SNK season 2 Ending: ‘’Yuugure no Tori’’

Let’s analyze the new ending. We have several spoilers in this, If you have read the manga, you know what I’m talking about…


We can see Ymir Fritz receiving the titan power. Yes, the beginning of everything.

We can see the first years of war…

But here it’s when I get impress…

Maybe this person is the First King. But, our sight focus on the people in the background, they’re looking at this three kids eating the organs from that corpse. The method of obtain titan shifter’s power is eat your predecessor. Who knows, maybe they are the King’s daughters, Maria, Rose and Sina (the name of the three walls).

Manga readers, we know the meaning of that. The person in the middle is the Original Titan and the nine titans. The X is the symbol of Erdia.

I have no words, this is amazing.

Sanvers 2x19 spoilers

Several alleged spoilers related to Sanvers’ story line throughout episode 219 were posted on twitter. While we want to make them available in one place for everyone to read, we don’t know the validity of these statements, and therefore we can’t vouche for the source.

Spoilers up to episode 2x19 behind the cut.

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The Washuu and the Band of the Hawk

It’s been awhile since I have last written a meta for Tokyo Ghoul (:re) and in the time that I didn’t really touch any matters of analysis, I read Berserk. In an odd moment of sudden realisation my brain made the connection between Yoshitoki and Griffith, two characters who don’t really seem to have much in common but when I spent more time thinking about it, a parallel between them actually makes perfect sense to me.

For all the people who are familiar with Tokyo Ghoul but not Berserk, I will explain all relevant information you need to fully understand what I’m talking about but there will be several spoiler ahead, as well as possible trigger for death mentions and emotional abuse, so please read this with discretion.

Griffith is one of the main antagonists in Kentaro Miura’s manga Berserk, he is first introduced to the reader during a confrontation with the main character Guts in which later tries to attack Griffith, the reason for his rage isn’t explained, it’s only mentioned that they have known each other for quite a while.

It is later revealed (during the Golden Age arc), that Griffith used to be the leader of the mercenary group Band of the Hawk. What you need to know about the Band of the Hawk is that they were a group of over hundreds of people (men of all ages with only 1 woman in their ranks, but she was second in command and well respected and beloved by the soldiers) under the command of Griffith, Casca and Guts. 

Griffith’s reasoning for forming the Band of the Hawk was his dream to one day rule over his own country, or as much simpler explained with these 2 two screenshots that were provided by my dearest @linkspooky

Of course Griffith is way more complex than that but most of it will be relevant in later parts of the analysis so let’s get started.

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The latest Episode Prompto trailer has several big spoilers! So please keep that in mind before you post obvious spoilers through text, gif, etc on your blog. Let’s not ruin the surprises of the DLC for others! Please be considerate of your fellow FFXV fans as many want to go into this DLC completely blind. Be sure to tag any possible spoilers as well. Thank you!

Possible Spoilers

Yesterday, several alleged spoilers related to Sanvers’ story line throughout several upcoming episodes were posted on twitter. While we want to make them available in one place for everyone to read, Sanvers Central doesn’t know the validity of these statements, and therefore we can’t vouche for the source.

Spoilers up to episode 2x17 behind the cut.

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Here is a masterpost of all of my MYSME fics to date. Hopefully there will be many more added to this list!

As a warning, be aware that many of the pieces I have listed below DO HAVE SPOILERS TO SEVERAL ENDINGS IN THE GAME. I will mark “safe” pieces to read with [s]. Unmarked work means that there are significant, or at least defining spoilers within it.

Make sure to keep up with it, because it will be updated regularly and reblogged!

Saeran Choi:
You’re With Me
It Was With You
Don’t Smoke, Kids! 

Saeyoung Choi:
Highlight to God
I Believe You 
Together With You (slightly NSFW)
A Scarecrow’s Heart (AU) [s]

Jumin Han:
Comatose [s]
Under Your Spell (NSFW) [s]

Yoosung Kim:
First Time For Everything (NSFW) [s]

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Cherishing the Moment [s]

the-last-alicorn  asked:

Yay! A female Ultra! While we're on the subject, have there been any female Ultras in the show?

Warning this post contain spoilers for several Ultraman TV series.

Yes there have!  While not as common as their male counterparts, there have been a few prominent Ladies from the Land of Light to show up in the series.  Perhaps the most famous is Mother of Ultra who, as her name suggests, is the mother to Ultraman Taro and Aunt to Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace is her adopted son. She is the wife to Father of Ultra.

She serves the Space Garrison as a medic and her healing powers are second to none. It was she who rescued Dan Moroboshi and healed him back to full strength during the events of the Ultraman Leo TV series. She could even bring the dead back to life. It is later revealed that her true name is Marie.  She also has taken on a human guise in the past, called The Lady in Green.

Most recently, she has appeared as a spokesmodel for the newly renovated Amu Plaza Hakata shopping center.

The second most famous female Ultra is Yullian from Ultraman 80.

Yullian is a Princess from the Land of Light who came to Earth to warn Ultraman 80 of an assassination plot against him.  She ended up staying and taking on the human guise of Ryoko Hoshi, joining 80′s human form Takeshi Yamato in the defense force called UGM. Her human form was played by Sayoko Hagiwara, best known to Super Sentai fans as Rei Tachibana/Dyna Pink from 1983′s Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.

She was very much a fish out of water and new to Earth customs, relying on Yamato (a teacher in his human life) to show her the ways of humans and their culture.  She was also forbidden to use her powers lest she be discovered for who she was, even though she could use some of them in her human form.

Eventually, she was forced to transform back into her true self to help Ultraman 80 when things were looking their worst.  

Sure enough, this blew their cover and the pair had to leave Earth and return to the Land of Light after their final mission with UGM.

That’s really just scratching the surface.  There were other female Ultras as well but these two are the most well known and prominent of their heroic sisterhood.

Thanks for the question!

Ultra Sun & Moon Theory Pt. 1

So ever since I saw the short trailer for the new Ultra Sun and Moon games my mind has been buzzing with a theory as to what the new legendary forms could be and a possible idea as to where the story might go in the next game. Since it deals with spoilers for several games I’ll keep most of it under the cut.

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@ anon, since this person won't post it, if you want to see the spoilers go to pllrose's account. I also sent it to other accounts but I'm not sure if they have posted them yet.

if people want to see the spoilers, you can find them here

please be mindful of others though, it’s not a fun thing to get spoiled if you don’t want to be

please also be aware they are big spoilers. they include who potentially dies, and there are hints about who A.D. is.