severely dry skin

Here’s the process I used to weather my Abyss Watcher jacket.  I bought budget upholstery leather from ebay, which was close to the right color, but unfortunately turned out to be more glossy than I wanted.  This process got rid of the glossy coat, darkened the color a bit, and also gave it a more worn appearance.  I’ll show the final result later this week!

I recommend either doing this outside or wearing a respirator, as some of the chemicals release fumes that probably aren’t healthy to be breathing in.  Nitrile gloves are also a plus.  Rubbing alcohol and acetone in particular severely dry out skin (that’s why they work well for weathering leather :-P).  

1) Apply isopropyl alcohol (IPA, aka rubbing alcohol) to remove the gloss coat.  I squirted it on liberally and then rubbed it off with a paper towel.  You’ll need to rub the leather quite a bit to remove the gloss coating, adding more IPA as necessary.  If you want a more harsh effect, you could use acetone (found in nail polish remover) instead of IPA.  Acetone tends to leave a residue, so you’ll probably need to use IPA afterward.  The leather should have a dull, matte finish after this step.

2) Use shoe polish to both darken the leather and to simulate dirt and grime.  Shoe polish comes in a variety of colors.  I used black, but what color you use depends on the leather.  Again, I rubbed this on with a paper towel.  I focused more around seams and areas that might accumulate dirt with use.  I also made random speckles and streaks.  Be careful not to buff the leather too much, since this will make it shiny again.

3) Lastly, apply a leather conditioner.  I used Pecard’s leather dressing, but there are a variety of different types out there.  This serves three purposes.  It moisturizes the leather again, since IPA/acetone dry it out, extending the lifetime.  It tends to darken the color slightly, and it also keeps the shoe polish from rubbing off.  Wipe on a thin coat, being careful not to buff too much if you don’t want a shiny finish.  It takes a while for the conditioner to dry, maybe an hour or two.  If, after that, it’s still feels kind of oily, you can wipe off the excess conditioner with a rag or paper towel.

4) Update (optional step not pictured) - After making this tutorial, I also applied some fake black dirt (Ben Nye character powder, Charcoal), which helped remove even more of the shine, darkened the leather a bit, and gave it a more grimy texture.  This powder comes in three different colors, ash (white), prairie dust (brown), and charcoal (black), so there are a lot of options for getting different effects.  It washes off with water, so if you apply too much or get it on your clothing, it’s not permanent.  This also means that it does rub off a bit.  I haven’t tested this yet, but it seems like it should be fine for a day’s wear, but you might need to reapply if you’re wearing for multiple days at a convention.

And you’re done!  You may want to repeat some of the above steps if you’re not completely satisfied, or it’s still too shiny.  I’ve also heard of people using sandpaper to scratch up the surface, but this damages the leather and didn’t quite give the appearance I wanted for my project.

sheer-skinny-dreams  asked:

For the anon with peeling skin on their nose. Try this lip balm Carmex, it works wonders on peeling skin. Works either on severely dry lips, peeling skin around the nose -when you have the flu and the skin is irritated from blowing your nose so often- or dry hands. Hope it helps.


“Your leg is a cartoon”
I was told that the other day and it actually made me SO happy. I love looking down at my thighs and no longer hating them. Sure, they’re hellishly far from perfect but I love them oh so much more than I used to :3

Someone had asked me to post a picture of me leg without any filter/flash so here is my dry ass leg. Hah I have severely dry skin so it does not do it justice for how great the colour is! I like to shine er up before I take pictures usually but I decided to be truthful to the internet
*the horror*

Ps sorry for posting so many damn pictures of my leg

[Benefits of Dates - Heavenly Foods]

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

Allah (SWT) says in the Qur'an, Surat Maryam, verse 25-26

“Shake the trunk of the palm tree, freshly picked dates will drop upon you. Eat, drink and be comforted”

The Prophet (pbuh) who said:

“Whoever eats 10 dates (ajwa) on an empty stomach in the morning will be saved from any harm (black magic) or toxins”

Aba Abdillah al-Hussein (as) who said:
“The food of a house in which dates never enter will not be saturated with blessings”

The Prophet (pbuh) also said: “Gabriel came down to me with Alberni from the Paradise.
(Alberni; is the best kind of dates)”

And “Feed the pregnant woman with dates, especially during the month in which she will give birth to the child becomes intelligent and pure”

And also “Eat the Albaerani date, because it:
- removes exhaustion
- removes hunger
- has 72 doors of healings”

The Prophet (pbuh) described the Albaerani date as:

It is useful in many things:

- strengthens the backbone
- deranges the devil
- makes the food easy to swallow
- adds flavor
- strengthens the eyesight and hearing
- Brings you closer to Allah
- Keeps you away from the devil
- Strengthens the intercourse
- Keeps you away from the illness

Amir Al-Mu'mineen Imam Ali (as) said: “Eat the dates, for they have the cure for the ills”

Abi abdillah al-Hussein (as) also said: “The Prophet (pbuh) used to break his fast with dates”

Healthy benefits of the dates:

- Easy to digest and doesn’t exhaust the stomach

- Limits the feeling of intense hunger of the one who fasts

- Prepares the stomach for digesting the food

- Prevents constipation

- Ease the diuretic and rinses the kidney

- Rinses the liver from toxins

- Calms down the rise of anger

The Prophet (pbuh) who said: “Eat the dates with butter, and with bread, and in odd numbers (3, 5, 7 etc.)

The date:
- strengths the liver
- softens the mood
Eating it on an empty stomach kills the worms

And it is:

- Rich in magnesium which protects from cancer
- It has a significance impact on calming the nerves for people with neurological diseases
- It contains a natural blend of iron and calcium which are digested easily by the body
- Doesn’t spread the bacteria or microbes and what lies within the date kills the germs that may infect the human

It activates the glands

It strengthens the nerves

Eating one date provides you with energy that is sufficient enough for a whole day

And the date protects from several cases:

- Night blindness
- Dry skin
- Recurrence of cough and lack of Vitamin A
- Softens the bone and lack of Vitamin D

●[ التمر - ثمر الجنة]

قال الله عزوجل في سورة مريم ع بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
{ وهزي إليك بجذع النخلة تساقط عليك رطبا جنيا فكلي واشربي وقري عينا } سورة مريم 25-26.

عن النبي (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) قال: من تصبح بعشر تمرات عجوة لم يضره ذلك اليوم سحر ولا سم.

وعن أبي عبد الله (عليه السلام)
قال: بيت لا تمر فيه جياع أهله.

وقال (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم): نزل علي جبريل بالبرني من الجنة (البرني: نوع من أجود التمر)

وقال (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم): أطعموا المرأة في شهرها التي تلد فيه التمر، فإن ولدها يكون حليما نقيا.

وقال (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم): عليكم بالبرني، فإنه
-يذهب بالاعياء
-ويدفأ من القر
-ويشبع من الجوع،
-وفيه اثنان وسبعون بابا من الشفاء.

وعنه (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) يصف البرني،
قال: فيه تسع خصال:
-يقوي الظهر،
-ويخبل الشيطان،
-ويمرئ الطعام،
-ويطيب النكهة،
-ويزيد في السمع والبصر،
-ويقرب من الله عزوجل،
-ويباعد من الشيطان،
-ويزيد في المباضعة،
-ويذهب بالداء.

وعن أمير المؤمنين (عليه السلام) قال: كلوا التمر، فإن فيه شفاء من الادواء.

عن الحسين بن علي، عن أبيه عليهما السلام قال: إن رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) كان يبتدئ طعامه إذا كان صائما بالتمر.

ومن فؤائد التمر الصحية.

- غذاء سهل الهضم ولا يرهق المعدة.

- يحد من الشعور بالجوع الشديد الذي يشعر به الصائم

- تهيئ التمور المعدة لاستقبال الطعام

- تقي من الاصابة بالقبض (الامساك).

- مدرر للبول ويغسل الكلى.

- ينظف الكبد من السموم.

- يهدئ من التهيج العصبي

وجاء عن النبي أنه أكل التمر بالزبد ، وأكل التمر بالخبز ، وأكل التمر مفردا (يعني 3 تمرات او 7 او 5 وهكذا)ً
-مقوي للكبد .
-ملين للطبع .
وأكله على الريق :-يقتل الدود

وهو :
من الأغذية الغنية بعنصر المغنيسيوم التي تحمي من مرض السرطان

- وله أثراً كبيراً على تهدئة الأعصاب بالنسبة للمصابين بالأمراض العصبية

-وفيه مزيج طبيعي من الحديد والكالسيوم يهضمه البدن ويستقبله بسهولة

والتمر لاينقل الجراثيم او الميكروبات وان السوس الذي بداخل التمر يفتك بالجراثيم التي قد تصيب الانسان

وان التمر البرني يعد اكسير الشباب وفيه سر عظيم .
وانه ينشط الغدد .
ويقوي الاعصاب

والتمرة الواحدة تمدك بسعرات تكفيك لمجهود يوم كامل .

ويقي التمر من عدة امور منها

1- العشو الليلي

2- جفاف الجلد

3- تكرار الاصابة بالسعال ونقص فيتامين - A

4- لين العظام ونقص فيتامين - D