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Boreas, the North Wind, abducts the mountain nymph Oreithyia.  Attic red-figure pelike in the Severe Style, attr. to the Painter of the Birth of Athena; ca. 460 BCE.  Now in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany.


Temple of Zeus


~457 BCE

20.7 m in height, 29 m in breadth, 70.1 m in length

The temple was of peripteral form, with a frontal pronaos (porch), mirrored by a similar arrangement at the back of the building, the opisthodomos. The building sat on a crepidoma (platform) of three unequal steps, the exterior columns were positioned in a six by thirteen arrangement, two rows of seven columns divided the cella (interior) into three aisles. Although it lies in ruins today, an echo of the temple’s original appearance can be seen in the Second Temple of Hera at Paestum, which closely followed its form. The temple featured carved metopes and triglyph friezes, topped by pediments filled with sculptures in the Severe Style, now attributed to the “Olympia Master” and his studio. According to Pausanias, the temple’s height up to the pediment was 68 feet (20.7 m), its breadth was 95 feet (29.0 m), and its length 230 feet (70.1 m).[4] It was approached by a ramp on the east side. The main structure of the building was of a local limestone that was unattractive and of poor quality, and so it was coated with a thin layer of stucco to give it an appearance of marble to match the sculptural decoration. It was roofed with Pentelic marble cut into the shape of tiles. The marble was cut thinly enough to be translucent, so that on a summer’s day, “light comparable to a conventional 20-watt bulb would have shone through each of the 1,000 tiles.

Viktor Popkov - The builders of Bratsk, 1960.

Bratsk was Hydropower Station. Its construction symbolized the power of Soviet economics and development of industrialization. The builders were considered to be new heroes of the Communist epoch.

This painting is a representative of the so-called “severe style”.

“I can’t win this by myself, can I?” Ludwig swallowed and tried not to look scared. Gilbert softened and ruffled his hair until the severe style fell into his brother’s eyes. 

“Of course you can’t, ya little shit. That’s why I’m still here,” Gilbert said. Lutz looked relieved, more relaxed than he had in a long while. And that’s all that matters isn’t it? That his brother is in one piece?

And at that, his smile was beaming and confident even as he prayed to God it was true.

Aesthetic for APH Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt in the 20th century. 

I Don’t Mean To: Part I

Here we go. This will be the very first time I have shared anything I have written. Thank you to my amazing hubs for reading, editing, and only smirking a tiny bit. (I couldn’t have handled any outright laughter…fragile ego and everything). I promise I was working on this fic before Andromeda came out. What can I say…movie night is just a great idea. Thank you to @vorchagirl for a brief, “Just keep working on it.” 

Kaidan Alenko x Commander Shepard - Pre-Romance - ME:1

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Part I:

Sitting comfortably on a sofa, drink in hand, Kaidan pondered exactly how he came to be in this moment. Ashley lay to one side of him, hogging the couch, with her feet tucked under his thigh, fast asleep. Shepard was pressed against his side gripping the long empty popcorn bowl against her chest. The day started off the same way most did since joining the Normandy Crew. A mission briefing, gear check, suit up, ship out, hit the ground running. He took pride in the fact that Tavrien Shepard trusted him to watch her six, he was on the ground team nearly every time. Being a skilled medic, tech specialist, and decent with biotics certainly made him an asset. Garrus had, on more than one occasion, jokingly referred to him as “Commander’s pet.” Shepard would take a moment to stare Garrus down, but Kaidan noticed pink tinge her freckled cheeks.  He knew it was fanciful, the great Commander Shepard, military brat, savior of Elysium would never blush for the likes of him.  He was simply another marine in the midst of many. 

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This is probably a silly observation, but I just realized, we haven’t seen either Jon or Dany wear their hair down from their respective styles in a loooooong while…I mean Dany’s is always in her complicated, beautiful braids, and Jon’s is always pulled back from his face, not too severe, but not carefree styles either; Jon’s is functional, probably serves to cover up the section that Melisande cut for his resurrection, and to keep it from his face as he fights, might even make him seem less of a green boy and more like a king???…meanwhile Dany has gone from loose, flowing hair to these supremely elaborate styles fit for the Queen she is…she’s Daenarys Targaryan and she has to look the part…they’re so buttoned up and collected, which is reasonable since they have to present certain images to those around them, but it occurred to me that I’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing them become so close, so comfortable in each others presence, so open with one another that they can be themselves and not just the Dragon Queen or the King in the North…we’ll see Dany’s hair come undone from those braids, spill over her shoulders and down her back in loose waves and she can become just Dany again, and Jon will be able to shed his mantle of king as he sheds his armor and loosens the ties that bind his own hair back…and while I know that they’ll never be what they once were, its kind of comforting and really just a fucking joyous feeling to think of them sharing such intimacy that they can just…BE.

Plus, I mean come on, Jon fucking Snow with his gorgeous curls framing that gorgeous face of his is just something i REALLY REALLY miss and desperately need again, even if just for one episode 🙏

Does any of that makes sense??? I feel like kind of an idealistic idiot, writing a post about their HAIR for crying out loud, but it’s been simmering at the back of my mind, and this episode just unlocked all this ridiculousness out my head and into tumblr….am I alone in this? Anyone else feel kind of the same way?? Eek!

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Father Brown Reread: The Blue Cross

“Between the silver ribbon of morning and the green glittering ribbon of sea, the boat touched Harwich and let loose a swarm of folk like flies, among whom the man we must follow was by no means conspicuous–nor wished to be.”

  • Look at how much he packs into the first sentence!
  • The alliteration! “The green glittering ribbon”, “folk like flies”. 
  • Chesterton loves his colors–you can tell he’s an artist. The Blue Cross, the silver and green ribbons. (Two sentences later, he finds it important to tell us the color of everything that Valentin wears.)
  • My favorite: “the man we must follow.” Implying that Valentin’s not the man we’d want to follow if we had any choice in the matter.

“It is many years now since this colossus of crime suddenly ceased keeping the world in a turmoil.”

  • If Flambeau retired from crime years ago, when are the Father Brown stories supposed to take place?

“Valentin was a sceptic in the severe style of France, and could have no love for priests. But he could have pity for them, and this one might have provoked pity in anybody. He had a large, shabby umbrella, which constantly fell on the floor. He did not seem to know which was the right end of his return ticket. He explained with a moon-calf simplicity to everybody in the carriage that he had to be careful, because he had something made of real silver “with blue stones” in one of his brown-paper parcels.”

  • This is such a great introduction to Father Brown’s character.
  • Is he purposely fishing for Flambeau in the crowd? I don’t think Father Brown’s that purposeful, but part of me wants to think he’s been praying for this sinner already, knows he’ll likely be in London, and is taking advantage of the opportunity to save a soul.

“A machine only is a machine because it cannot think.”

  • All I can think of are all the Star Trek episodes with Data.
  • I think Chesterton would have been violently allergic to sci-fi, but I still would have loved to see him try his hand at it.

“…there was just the chance that any oddity that caught the eye of the pursuer might be the same that had caught the eye of the pursued. Somewhere a man must begin, and it had better be just where another man might stop.”

  • This sounds somewhat similar to Father Brown’s method of getting inside the psychology of the criminal.

“The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic,” he said with a sour smile, and lifted his coffee cup to his lips slowly, and put it down very quickly. He had put salt in it.”

  • Seems that Father Brown is doing a little creative artistry of his own. Proving that he’s a very different sort of detective than Valentin.

“The parson at the door he says all serene, ‘Sorry to confuse your accounts, but it’ll pay for the window.’ ‘What window?’ I says. ‘The one I’m going to break,’ he says, and smashed that blessed pane with his umbrella.”

  • Father Brown is just awesome sometimes.

“…streets that seemed built out of the blank backs of everything and everywhere.”

  • Sometimes Chesterton’s descriptions make me weep with envy.

“A perfect dome of peacock-green sank into gold amid the blackening trees and the dark violet distances. The glowing green tint was just deep enough to pick out in points of crystal one or two stars.”

  • No one loves the color of the sky like Chesterton does. Were he on tumblr, he would forever and unironically reblog that one super-long sky post that everyone despises.

“I know that people charge the Church with lowering reason, but it is just the other way. Alone on earth, the Church makes reason really supreme. Alone on earth, the Church affirms that God himself is bound by reason.”


“Well, you can imagine any mad botany or geology you please. Think of forests of adamant with leaves of brilliants. Think the moon is a blue moon, a single elephantine sapphire. But don’t fancy that all that frantic astronomy would make the smallest difference to the reason and justice of conduct. On plains of opal, under cliffs cut out of pearl, you would still find a notice-board, ‘Thou shalt not steal’.”

  • This gives me chills. Talk about a great reveal.
  • And Chesterton being Chesterton, he embeds the turning point of the plot in a discussion of theology.
  • This is similar to his discussion of fairy tales in Orthodoxy. Fairyland is filled with impossible things, but built on a rock-solid bed of truth. Or to borrow from Manalive, it “breaks the conventions, but keeps the commandments.”
  • So many of the Father Brown tales have a fairy-tale atmosphere, and this shows why it works. Both detective stories and fairy tales need solid morality.

“Just hand over that sapphire cross of yours, will you? We’re all alone here, and I could pull you to pieces like a straw doll.”

  • This feels scarier after seeing the Flambeau of the later stories.
  • But really, I find it hilarious that Flambeau’s defeated by his own artistry. Like he says, he could have just knocked Father Brown over at any time and taken the cross. Instead, he follows him around in disguise all day, and even engages in lengthy theological discussions! That may be taking the role a bit too far.

“I couldn’t tell you his name, of course,” said the little man simply. “He was a pentitent, you know. He had lived prosperously for twenty years entirely on duplicate paper parcels. And so, you see, when I began to suspect you, I thought of this poor chap’s way of doing it at once.”

  • See, Father Brown, I’m not entirely sure you’re keeping the Seal of Confession. I’m going to assume this guy gave you permission to discuss it outside the confessional.

Well, I wasn’t sure you were a thief, and it would never do to make a scandal against one of our own clergy. So I just tested you to see if anything would make you show yourself. A man generally makes a small scene if he finds salt in his coffee. If he doesn’t, he has some reason for keeping quiet. I changed the salt and sugar, and you kept quiet.”

  • I had forgotten about this portion of Father Brown’s plan. Clever little priest.

And even as he turned away to collect his property, the three policemen came out from under the twilight trees. Flambeau was an artist and a sportsman. He stepped back and swept Valentin a great bow.

  • And now Flambeau’s caught. So how is he available for later stories? Does he slip away just after the story ends? Does he escape from prison? Is there an explanation in the later stories? I guess I’ll have to find out as I continue my reread.

nvzblgrrl  asked:

Who would be your choice for another female Master? //still working on that Doctor Who fic, the one that I asked you how you felt about the Master disguising herself as an assistant before.

I’m not familiar with enough actors to suggest anyone in particular, but I have put a lot of thought into what I want the next Master to be like.

I’d like another woman, but someone who’s very different to Missy. For starters, even putting aside my lingering issues with the name, I wouldn’t want her to still be called Missy—it would just feel weird. Michelle Gomez is Missy. I’d prefer the next Master to revert back to Master or Mistress.

If I can be completely self-indulgent for a second, I’d love the next Master to wear a suit. A dark, very neatly-tailored suit. Short, dark hair too (I have strong opinions about the Master only having dark or grey hair) that’s slicked back into a severe, sinister style. Leather gloves of course. A different style of make-up, though not necessarily less make-up—she should certainly wear a bit of eyeliner at least. Perhaps the occasional cigar to puff on. Basically I just want the aesthetic that I myself am striving for (except for the cigar, since I don’t smoke).

Personality-wise, I’m thinking harder and more restrained than Missy, but still very ridiculous and extra. For example, if her character development sticks and she were to become more of an anti-hero/ally of dubious trustworthiness than an enemy then the sinister aesthetic I want for her would be hilarious. I’m picturing the Master trying harder than ever to appear edgy while grudgingly following the Doctor around and helping them out.

All of this said though, what I really want is Michelle Gomez to come back next season…

You’re Never Losing Me || Cedric Diggory

Y/N- Your name

Y/H/C- Your hair color

Y/E/C - Your eye color

Y/H- Your house

Warnings: FLUFF

“Y/N?” You heard an unfamiliar male voice question, making you instantly glance up to find a pair of dark-brown eyes smiling at you from across the library table. 

He was quite tall and I clarified his house as Y/H from his familiar robes. His silky, straight, brown hair is neck-length and is worn in a handsome, severe style. He is tall with a muscular build and is skin is lightly-colored. You’d be lying if you told yourself he wasn’t attractive, but you only had eyes for one person, your boyfriend.

“Yes…but who are you?” You question kindly, tucking a strand of your Y/H/C behind your ear gently, smiling politely to the taller boy as he leans over the chair across from where you were supposed to be quietly studying.

“I’m Mason. I sit behind you in Potions..” He laughs awkwardly, making you blush violently over the fact that you don’t pay much attention in that class, due to the fact that Cedric Diggory, your boyfriend, sat directly beside you.

“Sorry.” You mumbled bashfully, glancing to the book you were reading, “I don’t pay attention much in that class.”

He laughs, “That’s alright.”

“So why’d you come here?” You question rudely, not intending to say the words as you had.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He smiled, “But the main reason I’m here is because I wanted to ask you something..”

“What is it?” You urge, clearly oblivious to the current situation as you heard the library doors open, revealing a smiling Cedric searching for you, “Ced!”

“Hello, love” He stated, his smile fading instantly once he laid eyes on the unfamiliar Mason, who hadn’t moved from his close position in front of you, “Who’s this you’re talking to?”

“That’s Mason. Apparently he sits behind us in Potions and he’s said that he wanted to ask me something.” You explain softly as Cedric quickly marches over to you, trying to hide the fact that his cheeks were burning bright red out of jealousy. You had already noticed his brightly colored cheeks from the moment he spoke, yet you chose to ignore them.

“Well go on then.” Cedric urged, a smirk already half-way across his face as he stared to the helpless boy stood in front of you two. Cedric stopped when he was directly behind you, claiming the open seat beside you and delicately curling his large fingers around your small ones on the library table, allowing you to understand his current actions. You gave his hand a small squeeze, which he returned making you smile and blush violently. Even after all this time you had been together, he had never failed to make you blush and smile.

You could always tell whenever Cedric was jealous. He would get quite flustered at the thought of someone trying to steal you away, then he would try and get close to you in any way. He would touch you, whether it be holding your hand, an arm around you waist, or kissing you passionately in the middle of the halls while the guy was watching, he had to show you were his no matter how he’d done it. You knew exactly how to deal with his jealousy because of how often it had came up. You thought it was adorable when he was all flustered and jealous because that meant he would continue to show his affection towards you for the rest of the day. Later that night would always end in a very long conversation, mostly consisting of the two of you sweetly telling each other you were going nowhere before cuddling till the next day. You couldn’t get enough of it.

You turned to face him while smiling sweetly, ignoring the silent boy who still stood in front of you two, taking your free hand and cupping his cheek softly. You pressed your lips to his gently, it was a short chaste kiss but enough to dissolve his worries for now.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, besides I’ve forgotten what I was going to say anyways.” Mason laughs uncomfortably while scratching the back of his neck, breaking the two of you apart as he furiously walked away, “I-I’ll see you in class.”

“There’s no need to be jealous, Cedric.” You cooed with a warm smile as he sighed and stared into your Y/E/C eyes lovingly.

“I’m sorry, love. I just don’t want to lose you.” He admits sweetly as you bring him in for another small kiss, assuring him you were right there no matter what.

You’re never losing me.” You add with a warm smile, feeling his thumb caress the side of your hand as you turn back to your book.

Never in a million years would I leave him. He’s my world, my everything.

imakemywings  asked:

Hi! Okay so your wigs are always spot-on for your cosplays, and I'm looking for a good Alfred wig, so I wondered if I might ask where you got yours, or if you recommend a particular site to look for one, because I've been unsuccessful so far T-T

Hey there! Thank you so much ;; v ;; I’m afraid my America wig is super old though, so I don’t remember where I got that one. But! I do indeed have some very awesome sites to recommend. :D

So first off there’s Arda Wigs. They started a new option of “silky” wig fibers recently, but I haven’t tried any of those wigs yet, so I can’t vouch for those. Arda is a very popular, American brand though, so you don’t have to worry about them being bad haha.

But yeah, my Sweet Devil!America wig is a Magnum Long from their classic collection in Natural Black. It required quite a bit of styling, but the extra fibers I got from the cutting worked great to create a Nantucket! There is also a shorter version of the same wig in case you’re not up for that amount of styling.

Also, colours can be a bit tricky to pick from Arda’s wide selection. I have some swatches of their blonde colours though, so if you’re interested I’d be happy to send you pictures!

Other wigs I’ve bought from Arda: x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Moving on, wigisfashion is a great site if you’re looking for longer wigs! Gotta say that the short one (ones? I can’t remember) I got isn’t as nice as the longer ones, but it’s still quality enough for me to recommend it.

A good thing to note is that their non-lace front wigs are very affordable. They are considerably cheaper than, for example, Arda, so it all really comes down to what you’re looking for.

A darker wig I’ve gotten from wigisfashion (this one) is a little shiny in the sunlight though, so that’s worth noting.

Other wigs I’ve bought from wigisfashion: x  x  x  x   

Then we have Kasouscosplaywigshop which is a store on etsy. They specialise in more character-specific wigs, though they do have a few styles that are available in multiple colours.

The ones I’ve bought from there are suuuuper nice! My Junko wig (seller pic vs my pic (my selfies have filters, so the colour is actually very accurate irl!)) and Nyo!Norway wig (seller pic vs my pics) didn’t require any styling whatsoever. My Yuichiro wig (seller pic vs my pic) did however require a bit of cutting and trimming.

Also, since you’re looking for an Alfred wig, voilà! I can’t vouch for that wig specifically, but the seller is really nice, so I’d definitely recommend getting that one if you’re not too good/experienced at styling wigs.

There’s also epiccosplay. Just like Arda they are based in the US and offer a variety of colours; both vibrant ones for more anime/cartoon-ish looks and more natural, subdued tones. I have only gotten one wig from them so far, and due to my lack of experience it went through some severe, failed styling and ended up very damaged. Despite this it was still wearable though, so I’d say they’re pretty sturdy! The colour I got it in wasn’t very shiny either, so that’s a big plus.



I hope this post was of some help to you! Also, if anyone else have any sites/shops to recommend feel free to reblog and add them!