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BREAKING: The Officer Who Fatally Shot A Black Teen Has Been Arrested And Charged With Murder
An arrest warrant was issued Friday for Roy Oliver, the former Texas police officer who shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as he left a house party. Oliver later turned himself in.
By Jim Dalrymple II

The white former police officer who repeatedly fired a rifle into a moving car last week in a Dallas suburb, killing 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, has been arrested for murder.

Officials issued an arrest warrant for former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver on Friday. In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office called for Oliver’s arrest “for the crime of murder” and said that he “intended to cause serious bodily injury and commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that caused the death.”

Oliver turned himself in Friday evening at the Parker County Jail in Weatherford, about 95 miles west of Dallas. He was later released on $300,000 bond.

In a statement, Lee Merritt — an attorney representing Edwards’ family — said that the warrant, while not taking away the pain caused by the shooting, “has brought a bit of reprieve in a time of intense mourning.”

“Although we realize that there remain significant obstacles ahead on the road to justice, this action brings hope that the justice system will bend against the overwhelming weight of our frustration,” Merritt said.

Oliver shot Edwards — a freshman at Mesquite High School, outside of Dallas — on April 29 as he was leaving a house party in Balch Springs.

Police say the shooting happened after officers responded to reports of several drunk, underage “kids” walking around a neighborhood at night. When officers arrived, police said they heard gun shots and witnessed Edwards leaving the party in a car with other teenagers. Oliver then fired several rounds from a rifle at the vehicle, fatally striking Edwards in a passenger seat.

Jordan’s 16-year-old stepbrother, Vidal Allen, was driving the vehicle during the shooting and noticed Jordan’s head was “smoking,” Merritt said, and then flagged police to help.

Initially, police claimed that the vehicle had been backing up toward officers in “an aggressive manner,” but later said the officers’ account of what happened was inaccurate and the car had actually been driving away. Police came to that conclusion after reviewing dashcam footage.

Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber announced Tuesday that Oliver had been fired. Haber said Oliver violated several department policies during the incident, though he did not say which ones.

“You have my assurances my department will continue to be responsive, transparent, and accountable,” Haber added.

Edwards was an honor student and athlete and was “very well liked by his teachers, coaches, and fellow students,” the Mesquite Independent School District said in a statement.

Accompanied by Edwards’ parents at a news conference Monday, Merritt said, “We are declaring war on bad policing.”

“This has happened far too often,” he said. “We are tired of making the same rhetorical demands, and having the same hashtags.”

According to the sheriff’s statement Friday, the investigation into the shooting is ongoing and “does not conclude with the arrest of Roy Oliver.”


“Here’s a pretty unbelievable story: Laurie Holden is an actress who plays Andrea on “The Walking Dead,” but she isn’t just an actress. Holden also works as a human rights activist with a group called Operation Underground Railroad. It’s an organization run by an ex-CIA agent named Tim Ballard that works to take down unsavory human traffickers and the like. So, Holden and the group went down to Colombia to try to take down a group of men who were trafficking in underage prostitutes. Ballard, Holden and co. ingratiated themselves into this group and set up an elaborate party in an effort to catch these men in the act….” Adam Pliskin, Elite Daily 

“For months, the group put together a massive sting operation in cooperation with Colombian authorities. They each had an elaborate cover story. Ballard’s story was that he was the best man in a wedding back in the U.S. and was looking to hire several underage prostitutes for a big bachelor party in Cartagena. The cover was meant to lure the sex traffickers into a setup so that Ballard and his team could rescue the girls, many of whom were under 18. … In order for Colombian officials to prosecute the sex traffickers, they have to catch them exchanging money for the girls on tape. … Holden’s job was to “keep [the traffickers] occupied by the pool area while Ballard and the undercover officers worked to catch the traffickers on tape exchanging money.” Candace Smith and Aristides Pinedo-Burns, ABC News 

“When the traffickers agree on camera to to pimp out the underage girls and the money is exchanged, the cops move in to make the arrests.  During the ordeal Holden works with social workers to comfort the girls, who fear they’re the ones who will be in trouble and that they won’t be paid. Holden is clearly heartbroken when interviewed after the fact. But she should also be extremely proud of her work.” Ian Cervantes, Complex

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What if for some reason the Les Mis fandom got really big at Hogwarts, thanks to the muggleborns and half-bloods, and pretty soon everyone is referencing it All. The. Time.

- First day of class, the teacher walks in. “I am the Transfiguration teacher, Professor McGonagall.” “AND I’M JAVERT”
- There’s a knock at the door mid-class. “Who’s there?” “French Revolution!!”
- It slowly escalates. Suddenly you can hear the Slytherin prefect singing ‘Master of the House’ as the house’s residents pass over a sickle so he won’t punish them for underage drinking.
- Several kids get detention for standing up on the dinner tables and performing a dramatic rendition of Red & Black.
- A group of Hufflepuffs start trying to teach the house elves 'Do You Hear The People Sing?’
- Even the students who tried to resist the trend get sucked in accidentally. The Ravenclaw prefect catches herself singing 'Stars’ under her breath while roaming the hallways at night looking for mischief-makers.

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I don't understand why everyone is so mad at Marlene for writing those storylines? Writers are allowed to tell unconventional stories or stories that they don't agree with! It's a damn STORY, for Gods sake.

I’ve said this before:

A show is under no obligation to model healthy relationships.

BUT there is an obligation not to normalize and glorify certain things. There is a responsibility to acknowledge that things are actually bad.

And in PLLs case, that means rape and abuse.

There’s a difference between “we wrote a rape storyline” and “we wrote this rape storyline, but we aren’t ever going to acknowledge ANY of the negative impacts of rape. Like, this is just a thing that happened and we don’t need to talk about it.”

And even more than acknowledging a crime, is not glorifying and excusing it which they absolutely did with ez/ria.

Seriously. Let’s list the sex crimes on this show:

1. Jenna rapes Toby, repeatedly.

2. An entire group of people, including Ali’s own brother, engage in filming several underaged girls for the entertainment of others. Read: Child Porn.

3. At least ONE police officer definitely seen engaging in a romantic relationship with a minor. Several others implied, as there is loads of inappropriate physical contact. Abuse of power.

4. Student/teacher relationship. Abuse of power with a side of statutory rape.

5. Said teacher stalks, photographs and films said student and several of her underaged friends and acquaintances.

6. Mary rapes Peter.

7. Alex rapes Toby, at least twice that we are aware of.

8. Ali’s forced impregnation.

9. The part where Jason dated his sister/cousin for actual years, but never had sex even though the math LITERALLY doesn’t add up on that.

That’s a WHOLE LOT of sex crimes! And not one of them was ever acknowledged for what it was! They even had the nerve to make one of them a “great romance”!
This show used sex crimes not as part of character developing arcs, but as plot devices!!! Like “hmm. How do we put these two characters together…? How do I make this person a part of this persons life… so that we can get them into the main storyline somehow? I’ve got it! Rape!”

Fiction influences reality. This is an unmovable FACT. When fiction treats crimes as normal and acceptable behavior (or at the least, nothing to call the cops about) then that translates into society.

There is a stunning and dangerous amount of the viewership who will take away from this show that it’s okay for a teacher to date a student. That it’s okay for a police officer to engage in a relationship with a minor, whom he’s also investigating. That deceiving someone in to having sex with you isn’t a crime. And the reason they will believe that is because the show that gave them those scenes never said it was.

IDK. I can’t believe how many times this conversation has happened and people still feel like it’s worth defending something indefensible. Those are crimes, they weren’t treated as crimes, they were treated as the building blocks of romance.

This entire show is about abuse. Literally. From start to finish. These girls are repeatedly victimized by nearly everyone in their life.

The girls get a nasty text? “Time to do something about this! Bullying is bad!” So bad, in fact it’s why Mona became ‘A’ to begin with!

Toby gets raped? “Let’s never ever acknowledge it, because he really needs to be there to support Spencer because she got these mean texts.”

Bad show is bad. But I’ve run out of ways to make people understand. At this point, if you can’t see that they did a disservice to audiences everywhere, I don’t know what else to say.

Maybe try looking under the “teacher crush”/ “tc community”. tag on Tumblr, and seeing all the romantic gifs of ez/ria followed by accounts of young girls swooning over their clandestine relationship with their teacher. Go see how people use the imagery directly from this show to validate and normalize the abusive relationships they’re in. The way watching That Man groom That Girl makes them feel empowered when they decide to slip a note to their teacher telling him he’s sexy.

Do you remember last night?
  • Warnings: Swearing
  • A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
  • One-shot masterlist is linked here: [X]

“Are you drunk?” you questioned in amusement, pushing Sirius back in the direction he slumped, returning him in his drunken state to the upright position on his chair.

“Not drunk enough,” he cheered, attracting a lot of attention to the pair of you as he stood up and pushed you over to the bar of the Three Broomsticks. In fear of falling flat on your face, you sat unsteadily on a bar stool, hearing several disapproving mutters regarding underage drinkers. Being 7th year students, Sirius had already turned 18 and with your birthday looming, he had brought you out for a “pre-birthday piss up.” Swinging around on your stool to give them a piece of your mind, you were span right back around again before you even had time to open your mouth.

“Less time picking fights, more time drinking. Let’s try not to get banned from here too ‘ey?” he teased, sliding you a firewhiskey across the bar, now in a pint sized pewter tankard instead of your previously small glass. Narrowing your eyes at his comment, you refused to react…he knew it was a sour topic that you had accidentally gotten the whole gang banned from the Hog’s head.

“I’ve told you a million times, that wasn’t my fault! How was I supposed to know that when James challenged me to a charms battle it was going to get that out of hand,” Sirius knew better than to continue on the topic, chuckling and shaking his head as he helped you off the stool and back to your table in a quiet corner.

You widened your eyes at the weight of the tankard as you made your way back across the pub, “Shit Sirius, you are going to kill me,” you groaned, his face filling with a smug grin. It wasn’t until you moved that you had realised how drunk you were, of course you weren’t going to tell him this, you were fed up with your best friend calling you a lightweight and were adamant to keep up with his drinking tonight.

“How exactly did you manage to talk Madam Rosmerta in to serving me alcohol tonight though?” you quizzed curiously. Sirius chuckled at your wincing face as you took a sip of his favourite drink, the burning sensation of the firewhiskey a bit too strong for you.

“Oh it was rather easy really. I just had to apply some of my manly charm,” he sarcastically joked before looking over to the bar and waving in a ridiculing manner at the landlady of the broomsticks. You knew exactly what he meant by that, even before she smittenly waved back.

“So, you chatted her up then?” You cackled, not surprised by the typical Sirius actions, he was gorgeous and he definitely knew it, often using it to his advantage.

“What can I say? I just have so much dedication to your birthday cause,” he teased, “anyway, let’s not pretend like it wasn’t enjoyed by both parties” he added cheekily. To avoid saying something you shouldn’t, you took a large gulp of your drink, feeling a strong pang of jealousy in your stomach. Pushing this feeling away, you reminded yourself that it wasn’t uncommon, all the boys at Hogwarts fancied Madam Rosmerta. She was beautiful after all and he only saw you as his best friend, even if you wanted more.

“Your heroic flirting has once again saved the day, what would we do without it?” you replied, snickering a half laugh and trying not to sound bitter.

“Although I do have to admit, she wasn’t as good to flirt with as you are” he replied casually with a jokey wink. Not expecting this, you were lost for words and you were sure that it was just the firewhiskey talking…it was after all known for giving you courage. Knowing your friendship was naturally flirty anyway, you dismissed the comment, it probably didn’t mean what you hoped. Opting instead to down the remainder of your nearly full pint, Sirius stared at your unusual behaviour in shock before proudly and embarrassingly clapping very loudly.

“I taught you well my friend. This calls for some celebratory shots of red currant rum.” He dashed off to the bar, leaving you alone with your confused feelings and thoughts.

You were sad that the others weren’t able to make it tonight due to being stuck in detention, but you were so gleeful about what they had done that you let it slide. While you and Sirius were out practising quidditch for a few hours in the morning, Sirius’ ex Marlene McKinnon had made a rude comment to Lily in the common room. Consequently; James, Peter, Lily and a reluctant Remus skipped their morning classes, spending the whole morning learning a yellow pus-secreting spell.Coming back from the field, you were both in fits of laughter when you found Marlene with uncontrollable yellow goo squirting from her nose and much to your delight it took the professors half the day to work out how to make it stop.

After many more drinks and hours later, the pair of you were so intoxicated that your vision was going, your speech was slurring and you were definitely swaying in your seat. Despite the lack of company, you and Sirius still had the best night ever, neither of you ever failing to be bored when in each others company. Realising the pub had massively emptied, it was the early hours of the morning and you decided to call it a night and head back to the castle. Nearly falling flat on your face when you tried to stand, Sirius grabbed your arm, catching you before you hit the floor. You cursed yourself for trying to keep up with him, when would you learn that it never ended well.

“Oh fuck, you’re a mess,” he laughed “I love it,” he added, slinging your arm behind his head and over his far shoulder to hold you up when you began to sway. “Well it looks like I will have to piggyback you home again” he falsely sighed, mocking you. “Hop on you lightweight, but I’m warning you, don’t touch my hair.”

You guffawed loudly in your highly intoxicated manner, one of your favourite things about Sirius being his complete inability to not swear. You nodded in response, before using all your concentration to jump on to Sirius’ back, his strong arms catching and securing you tightly to his back. You slumped your head down on his shoulder, losing control of your body, it was feeling too hard to hold up your heavy jelly head.

“But I swear to fucking god (Y/N), if you are sick on me again it will be the end of our relationship. I have a reputation to keep you know,” he joked slurring. He was now stumbling jaggedly down the dark back streets of Hogsmeade to avoid getting caught, still carrying you effortlessly on his back.

Your froze at this, your breath catching in your throat and you felt Sirius do the same. It was as if his own words had accidentally slipped out and even caught him by surprise. “What did you just say?” you asked replaying his words in your head. You were drunk, but definitely not deaf, you were sure he just said you were in a relationship. The words came out his mouth so easily, boldly and fluently that it was slightly frightening - it was like he actually believed them.

With no going back, Sirius had no other option than to ride out his accidental drunken confession, trying to play it out casually. “Oh don’t act like you don’t want to be my girlfriend,” he smirked nonchalantly, keeping his cool on the outside. “You are a bad liar, but an even worse actor,” he laughed.

“You’re right, I do want to be your girlfriend,” you admitted into his neck, neither of you expecting that response, nor for it to be so instant. You immediately knew you shouldn’t have said that, you weren’t sure you could cope with the rejection and didn’t want to lose your best friend. You regretted that firewhiskey more than anything else right now.

After a moment’s silence you began to panic, thankful when Sirius spoke up. “I think I want you to be my girlfriend too,” he admitted, his serious side emerging. You had come to learn with him that serious conversations were rare and few, the joker scarcely wanting to show his vulnerability. But this meant that when they did, you always knew to take his words as genuine.

“I thought we just got on well because you’re a girl and my best friend, but so is Lily and it’s not the same with her. There’s something else there with us, so I guess that means you are more than just a best friend to me?” He pondered for a moment, before breaking back to his usual self. “Also, It’s not often I find someone as cool as me, would be a shame to waste it,” from the tone of his voice, you didn’t even need to see his face to know the arrogant smirk that would be plastered on it. You always told him off for his witty egotistical arrogance, but secretly you found it to be one of his most attractive qualities.

“Well then…I suppose I better had promise not to be sick on you” Sirius seemed pleased with your response, chuckling loudly. You decided to change the subject, feeling now was the wrong time to discuss something so important while being so drunk - your brain was barely working and you actually were beginning to feel sick. “How you not drunker though…we had the same?” It took all your might to talk coherently.

“A magician never reveals his tricks,” he chortled loudly at his own terrible pun, earning an eye roll from you. “No I am actually very drunk, but I clearly can hold my liquor better than you, lightweight,” he snorted the last word. He knew you hated being called that, but he could never resist teasing you. You were too drunk to bother replying, instead placing a sweet kiss on the crook of his neck, feeling bold in the moment. With that, Sirius tightened his grip on your legs, spending the rest of the walk home obnoxiously singing cheesy folk love songs, which was the last thing you remembered before you fell asleep.

It wasn’t until he tripped over the common room sofa and dropped you on the floor with a loud thud that you were awoken abruptly. Lying next to the fire in front of the sofa, you were rolling around on the red rug laughing maniacally. You weren’t mad, if anything you were impressed he had managed to even sneak in this far without getting caught.

“Oops, sorry,” he apologised, collapsing down next to you before grabbing a blanket off the sofa and throwing it over you both. Falling asleep cuddling, the pair of you were content where you were, the fire keeping you warm, neither of you wanting to break your bliss and bother with moving to bed. 

You weren’t sure if it was the harsh light or the sharp prodding that woke you, but both you and Sirius awoke confused and on the common room floor. Remus stood over you both, clearly the culprit of the prodding, looking relieved when you both sat up alive…well, just about. Lily and James sat on the sofa looking amused at your wincing faces and clearly getting enjoyment out of your pain. Peter standing above you with glasses of water and painkillers, which you both sat up and appreciatively took quickly - your mouths drier than ever and your heads thumping.

Clutching your sore head, you groaned, lying back down and covering your face from the sun with your blanket receiving chuckles from all. Despite the pain, you had woken with a smile. It was impossible to not be happy after last night; you no longer had to hide your feelings and knowing he had them back was the best feeling in the world. Grimacing at the strong churning in your stomach, you were sure that the culprit of that was more than likely the alcohol.

“You better get on your feet! We have divination at 9!” James chirped, in a deliberately irritating and overly fake happy tone before snatching the blanket away from you both leaving you without protection from the morning.

“Fuck off James,” Sirius whined. “Divination is crap anyway,” he grouchily added before pulling you back upright, he wasn’t going to suffer alone. Despite being drunk, you remembered everything last night clearly, you hadn’t been able to stop thinking about your conversation on the way home and you were glad there was no awkwardness between the pair of you this morning. Deciding it was best to act normal around your friends, you were waiting for a moment alone with Sirius so that you could talk about what you both admitted the night before.

“You could have at least bought back some breakfast for us,” he whined at your friends, wanting pity in his tender state as he scooted to sit with his back resting on the sofa.

“No way, this is self inflicted,” Lily added with an evil smirk. “If we had to miss out on the fun then we want you to suffer too,” she high-fived James loudly. “By the looks of you, I bet you have some great stories to tell though.”

You laughed at this, nodding your head in agreement. “We will tell you all later, but right now I think I am dying,” you moaned.

“You are on your own with that one (Y/N), I can’t remember anything onward from you nearly starting on those men by the bar,” Sirius spoke directly to you, grinning proudly at your antics as he spoke. 

You could barely hear everybody’s laughter as you looked back at his face, your stomach dropping… you knew him well enough to tell from the look on his face that he wasn’t lying. You knew he was drunk, but he had actually forgotten. How could he forget?

“Nothing at all? Not even the walk home?” you casually asked, trying hard not to raise suspicion or show your disappointment in front of him or your friends.

“Nope, nothing. I don’t even remember leaving. Sign of a good night I think,” he playfully added, shoving you lightly on your arm, before standing up slowly and helping you up after.

“Yeah definitely, it was one of the best nights I have ever had,” you answered, devastated that he couldn’t remember why.

“We are going to make your actual birthday even better,” Remus added.

“We will all be there for a start,” Peter scoffed, earning whoops from your friends.

“It is going to be great, I can’t wait,” you spoke with a false tone, trying your hardest to pretend like nothing was wrong in front of everyone, but the truth was you didn’t care about your birthday. Nothing mattered to you in this moment other than Sirius forgetting.

Feeling yourself about to cry, you knew Sirius was on to you. Knowing you better than anyone he began to pick up on your strange tone and facial expressions. Even if the others had yet to notice anything was wrong, you knew it wouldn’t be long before you slipped up your facade - like Sirius said last night, you were a rubbish actor.

“Well I better go and get dressed,” you excused yourself from your friends in the most inconspicuous way you could, desperate to get away as you turned your back to them and began to walk towards the staircase leading to your dorm. You noted Sirius furrowed brows as he watched you leave, taking a step forward to follow you before deciding to instead confront you about your odd behaviour when you were alone later. He knew that would be his best chance to get the truth from you.

As you ascended the stairs, out of sight, your tears finally split over and with a single stern movement you wiped them away. You knew it was time to make a plan, wracking your brain of a way to remind him of what happened the night before. You refused to cry over this, you had no reason to…he liked you back, even if he couldn’t remember admitting it. You weren’t going to let it slide again, this was the push you needed. As your muggle Mother always said; a drunk mind speaks a sober heart.

Battle of Hogwarts Breakdown Part 4: “Then join in the fight That will give you the right to be free!”

Dang this has sat in the drafts box for far too long. A final piece to the Battle of Hogwarts break down series. In case you forgot, here is the piece I’ve been using for this series:

“the Slytherin table was completely deserted, but a number of older Ravenclaws remained seated while their fellows filed out; even more Hufflepuffs stayed behind and half of Gryffindor remained in their seats.

Alrighty now, let’s get to it!

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I find it interesting that you hate homophobic people (tbh everyone should) yet Cassandra Clare herself is the most homophobe person out there. It's sad that the TV show version of Malec is better than the books because CC has underwritten all the characters in her series expect Clary, Jace and Simon. I feel like she's queer baiting people and it makes me sick. I use to love her writing and now as I reread the series, I realize that Alec and Magnus don't have the proper LBGT representation.

[mod c] we’ve never said we like cc or think she’s a good person though. we absolutely agree w/you on how homophobic she is.

honestly the wildest thing for me is how in cofa, simon literally cheats on two people because he just can’t help it, and both of the girls are angry at him for maybe five seconds before going ah, well, these things happen! and at the same time, alec becomes jealousy incarnated because his 400-800yo boyfriend has dated other people before they got together, and won’t stop making biphobic, sex-shaming comments in the vein of “wow magnus I bet you’ve fucked literally every person ever!” that continue in cols.

even tho malec are together from the end of cob/beginning of coa, their happy moments are mostly behind the scenes (secret relationship in coa, vacation in cofa), and otherwise it’s suffering time! for no good reason what so ever! like, I have to read clary and jace dry-humping each other while crying about how they shouldn’t because they’re siblings, but magnus not being an 800yo virgin is too much for alec?

she could’ve written alec being distressed about magnus’ immortality in such a touching, beautiful way, but instead used it to make alec into a mean, biphobic ass who would violate magnus’ personal boundaries in a really horrible way (turning him mortal w/o his consent or knowledge), but oh sure, what stops him is that killing raphael w/o a good reason would be against the law. what the fuck honestly, alec judges magnus for stealing coffee so much that he bought magnus a coffee machine, but he’d be fine w/going behind magnus’ back w/his ex gf to turn him mortal???? fuck you cc.

[mod a] cc makes me so angry lmao she’s a fucking menace. she didn’t give a single flying fuck about malec in the books and only used them for money when she realised they were really popular. and what is she doing right now? she’s publicly shitting on the tv show and the showrunners every chance she gets, even tho she’s riding show!malec’s popularity by writing their first time and she had absolutely no problem using the show to promote her when it started airing. 

oh boy. you know how the arranged marriage plotline was used in the show to change the “alec vs. both internal and external homophobia” book scenario into “alec’s individual needs vs. alec’s duty to his family”? cc is so hung up on alec’s suffering due to homophobia that she had the fucking gall to criticize the arranged marriage plotline on her twitter, even though said plotline was used to center alec’s crisis around his sense of duty and minimize homophobic suffering (which we have plenty of on every type of media already).

cc is a creepy homophobic plagiarist who wrote a several books long underage incest fantasy when she was in her thirties and gets off on sga people being miserable. fuck her.

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We are kind to harry stans who defend him against y'all ugly nouiam stans, the one who call him an ungrateful selfish snake, a pedo who write about underage girl , several harry hate blogs that your dear "not ugly " nouiam stans reblog from them and agree to them for example the last ugly post comparing narry VIP packages full og ugly shit about harry everyone reblogging it were unproblematic angel pure Niall stans while You are only here to defend harry against people who don't fuck with ot4

ok im an…..ot4 stan so….why am i an “ugly nouiam stan” like??? i’ve called out nasty shit said about harry but tbh most come from larries n i jus Can’t w them anymore like arguing w them does nothing at this point n im Tired of it tbh if u believe in larry in 2017 then….idk what u expect anymore

but deadass if i see something Gross i call it out n i don’t go Looking for shit to start drama like the nasty shit…..deserves to be called out idc what’s “opinion” or “not” it’s gross on Every level……like sorry my post got traction and my others didn’t??? that’s not my fault??? jus bc u didn’t see my other posts calling them out doesn’t mean it’s not there???


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Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Could you do a Derek Hale imagine where him and the reader are married and have a sixteen-year-old son. The son would go to Beacon Hills and play lacrosse, the team would win the final and go to Derek’s loft for a party. When they’re there, due to the werewolf genes that the reader has the son’s friends could find her attractive and hit on her several ties until Derek snaps? Oh and could you maybe end it with loving smut in their room while the party is going on? Sorry for the detailed request.

A/N: I love detailed requests anon :) so sorry if this imagine sucks. Also it’s really short. Oh and anon I don’t really do smut but I can do some heated scenes and stuff like that. I kind of changed it up. You guys should continue to request imagines, it brings me joy lol :). And btw yoUr son’s name is Ryan. Thanks again for all your support and please give me some feedback xx

        You got up from the bench and began screaming excitedly as your son, Ryan, scored the winning goal at the lacrosse finals: Beacon Hills vs. Devenford Prep. You began chanting his name loudly along with your husband of 3 years, Derek Hale. You joined the rest of the Beacon Hills bleachers and flooded onto the muddy field to congratulate the winning team. You were filled with pride as you saw your son, the team captain, being lifted by his peers. Overwhelmed with joy you didn’t notice the familiar strong arms that were pulling you into a firm embrace.

“I can tell you are as proud as I am,” Derek whispered. Unable to respond without crying you gave a subtle nod. You were shaken from your thoughts when Derek reminded you of the party you agreed to host in the loft (re-furnished of course) if the team won.

          Music was booming from every corner of the re-furnished loft and hormonal teenagers were dancing everywhere, but you loved it. Unfortunately, Derek didn’t, he was never comfortable with tight spaces, in the beginning, but that fact that several of your son’s classmates continued to try to flirt with you, knowing you were married, threw him off edge. Derek subdued his anger until one particular boy took it too far:

“Hey Mrs. Hale, what’s up?”

“Oh hi, Devin, right?”

“Yup, that’s me, I can tell you’re uncomfortable, want to get out of here together.” Immediately knowing what he was suggesting, you felt repulsed to say the least.

“No, I’m fine, it’s my house, after all,” you chuckled, trying to hide your building anger.

“Oh c’mon, Mrs. H, you’re attractive, I’m attractive and I’m fine with dating older women.” With that, he began inching towards you, you stood your ground, prepared to attack. He tried touching your wrist until a strong force from behind shoved him into the punch table, thus causing a whole bowl of fruit punch to pour all over him. You were in shock until you realized that Derek was the one that came to your rescue.

“Come on Mr. Hale, it was a dare, chill out.” The boy said whilst rubbing the part of his head that hit the floor. In response to that Derek let out an animalistic growl. Before anything escalated you pulled Derek into the closest room and tried to calm him down by tracing his biceps while whispering soothing words.

“Shh, Derek it’s okay, control yourself. He didn’t hurt me see—look at me, look at my eyes.” He looked into your eyes, immediately calming himself down.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t stand it anymore,” he said with an ashamed look plastered on his chiseled face.

“No, Derek don’t worry about it, I love you and thanks for trying to help me. However, I could’ve handled him by myself you know?” you said the last part with a small, but noticeable smirk on your face.

“I know you could’ve,” he said while giving you a reassuring kiss on the forehead.

“Do you want to go out to the party again or stay in here, it’s your choice, I’ll follow you no matter your choice,” You asked him.

With a small smile and a chaste kiss to the lips, he chose to stay in the dimly lit room with you. For the rest of the night, you cuddled and kissed until you fell asleep, completely forgetting about the party you were hosting. Let’s just say you got an unexpected visit from Sheriff Stilinkski at 2 A.M, wondering why several underaged teens in your loft. Stuttering a sleepy response to the Sheriff you proceeded to shoo the tipsy teenagers out of your home, and continued to sleep in the warm embrace of your lycanthropic husband.

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I see a lot of ppl on here calling you mom, can I do the same? ^^' I could really use a decent one right now :p Anyway, have a nice day <3 -🦊

Oh course sweetie ❤️ even tho y'all are making me feel like ur severely underaged 🤔🙄😵😂

The Ashley Madison breach is the gift that keeps on giving.



Hours after the hackers posted a trove of names, addresses, partial credit card numbers and email addresses of many of the site’s nearly 39 million users, law firms, like Manhattan-based divorce firm Yaniv & Associates, said they were already experiencing an influx of calls from potential clients.

“The attorneys are unavailable because there are so many people calling right now,” an employee who answered the phone told The Huffington Post on Wednesday morning. “You’ll have to call back later.”


When these spouses of politicians start diggin into this data tho!

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I think what people don’t understand is that for instance, Lovelyz, when they debuted had several underage members. Yein is still underage, so their “pure” concept is right now, what suits them best. Hyeyeon from Gugudan is 16, they surely would not have debuted with anything that is too dark or sexy or anything. Sure, they could have debuted differently, but I liked their debut (maybe I’m alone in this). If you don’t like cute or innocent concepts just don’t listen to them, please. Don’t hate.

i can’t stand kylie jenner, i know she’s young but trust me she’s aware she’s a celebrity and young girls all over the world look up to her, she knows it because she’s obviously trying so hard to look like something she’s not. but 18 y/o girls are all like- wow if kylie looks so good why didn’t puberty made me look hot??? and she’s like - LIP LINER changed my life.
that’s not puberty nor lip liner bitch you HAD SEVERAL UNDERAGE PLASTIC SURGERIES why can’t u just admit it???
i seriously cannot understand how some of you choose to have blogs about her and actually be a fan of a lying, RACIST ass like hers.

callout post for hirukou/magehenrys

tw for pedophilia, ableism, misgendering, and abuse. please reblog this so everyone knows how legitimately horrible tatianna is. ive compiled multiple testimonials and will add more when imgur starts working.

their urls are as follows : hirukou is their main, kuricia is their art blog, and on twitter their handles are @magehenrys / @loliizumi (lol)

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hey could i just have clarification on why u think porn is a bad thing? like i understand certain types which fetishise rape or severely underage sex but in lots of cases porn can be consensual and not 'healthy' per se but it's like anything else watch if u want, don't if u don't want. sorry if this comes across as offensive i'd just like a different perspective :-)

in the end, you’re watching people you don’t know pretend to vigourously fuck in a room being watched by an entire camera crew, pausing to adjust and redo shots, some times non consensually, sometimes on drugs, sometimes under age, often involving violence, usually with ridiculous standards for both womens and mens bodies, it’s catered almost wholly to the male gaze, it completely fetishises lesbians, women of different races and minors, not to mention the disgusting effect it has on the consumers of it who often become not only dependent on it, but also are disappointed by real life sex as it doesn’t measure up to “Horny Blonde Teen Looking To Get Assfucked By Three Jocks”

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Who or what is front porch and what did they do?

lmao from my understanding front porch step aka jake mcelfresh pressured several underage girls into sending him nudes/having phone sex with him etc. not to mention him sending said underage girls his own nudes. I really don’t know if he had their consent to send them his nudes but honestly it doesn’t even matter bc he knew damn well that they were underage and that he was using his “popularity” from his band to make them feel special ya know. he’s a manipulative asshole and the girls who spoke out about him have made their own posts with a lot more details (I don’t have the links as I’m on mobile right now, sorry). He straight up has no right being at warped because who’s to say he won’t be manipulating other young girls tbh. This all came to light months ago and people are still supporting his soggy ass smh