hair going every which way. “What are you doing?  You going somewhere?”

You had dreaded this conversation but knew you had to do it before you left.  “I’m going to Maine.  See my grandfather before leave is over and I have to decide what I am going to do after that.”

“You’re going without me? We aren’t supposed to go for another few days [Y/N].  What’s going on?”  The tears were back though you did not stop them this time.

“I need to go Leonard. I shouldn’t be here.  Your daughter despises me and you already think I did something to upset her.  I can’t stand in between you and her.”  He walked up to you grabbing your arm lightly.

“You aren’t leaving. I love you.  We will figure something out.  I’ll talk to Joanna, make her see how amazing you are.  I’ll fix it.“ Leonard looked desperate.  You shook your head, looking up at him.

“Who would you believe if Joanna said I hurt her?”  Leonard paused looking down at you, turning the question in his mind.  The conflict in his eyes told you everything you needed to know.  You leaned up to kiss his cheek.  “This has been the best time of my life with you.  Goodbye Leonard.”  Once again he did not try to stop you.  He sat on the bed and cried.

The shuttle trip to Maine was difficult.  Between you crying, and the turbulent ride you were sick to your stomach by the time you landed.  Your grandfather met you as you arrived and refrained from asking questions when he saw your pale complexion.  He merely hugged you close and ushered towards the car.  Once you had gotten into the house and you brought your bag upstairs to your old room.  He hadn’t changed it since you left for medical school all those years ago. Overwhelming exhaustion hit, forcing you to curl up in bed.  You pulled your old stuffed animal close and fell asleep.

When you woke up hours later you were starving and desperately needed a big glass of tea.  Grandpa had made dinner, your favorite scallops, and pasta. He watched you inhale the meal without a word.  Once you finished your second plate and two glasses of tea he finally broke the silence.

“You going to tell me what’s going on, my girl?  Why are you here and your young man isn’t?”  Setting the glass down you looked at him, giving him a sad smile.  The story just fell out of your mouth in a rush.  Every painful detail came out that you had bottled up since Joanna had first arrived. Everything up until you arrived here alone.  Now there was so much more to think about.  “You don’t know what you want to do now, do you?”  

“No grandpa, I don’t. I don’t know if I can go back to the Enterprise when leave is over.  Especially now.”  He looked confused.

“What do you mean, especially now?”  Leaning back in the chair you picked at the food that was left on your plate.

“I’m pregnant, grandpa.”

Part 9

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Kilmartin Standing Stones, Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, Scotland, 15.4.17. These standing stones are aligned and feature a small collapsed cist cairn. The stones align with the Nether Largie cairn set and are in close proximity to the Temple Wood standing stones and cairns. Several of the stones are embellished with rock art. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Unforgivable

4.3K words, PG-13 rated (for violence and general darkness).

I wanted to explore what would happen if Scorpius was forced to do something awful, like an unforgivable curse, during the time he was pretending to be the Scorpion King. This takes place between his brief conversation with Polly Chapman, and the scene with Draco during HPCC:Pt2. Spoilers under the cut. 

@bounding-heart continues to be a lovely human being and an excellent beta. 

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Rhoslan Burial Chamber, nr. Criccieth, North Wales, 21.1.17. I stopped at this sizeable chamber on my walk back from visiting the Ystum Cegid Isaf Passage Grave. The capstone of this chamber is massive and is marked by what might be a single example of rock art in the form of a ‘cup’ and a elongated groove atop the capstone. The orthostats are cracked in several places and stones along the periphery of the field that have been displaced for farming must surely have once formed part of the chamber. It is easily accessible and a much overlooked prehistoric site.