“One day your habit of going to the surface to brush your hair will get us both in trouble,” Anamika said as she kept a look out.

“You don’t have to come with me, you know.” Marissa continued to brush her hair.

“Your mom will blame me regardless, I’m supposed to be a good influence on you.” She reached out to touch Marissa’s hair. “Besides I like to be able to keep an eye on you.”

By popular demand, mermaids! For severalbadpunslater and herestoyoumsspooky! :D

severalbadpunslater replied to your post: do you know how many mac fans reblog that ‘when…

mac fans are a bunch of dicks not even gonna lie.

its the mac stans

yeah i understand liking on os over another im cool with that

but do you really need to should your superiority from the rooftops

i like to imagine a parade of mac stans going down the street screaming about how awesome their computer is while all the pc folk are sitting inside actually using their computers

and the linux folk are like busy doing differential equations or something idk

severalbadpunslater replied to your post: im watching tos and im just amazed at …

TOS was a show far far ahead of its time (and our time)

like its amazing i grew up on tv from way later than this of this but ive been programmed STILL to expect to see women used as objects and excuses for manpain and sex to the point it LITERALLY IS FLOORING ME HOW EVERY TIME A WOMAN SHOWS UP IN THIS SERIES SHE’S ACTUALLY TREATED LIKE A PERSON