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So now that you've gotten to this part of the story, I feel I can tell you the archive page has alt text on each of the links telling you what's on that page (which is quite nice and useful) and my absolute favorite one is "Spender pulls up in his dumb car"

I noticed the alt text a while ago (makes it a lot easier to hunt down old images) but that is a phenomenal description

Can we talk about how perfectly the lyrics on the They Might Be Giants album The Else go with the show Breaking Bad? Because seriously:

  • ‘Take Out the Trash’ is basically written for a woman in Skyler’s position.
  • 'The Shadow Government’ starts with the line “Driving home from my meth lab.”
  • And 'Feign Amnesia’ is clearly the anthem of Walt’s fugue state.

(I could probably make an argument for ABQ having a pretty Mesopotamish sun, or for Hector Salamanca having an upside down frown… but let’s not get too ridiculous here.)