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who are some cool people I should follow

Okay I’m guaranteed to forget people but here goes. These are mostly people I’ve known and interacted with for a super long time

@nosleeptilltacos @lemondifficult @alaskastardust @isabelalugosi @teekayfourtwoone @severalbadpunslater @tvsfrankswildyears @romanticzomedy @carlyreyskywalker @jesusismyhostage @jesus-loveswinners @freelancecrybaby @thisguyknowswhatimtalkingabout @thisisteal @solarwiind @advancewars2 @alliterated @ambassadorawful @anhedonia-in-4k @ayesiwmae @beaversbearsleeches @benfoldsone @blackling @bluebird-skyy @relivemymind @wizardoftheblack100s @breakerofstuff @bubblegumtwee @cashforyourwarhol @catfacemeowmers @cewn @champagnehoneybee @chaoticdirt @clubdevo @creepytwin @crybabybee @cryingtosufjanstevens @cybercosmos @danceyrselfdean @davidbyrneofficial @davidfbello @dead-finks @dreadnoughtus @drechyng @elviscostco @fauxmeats @flatluigi @friendsandfiends @futurefurnace @glisteringanus @hellobuddypal @holditin @hpslutcraft @hyruleyourule @i-will-walk @interstate-k8 @jeffgerstmann @jimmy-mckill @jonbutter @lizardroom @martinscorgayse @max-peck @menoclause @millerflintstone @miniskirtordeath @moohampshire @moondoggo @moscowisburning @nancyishappy @nonthreateninggirl @npcworld @ominous-synths @porksweats @queenpiss @shawtyandgarfuckel @shrekyourself @arthureverest @takelotswithalcohol @terriblerealestateagentphotos @usbdongle @verifiedaccount @who-bahstank @yuppies

Really just anyone I reblog. Look around. See who’s good. I’m definitely forgetting people

severalbadpunslater replied to your postThat SJ post is confusing the fuck out of me.

I agree more with the misappropriation of the term side of the post than anything; linguistically, I have some problems with the way tumblr approaches social justice. The calling people out stuff I’m in no position to talk about.

That part was kinda sticky for me; who exactly gets to define these terms anyway, and what is or isn’t a legitimate use of it? If I had a dollar for each time folks who are not POCs have told me or another POC something isn’t racist, I’d have enough money to pay off my student loans.