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Viktor Popkov - The builders of Bratsk, 1960.

Bratsk was Hydropower Station. Its construction symbolized the power of Soviet economics and development of industrialization. The builders were considered to be new heroes of the Communist epoch.

This painting is a representative of the so-called “severe style”.

You’re Never Losing Me || Cedric Diggory

Y/N- Your name

Y/H/C- Your hair color

Y/E/C - Your eye color

Y/H- Your house

Warnings: FLUFF

“Y/N?” You heard an unfamiliar male voice question, making you instantly glance up to find a pair of dark-brown eyes smiling at you from across the library table. 

He was quite tall and I clarified his house as Y/H from his familiar robes. His silky, straight, brown hair is neck-length and is worn in a handsome, severe style. He is tall with a muscular build and is skin is lightly-colored. You’d be lying if you told yourself he wasn’t attractive, but you only had eyes for one person, your boyfriend.

“Yes…but who are you?” You question kindly, tucking a strand of your Y/H/C behind your ear gently, smiling politely to the taller boy as he leans over the chair across from where you were supposed to be quietly studying.

“I’m Mason. I sit behind you in Potions..” He laughs awkwardly, making you blush violently over the fact that you don’t pay much attention in that class, due to the fact that Cedric Diggory, your boyfriend, sat directly beside you.

“Sorry.” You mumbled bashfully, glancing to the book you were reading, “I don’t pay attention much in that class.”

He laughs, “That’s alright.”

“So why’d you come here?” You question rudely, not intending to say the words as you had.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He smiled, “But the main reason I’m here is because I wanted to ask you something..”

“What is it?” You urge, clearly oblivious to the current situation as you heard the library doors open, revealing a smiling Cedric searching for you, “Ced!”

“Hello, love” He stated, his smile fading instantly once he laid eyes on the unfamiliar Mason, who hadn’t moved from his close position in front of you, “Who’s this you’re talking to?”

“That’s Mason. Apparently he sits behind us in Potions and he’s said that he wanted to ask me something.” You explain softly as Cedric quickly marches over to you, trying to hide the fact that his cheeks were burning bright red out of jealousy. You had already noticed his brightly colored cheeks from the moment he spoke, yet you chose to ignore them.

“Well go on then.” Cedric urged, a smirk already half-way across his face as he stared to the helpless boy stood in front of you two. Cedric stopped when he was directly behind you, claiming the open seat beside you and delicately curling his large fingers around your small ones on the library table, allowing you to understand his current actions. You gave his hand a small squeeze, which he returned making you smile and blush violently. Even after all this time you had been together, he had never failed to make you blush and smile.

You could always tell whenever Cedric was jealous. He would get quite flustered at the thought of someone trying to steal you away, then he would try and get close to you in any way. He would touch you, whether it be holding your hand, an arm around you waist, or kissing you passionately in the middle of the halls while the guy was watching, he had to show you were his no matter how he’d done it. You knew exactly how to deal with his jealousy because of how often it had came up. You thought it was adorable when he was all flustered and jealous because that meant he would continue to show his affection towards you for the rest of the day. Later that night would always end in a very long conversation, mostly consisting of the two of you sweetly telling each other you were going nowhere before cuddling till the next day. You couldn’t get enough of it.

You turned to face him while smiling sweetly, ignoring the silent boy who still stood in front of you two, taking your free hand and cupping his cheek softly. You pressed your lips to his gently, it was a short chaste kiss but enough to dissolve his worries for now.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, besides I’ve forgotten what I was going to say anyways.” Mason laughs uncomfortably while scratching the back of his neck, breaking the two of you apart as he furiously walked away, “I-I’ll see you in class.”

“There’s no need to be jealous, Cedric.” You cooed with a warm smile as he sighed and stared into your Y/E/C eyes lovingly.

“I’m sorry, love. I just don’t want to lose you.” He admits sweetly as you bring him in for another small kiss, assuring him you were right there no matter what.

You’re never losing me.” You add with a warm smile, feeling his thumb caress the side of your hand as you turn back to your book.

Never in a million years would I leave him. He’s my world, my everything.

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Cassian could not argue that Dorrian Knox was a powerful ally to have on any mission. He was a practiced intelligence officer with sharp wit and a silver tongue. Well-humored as well, he was the perfect balance to Cassian’s rather reserved and severe style. Despite his impulsiveness, the Resistance captain had to admit, he enjoyed having him along for the ride.

Except for times like these, when ego got the better of him and he could not help but pick a fight.

Dorrian’s orders had been to flee, to head back to the ship where their pilot was ready for lift off. Clearly, he had chosen to disobey, but Cassian wasn’t about to leave him there. If the Stormtroopers after them didn’t kill him, his punishment upon capture would be far worse. After all, the First Order was not kind to those who committed treason. And the Resistance could not afford to have its secrets revealed, for if the torture didn’t yield results, the mystical powers of Kylo Ren surely would.

Following the tracking signal of Dorrian’s comlink, the spy located his ally propped against a wall, bloodied and beaten and tired. A look of sympathy crossed his features as he knelt beside him, pulling his arm around his shoulders and planting his own hand on his waist. In one fluid movement, Cassian helped the larger male up and swiftly began making his way back toward their ship.

“ I would never leave a comrade behind if I had the choice, came Cassian’s quiet voice as he checked the corner for enemy troops before continuing onward.  But we’ll talk more about it once we get you aboard. I’ll take a look at your wounds as well; I was sure to bring a lot of bacta this time. 

Roe v. Wade at Risk: Abortion Became Legal in 1973, But Could Become Out-of-Reach

On the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are reminded of what life was like for women before safe and legal abortion — and what could again become a reality for many women across the country. Under Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that the Constitution protects everyone’s right to make their own personal medical decisions about abortion. Yet politicians in Congress, state legislatures, and the GOP campaign trail have made it clear that they will stop at nothing to end access to safe, legal abortion.

At the beginning of 2016, we find that Roe v. Wade is at risk in three big ways:

1. The next big Supreme Court case on abortion: If the Court rules the wrong way, this case would leave abortion legal in name only for many women by allowing politicians across the country to enact severe, Texas-style restrictions on safe, legal abortion.

2. The 2016 election: There is so much at stake in 2016 — a woman’s fundamental right to abortion has never been more clearly on the ballot. Never have we heard such extreme and dangerous rhetoric from our lawmakers. In fact, every single Republican presidential candidate has vowed to ban abortion.

3. Attacks in the states: If the hundreds of unfair restrictions on access to safe, legal abortion are maintained and more are allowed to pass, abortion could become virtually inaccessible for many, particularly low-income people who live in rural areas.

How can you take action? 

Tell the Supreme Court where you stand. Add your name >>

Or read more here >>

Together we can fight back.

I have bad allergies today, so have some LoT sick-people-on-the-Waverider headcanons.

The ship herself is very good at handling injuries and severe illnesses requiring hospital-style care.  She is very bad at fixing anything that has been eliminated through vaccine use by the time she’s built in the future (which is a much longer list of diseases than it is today) and is next to useless when dealing with small, run-of-the-mill problems like allergies or the common cold.

They do not have any doctors on board.  Ray and Stein will act like they are doctors if your illness is sufficiently interesting, but they are not doctors.  Sara, for one, would prefer that they keep their non-doctor hands off her if they want to keep them.  She’ll heal on her own.  She is not the only one who feels that way.

Leonard Snart will absolutely 100% take care of you when you’re sick, unless you piss him off, in which case he will absolutely 100% ditch you and ignore all of your begging and pleading and bargaining with him.  He doesn’t go overboard, but he did raise a little sister, so he’s very reliable with the basics of food, water, gatorade, kleenex, and extra pillows and blankets, which he brings promptly and gruffly to your bedside as soon as you need them for as long as you’re too sick to handle things yourself.  He says nothing about it and refuses to acknowledge being thanked.  He will accept mild forms of misery-induced whining and verbal abuse toward healthy people like him, but if you cross his line, you’re on your own.

When Snart gets sick, he wants to be left alone to sleep it off and will bite your head off if you come too close to him.  He will later thank you in private if you leave him food outside the door so that he doesn’t have to walk all the way out into the kitchen.  But he’s never whiny, demanding, or insulting to you, and he doesn’t shout for people to bring him things, and the rest of the team is totally willing to give him his space.

Sick Mick is the biggest whiniest baby.  They thought Jax was pretty bad until Mick got the flu, and then they realized they were wrong.  Jax is practically cheerful in comparison.  Even Len eventually abandons him and leaves him to whine by himself in the med bay while Gideon pretends to listen.

Jax makes a shockingly good chicken noodle soup none of them were expecting.  It’s his mom’s recipe, but fancied up a little now that he has the Waverider’s considerable resources at hand and can afford better ingredients.  He will also attempt to make you other foods, but those will usually go wrong on him somehow.  If the rest of the team is going to have to go out into the field and leave you behind, he will make you a get-well card and get everyone to sign it so that you have something to look at while they’re gone.

Kendra is a little germ-phobic, but will definitely come hang out with you once you’re sufficiently on the mend.  If Snart can get you to the sitting-up-and-acting-like-a-normal-person stage of your illness, Kendra will come chill with you and watch movies and marathon tv shows on Netflix so you don’t feel so alone.  She’ll even read to Ray from boring physics books, which is how everyone else knows she’s a better person than they are.

Ray will continue to work on his projects until he’s too sick to stand up, sometimes without noticing that he’s sick until he’s completely non-functional. He’ll also get up and try to get back to what he’s been doing well before he’s ready.  Luckily (or unluckily?) for him, Len and Rip are completely willing to strap him into the bed until they sign off on him being healthy enough to get back to work.

Stein is extra mean and very demanding when he’s sick.  He usually gets to spend his sick days alone in his room, being left to his own devices, because he is mean beyond what Snart will voluntarily take on in the spirit of humanitarianism.  They draw straws for who has to go when he’s shouting for things.

Sara knows a weird League of Assassins herbal remedy for everything.  Most of them smell bad and all of them taste bad, but a lot of them actually work pretty well, if you get to the stage where you actually feel bad enough to take them.  She swallows them like it’s nothing and bounces right back to good health, but most of her teammates are not willing to give them a try.  Ray and Stein would like to test them in the lab, but Sara would like to keep them for the next emergency and doesn’t really want to be a guinea pig for whatever step they would devise next anyway.

Rip has been vaccinated against so many things and has so many immunities and is such an asshole and when everybody comes down with a strain of flu he’s immune to at the same time and discovers he’s pretty much useless as a caregiver, they refuse to speak to him for almost a week, even after they start getting better again.  They don’t understand how he could be a dad and still this bad at taking care of sick people, but he reminds them that childhood diseases have pretty much been wiped out by his time.  (This does not make them any less annoyed with him.)