severe ivy

velanna allowing sigrun to fuss over her hair early in the morning before the rest of the keep is awake

velanna watering sigrun‘s flowers while sigrun is away with the warden commander

velanna *grumbling* to sigrun‘s flowers when she‘s sure no one else is around to catch her because sigrun ”once read in a book somewhere flowers like being talked to. more than you seem to, anyway. could be good for both of you if you practiced on them. hone your conversational skills. ooh, or practice your insults so you‘ve got some fresh ones the next time anders opens his mouth in your general direction.”

velanna‘s little huff when she sees the doodles along the margin of her journal, flowers and severe elves and crawling ivy and, on one particular page, a very apologetic-looking rock with a scribbled “whoops!” next to a rather large jam stain

velanna trying and failing to hide her smile every time sigrun falls prey to her unfortunate habit of tripping ohgren into ditches every time he comments on velanna‘s physical features

velanna going red all the way to the tips of her ears when sigrun takes her by the hand before the entire keep and kisses her knuckles before she departs with the warden commander for amaranthine because ”it‘s something a hero in one of those nevarran novels might do. bring me back something shiny?”

velanna and sigrun (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧