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i saw a lot of question why there's no gay couples in furuba. i think it was heavily plot on the fact akito hated women and how the juunishi couldn't easily express their affection to "outside" people (because they'd turn into animals). i mean, i imagine if they were gay ones among them, akito would even become more paranoid and lock the juunishi more (because now she feared even men could sever their bond)

[Potential Spoiler Commentary] We don’t believe including characters who are not straight/cis would have deeply affected Akito’s decisions regarding the Zodiac or any major parts of the overall story. 

While men and women being unable to hug is a symbol of not being able to connect with “outside” people, the story is so much more than than the simple act of not being able to hug. At most, this is a (heteronormative) side effect of the curse. The curse is not the hug-transformation; it is the bond between the Zodiac members and god. (And the fact that this hugging problem is specific to men/women is a heteronormative standard frequently found in the media today.) After the first few volumes, we rarely see the Sohmas transform into their respective animals. Also, there is definitely more that can cause the transformation, other than the act of hugging. The bonds are strained not only by romantic love, but outside forces and creating new bonds to friends, goals, and dreams, as well. The series surrounds the characters finding themselves, not necessarily the straight, romantic pairings that lead to hugs.

It is true that Akito has an intense hatred of women. But there is so much more going on in Akito’s mind (and the rest of the story) than her being afraid people will find “true love.” She could still have this hatred, suspicion, and jealousy toward women while another character was gay, bisexual, pansexual, etc. The bonds are already weakening, and it is not just hetero romantic love that is causing this. Kureno, for example, was released from his curse seemingly at random. Akito is constantly worried about anything that could sever more of her bonds, which does include possible romantic love (with a woman other than her). But, again, she is already afraid of a lot more than that. In our opinion, she’s holding on as tight as she can while she waits to see what will come out of the deal she made with her mother.

Fans express their frustration that “true love” in Fruits Basket (and most media today) is almost exclusively defined as a man and woman. The fact is, a character could have been included who was canonically defined as not-straight/not-cis. The rest of the story would still have come into play. Akito would still have made a deal with Ren to see how some of her Zodiac would fare out in the world, believing that someone (not just a love interest) would reject them harshly and they would come crawling back. Kyo would still be fighting to beat Yuki and escape his fate. Tohru, Rin, and Shigure would still be fighting to free the family from the curse. 

Fans can be frustrated that more diversity wasn’t included when there are ways it could have been worked in (instead of teased or hinted). We believe the effects of including more diversity in the characters wouldn’t have inherently changed too much about the original story or its central messages. 

But because Fruits Basket is already published this way, we will never know how Takaya would have written the characters under slightly different circumstances! It’s all up to personal interpretation.

-C & J

I stopped myself from uploading this a week ago because I wasn’t sure if it was worth posting…but I just got to the part in the audio book where Lyra finds the (SPOILERS) severed child(SPOILERS) and I had chills at work. These books are so great!! So, I’m posting this…I’m sketching some more stuff but I’ve been pretty busy this week. 

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Well, you know. I tapped that before you. Several times. Plus, spoiler alert: you die. I don’t. Fingerguns.

“Athena. Old buddy, old pal, old back-stabbing BITCH – of a friend!! Uh. Hhhhh– oh god.
    You and her are so historical I’m surprised you aren’t FOSSILIZED.“

He is made of bubbling, manic laughter by now. Positively tickled by his awful humor. It takes him a while, to breathe through the giggling, heaving for breath and clutching his sides because oh god it hurts, it hurts right down in his bones and his guts. Jack’s always respected Athena, but the mere sight of her sets his teeth on edge and boils his blood. She’s a traitorous little creature, isn’t she just? He didn’t even have to murder anyone she valued, and she just up and quit. So much for team spirit!

A sharp intake of breath, and he’s suddenly, alarmingly calm. His voice bright and gay as he wags a finger, mouth pursed as though he’s suddenly STRUCK by this idea, by this thought: “Ohh. Speaking of history. Didn’t you get the memo? Time is a very… unique construct and I, you see. I’m a  – I’m a fucking genius, baby. If you actually want a guy to, uh, meet his untimely and inopportune end… don’t tell him. Don’tdon’tdon’t, GIVE HIM. The information. Because then, you see. NOW, you see…

                                      Now he has a chance to change everything.”

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that list of spoilers going around is legit, several of the spoilers listed had come true

There are several going around that contradict each other and the particular spoilers that have happened were things that the writers already said in interviews, this ain’t my first rodeo…


I decided to refrain from formulating any definitive impressions regarding the spoilers, as I sense some cherry-picking, which makes me skeptical of several free-floating spoilers not being disseminated properly to us from a contextual standpoint through and through.

Lots of the spoilers strangely impression to me as “out of context,” but tis only a hunch for now, as my expectations overall were pretty low; so we shall see.

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After seeing several people on my dash say that ant-man was good (and seeing several spoilers for a certain thing) I considered watching it in theaters but then I saw that post about Janet once again and I just fucking hate myself for actually being excited. Wasp is my fav superhero ever and I just can't take what they've done. I know MCU is different than the comic books but I still have what I know and what I've read in mind

i recommend going to see antman, even if it’s just for sam wilson. i hate what they did to janet (tho i see a way they could possibly bring her back but lbr they would only do it to a guy character) but i think that’s why i was able to like antman??? like i went in with the lowest bar possible bc a) it’s fucking antman and b) they got rid of janet, so it went above that rly low bar so i was p chill with it

also, scott and cassie are adorable like if u watch it at all, do it for the langs not the pyms. except for hope pym. def watch it for hope pym’s hair.  i could literally just watch two hours of her hair

Harley Quinn/Power Girl #2 Preview

Harley Quinn/Power Girl #2 Preview

Spoiler Alert! Several images are out now for Harley Quinn/Power Girl #2   Vartox is a totally creepy and super macho space dictator – though he is terrible fond of Power Girl. Harley and Power Girl are not terribly fond of him. Violence and shenanigans begin in 3…2…1… Written by: Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Justin Gray Art by: Stephane Roux Cover by: Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts With…

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