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A Birthday Wish

Fic Request: it’s Stiles’ birthday and Lydia bakes a mini cake for him and leaves it in his locker with a card and balloons (kind of like she did for Allison back in season 1). They aren’t together, but she does have feelings for him but is afraid to act on them because of everything that’s happened with the nogitsune which of course has left Stiles a bit emotionally unbalanced. I would prefer it if they get together in the end. Also, if you could include Meredith, like helping Lydia with the baking or whatever, it would be awesome because I really want to see those two interacting and being badass banshees together.

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: The General

Admin notes: This is the 2nd prize for @bellohmyblake for coming 2nd in the 1000 followers competition. Sorry it took me so long. 

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