me: *wrote a meta about victor a few days ago*

me: *writes another meta about victor fucking immediately*  

me: ok 

I’ve been on a hell of a writing kick lately so here we are. I addressed this sort of in my last post about Victor, but I REALLY want to give it it’s own post so without further ado, let’s get into this.

The topic today is self-worth. Or, how Victor’s and Yuuri’s concept of themselves is the same yet drastically different. 

Yuuri is incredibly easy to address because his expression of anxiety and self doubt is incredibly stark. Also, we get to be privy to his thoughts more than any other character’s, so pretty much everything that directly bothers him we already know about. Yuuri is a perfectionist, he doubts his choices, his abilities, his worth (not just as a skater but as a person), I think he believes himself to be plain and not particularly attractive, but that’s more speculation on my part based on his chronic anxiety. It’s an Anxiety Thing™. 

(If you’d like to see more extensive thoughts and evidence about Yuuri’s anxiety, I wrote a thing here to backup my statements)

Yuuri is also rather expressive, while Victor just, isn’t really. 

Sure, he’s goofy and bubbly, but he hides behind walls of pleasantness and restraint. I’m sure it has to do with media training, considering how long Victor has been in the public eye. 


What I mean to say here is that Yuuri and Victor experience two different facets of self doubt. Yuuri can’t recognize his abilities, doesn’t believe in his own potential, can’t accept his achievements, etc etc. But I think Victor can do all those things. Victor knows his skills, he knows he’s essentially the best around, he knows he’s attractive and sought after. Victor knows this and can accept it. Victor’s biggest issue is his belief that if he doesn’t keep up a mask, he’s unlovable. 

I think it’s been implied that Victor isn’t close to many people at all. When the video of Yuuri skating his routine went up, Victor seemed to easily jump on the next plane to Japan. He had no qualms and was clearly excited to leave. It’s been suggested in multiple fics (one off the top of my head being pt3 of Even Ice Gods Can Melt…what a fucking amazing little series, please go read it) that the only things in Russia Victor felt truly attached to were Yakov and Makkachin and Victor took Makkachin with him…

He interacts with several people in the skating community friendly enough (Stephane in ep12, those 3 girls in Russia Jackets in ep4), but the only person he seems to be friends with is Chris. They seem to know each other well and clearly get along wonderfully. 

We don’t really see Victor interact closely with others other than Yuuri, Yuri, and Yakov. Yakov seems to be a father figure while I think Victor views Yuri as sort of a younger brother. However, he still runs out of the country, essentially forgetting about Yuri, so there you go. 

Right, so. Victor isn’t close to many people. Humans are social animals, we need to have frequent, positive interaction with others to maintain mental–and, subsequently, physical–health. If you don’t get these interactions, it’s easy to form misconceptions about yourself. Such as, if I can’t get close to or speak to others, there must be something wrong with me, right? Or, no one knows what I’m actually like, and that’s probably for the better. 

Both Yuuri and Victor struggle with the idea of love and support. Yuuri, as he says in ep5, couldn’t feel the love and support around him for a very long time. Victor, as he says in ep12, felt that he had to work completely alone to advance himself. I think this implies that Victor deliberately pushed people away by keeping up this pleasant mask and never allowing them to see in any deeper. 

Yuuri’s distancing is incredibly physical (actually avoiding people, literal pushing, curling up, etc.) while Victor’s is more emotional (he doesn’t physically avoid but exclusively emotionally walls off).

I keep coming back to this mask of publicity pleasantness. It’s what got me thinking about this idea in the first place. In that Victor meta I linked to up there, I talked a bit about the beach scene, among other things. Victor names off a ton of options to gage what Yuuri wants him to be. It doesn’t occur to Victor to be himself until Yuuri asks him to. It doesn’t occur to Victor that he could be desired as himself. 

He has this media image that people are accustomed to: handsome, elegant, playboy, pleasant, a gentleman, etc. This is what Victor is liked for. He probably hasn’t dropped that persona–at least for an extensive amount of time–in front of others for a very long time. It occurs to Victor to be whatever Yuuri would like, and it doesn’t cross his mind that Yuuri just likes him

I love Victor and his character arc so damn much. Really looking forward to this movie–whenever it’s coming out–to see if they look further into this insecure side of Victor. 

(I feel like this post is just me rehashing stuff but like I really adore how Victor is written and idk how to shut up)

autistic-viktor-nikiforov  asked:

here's a happy reminder that yuuri katsuki is gay and he's in gay love with his gay boyfriend viktor nikiforov who is also gay and they're going to get married because they're gay and in love

I can’t believe that Phichit and Yuuri went to their first gay bar together in Detroit during pride and even visited Stonewall while staying in America. That their tiny flat had two giant ass pride flags, and that they made a 1001 gay jokes everyday. (”Dude I’m gay.” “I know dude. I saw that new Nikiforov poster you got.” “Dude,,,,I’M GAY!” “I know dude.”) 

Victor is SP local gay bar’s Gay Uncle who kicks straight guys who hit on Lesbians out of the bar/get baby gays who don’t expect how STRESSFUL it is to be in a nightclub out where they can breath. 

Following their engagement Victor and Yuuri did a photoshoot+magazine piece about being gay in sports+their personal journeys to realizing. All the proceeds went to LGBT shelters in the area. 

Victor and Yuuri keep 3-5 rooms open but ready in their home for LGBT youth who have nowhere to go. They also start a non profit organization following this trend of giving homeless lgbt a place to go/a fresh start. They hold money raising exhibition skates several times a year. 

Victor and Yuuri are gay and married and are part of gay culture now :/ sorry straighties 

Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2234

Warnings: Mild profanity

Summary: You are attending an elite hockey training camp with your junior team, along with several other of the best female/male junior teams from the country. You know this is your big shot to be scouted for the CWHL, but a certain boy from Arizona keeps catching your eye. Having been focused on hockey your entire life, you struggle to balance your growing feelings for this boy and achieving the goal you’ve dreamed of since being a little girl.


It’s hot out. Like, stinking hot, sweat droplets rolling down your spine, hair plastered to the back of your neck kind of hot. But instead of calling it quits, you lift yourself up from the ground, crouching low and placing your hands on the grass before you take off across the field. When you reach the imaginary finish line, your breath is shallow, your lungs gasping for air in the thickness of the midday summer heat. You wipe the sweat out of your eyes and sprint all the way back. And then you do it again, and again, and again.

When you finish, the sun has sunken in the sky, red and low above the horizon. It is when you turn around, after taking long, messy gulps of water from the garden hose, that you notice him standing there. Your cheeks grow hot as he catches your eye. Immediately you look down, staring at wetness of your clothes, soaked in water and sweat. How embarrassing. You turn and walk away swiftly, down the hill and towards the cabins.

You see him again, not much later, at dinner in the mess hall. A bunch of your teammates are crowded around you, along with several members from other hockey teams attending the camp. Your shyness keeps you from engaging readily with the new girls and you instead force yourself to continuously eat or drink to minimize conversation. You’re eating tacos for dinner, out of all things, and are desperately trying to bite into the shell as politely as possible without making a giant mess (as one does). After a semi-successful bite, you place the taco down and take a look around the hall at everyone else. As you chew slowly, your gaze drifting around the room, you feel the weight of someone staring at you.

It’s him.

He’s looking directly at you, his lips curled upwards in a crooked smile. Before you can wonder what he’s humoured by, he makes a wiping motion on his cheek.

Self-consciously you reach up to your cheek, mimicking him, and feel the something by the corner of your mouth. You bring your finger back in front of you. Sour cream. Great.

You feel your whole body grow hot with embarrassment, and hastily dab the cream away with a napkin. You look down at your lap, but you can still feel his eyes on you. You fight the urge to look back up.

“Hey, Y/N, you’ve been awfully quiet today,” one of your teammates, Alexis, comments. “Something up?”

You pretend to be confused. “Oh, no - sorry, I think I was just zoned out for a bit.”

Alexis turns to the new girls. “Y/N  here is the fastest both on and off the ice - sometimes we think she should’ve been the next Usain Bolt instead of a hockey player. She’s probably sad ‘cause she only ran forty laps today, not fifty.”

You roll your eyes as Alexis grins.

One of the girls on the other team, a pretty girl with dark skin and warm brown eyes nods and laughs. “Don’t worry. I’m the exact same way - running is kinda my entire life, other than hockey. Maybe we could run together sometime?”

“Um, sure. That would be nice.” You smile awkwardly.

As the conversation quickly turns to a different topic, your linemate and closest friend, Steph, reaches across the table and touches your arm. “You okay?” she mouths.

You nod. She raises an eyebrow, not convinced.

“Later,” you mouth back.

You force yourself to engage in the conversation, trying to ignore the weight of the boy’s eyes. When dinner comes to a close, you muster up all the courage you have and glance over to your right. The table is empty.

Morning rolls around sooner than expected, and you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed until Steph threatens to strangle you with a pillow unless you turn off your alarm, which you had purposely placed at the other end of the room so you couldn’t hit snooze.

“It’s way too early,” Steph grumbles, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

“Tell me about it.”

“Nothing like a morning skate at 7am to kick your ass. Happy Monday, and also a giant-fuck you to you too!”

You laugh, and Alexis opens the door that connects the adjacent room to yours. “Who the fuck is swearing this early in the morning. Go back to bed, morons.”

You and Steph exchange a look.

“Have you forgotten already?” Steph asks. She grabs a brush from a bag next to her bed and begins combing her blonde hair.


“Morning skate. 7am. Listed on the schedule they gave us yesterday?” You hold up the laminated pink paper, seemingly innocent upon first glance, but in reality the schedule printed on it is an intense, military-like division of your days, separated into training, eating, more training, and then a short time slot allocated for sleeping. Fun.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Alexis exclaims and then storms back into her side of the cabin, yelling at the other three girls to get their butts up.

Steph and you look at each other again and shake your heads before dissolving into laughter.

The bus ride to the hockey rink is short, fifteen minutes tops, but you relish the quietness. Everyone is still half-asleep, the bus devoid of any conversation. Breathing slowly, you take in the tranquility of the trees on the side of the road, and the way the sun illuminates the cloud of morning fog carpeting the fields of grass.

Twenty minutes after you arrive at the rink, you’re lacing up your final skate lace. It’s 6:58am.

“Remind me why I decided going to this camp was a good idea?” Steph whines as she snaps her chin strap into place.

“Because our team desperately needs conditioning. Especially you.”

“Yeah, true enough, but I could just force you to take me on runs. You could be my own personal dryland coach!”

You roll your eyes. “We’ve already tried that once, and how did that end up?”

Steph pouts, and you laugh, double knotting your laces before standing up.

You both jump at someone banging loudly at the door. It swings open and Alexis pokes her head inside. “Hurry up you two. You’re wasting precious time that could be spent scoping out all the hot guys.”

“Hot guys? What the hell are you on about?” Steph yelps.

“Hello.” Alexis waves her arm in the air. “I may have forgotten what time this skate was at, but I certainly remember them mentioning last night that the majority of our skates are co-ed.”

“Oh, shit!” Steph exclaims, turning to you with excitement and shock.

You try to match her expression but instead feel the blood drain out of your face.

“Yeah, so get your asses out there, otherwise no hotties for you.” Alexis motions you and Steph to follow, and against your better judgment, you grab your stick and slowly trudge out of the dressing room and onto the rink.

As your feet leave the rubber-coated floor and your blades hit the smooth surface of the ice, it’s like a switch has been flicked. You instantly relax. The rink is your home; no guy is going to intimidate you off the ice.

You skate several laps around the rink, warming-up your legs. You don’t pay attention to anyone else around you, but instead weave in and out of bodies as you feel your muscles gradually loosen. When the coach blows the whistle, and signals everyone over, you keep your focus solely on him. You’re here to train. You’ve worked too hard to make it to this level, and there’s no way you’re going to blow it by being distracted.

The drills are demanding, and involve every bit of concentration you can muster. 2 on 1’s, 3 on 2’s, breakouts, single-touch passing, and shooting exercises that test your slapshot, snapshot, and wristshot. By the end, you know your face is bright red without looking, and you can feel that your under-armour beneath your equipment is completely soaked with sweat.

The coach blows his whistle. “Alright, just before you leave, I want to test your stamina. On the line.”

Everyone around you groans.

“Let’s go! Stop standing around!” the coach barks, slamming his stick on the ice.

You line yourself up on the goal line, exhausted but secretly excited. You’ve always enjoyed suicides, as tiring as they are. They’re like a race, and you love to win.

The whistle blows and you’re off like a rocket. Everyone takes their first step a full second after you, and you use that to your advantage, propelling yourself forward. You race to the blue line, stop quickly before crossing over and hustling back to the goal line. You blaze through the exercise faster than anyone else, but when you’re halfway back from the far goal line, you notice a flicker of movement out of the corner of your eye. Someone is drawing even, their long legs eating up the distance between you. You dig your blades deeper into the ice, powering forward with every bit of strength you have left. You are not going to lose.

The goal line approaches rapidly but the person has not let up. Bewildered by this, you extend your stride as much as your small legs will reach, but it isn’t enough. You and the other person cross the line at exactly the same time.

You stop sharply, blowing snow onto the boards behind you. You can’t believe you didn’t win. Who the hell is that fast? You try to look over at your newfound rival but the other players cross the line, obstructing your view.

Steph finds you in the crowd, and pats your helmet with her glove. “Holy shit, way to go girl,” gasps between panting.

You shake your head, disappointed. “Who tied me?”

“Not sure,” Steph says, looking around. “He’s like 6ft though, so his legs are twice as long as yours. You should be proud that you tied him.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to win.”

“Oh, Y/N, you kill me. You’re literally the only person I know that enjoys suicides, let alone considers them a race. Just try to be happy that you didn’t pass out.”

“Maybe you should run more and then you wouldn’t feel like you’re gonna pass out.”

“Oh shut-up.” She laughs, cross-checking you playfully.

The coach blows his whistle several times. “Take a knee.” He waits until everyone is paying attention. “Good work today. I’m impressed by the dedication and effort everybody put into today’s practice.” 

Some of the guys let out a small cheer, and everyone starts tapping their stick on the ice. 

The coach holds up his hand. “However, if you thought today was hard, I will let you know that it only gets worse from here on out. If you cannot handle the level of intensity, I suggest you leave right now.”

Nobody moves a muscle.

The coach grins, clapping his hands together. “Great. Now, just before I let you go, I’d like to congratulate our two winners at suicides today! Where are you guys?”

Steph nudges you so hard, you nearly fall over. You glare at her and stand up, making your way over to the coach. Curiously, you look over at your opponent.

Your stomach drops.

He’s smiling at you, the same attractive smirk he had on his face the previous night at dinner. His brown eyes seem to be laughing. You look away, blushing.

You’re suddenly aware of the coach looking at you expectantly. “What’s your name?” he repeats.

“Oh, um, I’m Y/N.”

“Alright, everyone, give a round of applause to Y/N and Auston for completing suicides the fastest!”

The group bangs their sticks on the ice, and you can’t help but smile slightly at the sound.

“For that, you two are free to go. Everyone else, you’re gonna help me clean up. Girls - you’re on puck duty. Guys - pylons and nets please.”

The moment everyone breaks apart to clean, you skate over to the door and leap off the ice, ignoring Auston’s gaze.

You’re nearly at your dressing room when you feel a glove grab your elbow gently.

“Hey, Y/N?” he says it like a question.

You exhale and turn to face him. “Yes?” You stare at up him, face emotionless. Cool, you’re playing it cool.

He rubs the back of his neck and flicks his eyes down before meeting yours. “I, um…I just wanted to say good job out there today. I didn’t know a girl could almost beat me.”

You cross your arms. What an asshole. “Oh, so you’re saying that you think girls aren’t fast enough to keep up with the boys?”

“No!” he blurts out, noticing your pissed-off expression. “No, that’s, that’s not what I meant.”

“So what did you mean?” you retort cooly, but you kind of feel bad for him. His cheeks are slightly chubby, giving him an cute, innocent look.

“I um, I just wanted to compliment you.”

“Oh. Well, thanks. I was surprised that a boy almost beat me.” You smile at him.

He laughs, and the sound makes your heart beat faster. You panic slightly. “Well, I guess I’ll see you around, Auston.”

With that, you turn sharply and walk away towards the dressing room before you can hear his reply.

[Part 2]

Speaking of the music Mariah Bell just skated to: Lee Holdridge’s East of Eden is from a fairly obscure 1981 miniseries of the same name (as in, it’s not from the iconic film). The score was dug up and used by Michelle Kwan and became one of her signature pieces. One thing she was really known for was finding pieces that were rarely skated to, extremely obscure, or using common pieces but finding uncommon cuts from them (i.e. her Carmen program).

East of Eden is the one piece of music of hers that seems to sort of have found a hold in the skating world. Several skaters have used it, but make no mistake it originated with her and it’s super iconic for that reason. 

Anyway, she used this music for both a long exhibition style program (which was used in pro-am competitions) and a short program. Watch the queen:

1998 World Pro-Am:

2001 Nationals SP: 

Watch both versions. They’re very different and equally stunning. :D

Introduction Post: Yuzuru Hanyu

I am a bit confused as to why I was asked to do this since I thought there are quite a lot of posts out there already, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So sit down, grab a blanket, and have some popcorn; this is going to be long.

‘Cause we’ll be talking about this nerd:

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Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#21)


I’ve had several authors and new skating fans ask me for help in identifying jumps. I’ve re-blogged similar posts from other authors, but I’ve set out to make it as easily digestible as possible). If you haven’t read the post on EDGES, you’re gonna be really confused. So read that first. 

NOTE: These posts are designed for new fans and people not familiar with skating and are therefore phrased with as little skating as jargon. This is on purpose. All skating jargon is explained as best I can, usually in parenthesis..

ANOTHER NOTE: I am assuming our skater is RIGHT-FOOTED, meaning they LAND on their right foot, which is most common. Yuuri is a right-footed skater. If your skater is a lefty weirdo (just kidding, Toepick, my sister, the friendly skating coach, is a lefty) then you reverse everything. 


The most common entrances to the toe-loop are gliding forward down the ice in a straight line, followed by a (right forward inside) three-turn OR a forward outside three-turn with a step to the back outside edge of the right foot. 

The toe-loop is a toe jump, meaning it’s takeoff requires the use of the toe pick (spiky thing at the front of your skate blade). The toe-loop takes off from a right (means you’re skating on your right foot) back (indicates you’re skating backwards) outside edge (leaning on the outside edge of your blade, in the direction of your pinky toe) on the skating leg (the one you have your weight on) and vaulting from the toe pick of the left foot (because it’s free since you have your weight on your right foot). 

The toe-loop rotates counter clockwise and lands on the right foot. 

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RFA!!! On Ice

A Mystic Messenger X Yuri!!! On Ice crossover AU

Storyline and Headcanons!!

WARNING: BELOW THE CUT CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU HAVE NOT AT LEAST COMPLETED 707’s ROUTE!!! To my knowledge, there are no spoilers concerning the Secret Endings!!

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96percentdone replied to your post: himira replied to your post: …

I think Yuuri isn’t so much a sore loser, so much as someone on a personal level who takes losing poorly. As in like…he’ll get upset with himself for not doing “well enough” regardless of how well he did, but he’s never going to take it out on the other people who beat him. A sore loser gets mad at the winner, but I think Yuuri only ever gets mad at himself. If that makes sense. He’s not a sore loser by any means.

That’s exactly it. 

Yuuri will only ever hold losing against himself. 

And he’s always gracious toward the other competitors and we see him cheering for them and being excited about their skating several times in the series. 

I have read most of the background stuff, seen the manga panels and watched Yuri’s “Welcome to the Madness” exhibition skate several time and I’m starting to wonder; is Otabek wearing skates? 

I mean it’s hard to tell ‘cause This is the only time you see his feet. and it was a last minute thing him being on the ice so… It’s possible he might not has even had them 

My Stars On Ice 2017 Impressions

I’ll just do a brief summary while my thoughts are fresh (OK but tbh it will probably turn out longer than I think).  First of all, omg, I waited too long to leave for Key Arena because I wanted to get there when the doors opened but then got stuck in Mariners traffic going over the bridge. I was sweating it a bit that I’d miss the opening number (which would really have gotten me peeved), but fortunately, I got to my seat about 10 minutes before it started.  There weren’t a ton of people there, but I like to think we were a good audience b/c we were pretty loud. At one end of the ice there were several skating clubs that were introduced who were super loud clapping for everyone - the skaters even loved it and gave them lots of thumbs up & laughs, etc., for their supportive cheering.

Opening number - I really loved this. The gold customers are So Sparkly!  And it’s the first time seeing all the skaters so I was just overwhelmed with excitement. Everyone looked really great but I especially focused on Madi & Evan because #obvious. Madi is so small and so beautiful in person, and Evan is so much more attractive than he comes off on TV. Madi Hubbell also looks so different in real life. She is taller than I thought, and so fit and pretty!  I thought everyone else looked pretty much as you see on TV.

Gracie - (I’m just going to combine performances for everyone). I really feel for this girl, she clearly isn’t at the top of her game physically, but the audience still loved her. There were some comments around me about her condition, so I felt badly for her. She fell on a flying entrance into a spin in the second program; it was the only fall of the night. I think she only did one double jump in both performances? Also her sparkly dress was super pretty and almost blinded me lol. 

Adam - He was such a pleasure to watch and you can tell he really likes performing to the crowd. I don’t remember anything specific about his programs but they were both very good and different from each other. His jumps looked great, and yeah he did a few triples.

Jeremy - OK so I used to really love Jeremy but I think his penchant for falling on his opening quad attempt in competition and under-delivering the rest of his program permanently traumatized me or something because I just can’t enjoy his skating that much anymore. (It’s probably a Pavlovian response). That’s probably super mean of me …. his costumes were …. different. He skated well, though, with a lot of power and made all his jumps so yay?

Karen Chen - This girl captured my heart, she skated so well with so much joy it was really endearing. She is a much better performer than comes across on TV and has so much charisma on the ice. I was not expecting that. And such a cutie. She’s going to be a star if she continues to deliver technically.

Nathan Chen - Crowd favorite of the night for sure. He by far had the loudest cheers and his programs were so good. He looked so sharp and his jumps looked spot on (even his semi-unreliable triple axel), and I think he did one quad that the crowd loved. Loads of personality on the ice. (I want to rumple his hair).

Ashley - What a great performer. She was right on point with both her programs and of course another crowd favorite. She won me over more in person than on TV.  I think she must have had People at the show because she pointed up to a lot of people and afterward was talking to a woman right next to me (she is smaller in person than I thought!).

Madi & Zach - their skating was lovely and I enjoyed them so much more live than in person. I loved their edgy first performance the best; their second was their typical flowy hand-holding style (that really isn’t in hold but w/e). Very nice. They are both bigger/taller in person and are well matched. Definitely like them better now after seeing them at SOI.

Madi & Evan - So yeah, my favorites, and seeing them live for the first time was so awesome. The tango was so much better live than what I’d seen in random video clips and seems not so chair-focused in person (lol). I mean, there’s a lot of chair but there’s also a lot of other good content that isn’t chair-related. Also it’s pretty hot, I loved it.  The lady next to me was pretty excited about it too, she said “beautiful!” when it was done. Under Pressure I thought looked a little slow and clunky? I’m sure it’s because they’re no longer training it; the twizzles were slightly suspect (I think Evan did one less on the first one) and they made the rotational lift less difficult, but what I loved about the program live was seeing them looking and smiling at each all throughout the program. They just show so much affection toward each other, you can really feel their happiness coming through.

Meryl & Charlie - Such pros with everything they do. The Adagio was lovely and the Sax program was really fun. They do hip hop really well! (and I’d forgotten how hyper Charlie is on the ice, he’s always moving and flailing around aka doing choreo).  

Other miscellaneous group things - I *loved* the Black Hole Sun program, it was so cool and I loved the costumes. Really, I enjoyed all the group numbers except maybe Bright Lights which I thought was pretty pointless except for the glowing lights. But I guess that was the point.  The closing number was super fun also but I was sad watching it knowing it was the end (it went by so fast!). You can really see how much fun all the skaters were having and how much they enjoy what they do.

Alrighty then, that’s it! Definitely worth the money and I’m super pumped to see the show again in Wenatchee this afternoon.  (Sorry for spamming your feed with this lengthy post and don’t hate me if I didn’t love your favorite).

Closed for @bingtiaowu.

   The first of the competition days was fast approaching, and as such, Viktor was in the final stages of his preparation. He was not the type to grind in hours of practice this late in the game; it was his belief that if he was not ready now, he would not be ready in time. Exhausting oneself before a tournament was a rookie mistake, and in his seventh year of Grand Prix competition, he was no rookie.

   The practice rink was not private, and several contestants were skating currently, rehearsing disjointed jumps, step sequences, cautious about revealing their programs from start to finish, and anxious. Some were new faces, and some he recognized from years passed. All knew who he was.

   The Russian champion had not been particularly poised that morning. He had flubbed a landing or two, and an awkward landing on an ankle had left him with a feeling of tenderness. He knew what injury felt like, and while this wasn’t that, the best option was to gently skate it off and take the rest of the day to relax. A minor bruise was quick to become more serious when placed under stress.

   As he readied himself to pack things in, he could not help but take note of a constistently missed landing on the other side of the ice. Guanghong of China was someone he knew from a previous Grand Prix. His routine had needed a good polish, but he had all the makings of a great skater: passion, persistence and creativity.

Please do not take this the wrong way !!

   He greeted the other, skating over to join him. His skills were put to waste if he could not pass on the odd tidbit of wisdom to his fellow competitor.

But it looks like you could use a little help !!

   If Guanghong stole gold from him by simply adjusting his footwork a hair, well then he deserved it. Otherwise, no harm done.

Sunset Frost

Characters: Ice Skater Jimin/Reporter Reader

Length: 8985 words

Genre: Fluff

Author: Faryn

Summary: He was a sports star who skated in fame and you were an unknown reporter with not much taste for champions.

The sharp sound of skates cutting across the ice filled your ears for the 100th time since you entered the busy indoor ice rink. You were currently sitting on a set of frozen bleachers with possibly the absolute worst view of the professional ice arena. Reporters, sports columnists and fans were all milling about in front of you, blocking your disinterested view, and filling the echo of the hall with a loud buzzing of excitement.

The tournament favorite was supposed to be here soon, to enter and perform in a flourish and yet again wow the judges and shatter records and win first place and earn a standing applause. You glanced down at the slightly crumpled paper assigned to you from your employer at a small sports journalism company. This was one for your very first jobs and your excitement had initially overwhelmed you until your eyes had laid upon the name that seemed to scream back at you from every corner of the sports world.

Park Jimin.

You heard that he was a skating legend, that he would move with such eloquence and beauty that he might as well be water. You heard that he had already won hundreds of glinting trophies that he used for his doorstep sometimes. You heard that he was an ice skating prodigy since he could walk and that he could get anyone to fall in love with him with only a flash of his smile.

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Hey STAR WARS fans! Did you see the Frogmouth taxonomy of Star Wars derby names?

“Earlier this year, when we created a taxonomy of several thousand skate names—which represents only about two percent of all the skate names in the world—around one in ten had a science fiction theme, and more than half of those were inspired by Star Wars. “ 

Do you have a Star Wars derby name not featured on this list?

Ice Skating | Credence Barebone

Title: Ice Skating
Author: Clara
Character: Credence Barebone
Warnings: None
@anon: 21 (Ice Skating) WITH CREDENCE BAREBONE AND THE READER (either crush or s/o it’s up to you) pLEASE!”
@anon: “24 (I think that’s ice skating…) with Crednece if it hasn’t already been done? Thank you!”

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The Signs as People You See at Every Ice Rink
  • Aries: One of the hockey players who is skating way to fast and nearly knocks like four people over.
  • Taurus: The person who clings to the wall the whole time. Not having support will result in an awkward looking fall.
  • Gemini: The two guys who are trying to mock ice dancers in their rental skates.
  • Cancer: The person who wears 12 layers because they heard Arctic not Ice Rink when someone invited them to go.
  • Leo: Those girls who can just do like Waltz jumps and they act like they own the rink.
  • Virgo: The person who manages to actually skate after several minutes of practice but then falls due to hockey player.
  • Libra: One of those twelve year old girls who skate in huge clumps and fucking scream every time they move.
  • Scorpio: The couple who is hardcore making out while clinging to the boards.
  • Sagittarius: The kid who is learning. They aren't half bad, but they stop by running into the walls.
  • Capricorn: The girl with the high pony tail who glares at you when you come anywhere near her. She looks like an angry cat when she falls. DONT ASK HER IF SHE IS OK.
  • Aquarius: That person who isn't paying attention to their surroundings and runs into the wall because they were counting the pucks stuck in the ceiling. (Totally not based on real life events)
  • Pisces: The one little kid who keeps getting lost in a sea of people. Frequently falls at very inconvenient times.

Iouri Podladtchikov and Markus Keller Come Up at Arctic Challenge

Terje Haakonsen’s Arctic Challenge in Olso, Norway is one of the premiere events in snowboarding, and 2014 kept the tradition of innovation and originality alive. The standard halfpipe format was switched up with an open jam session and several skate style features on the deck for the riders to incorporate into their runs. Last year’s winner Iouri Podladtchikov was joined by fellow Vans team riders Arthur Longo and Markus Keller to ride the unique course. IPod killed it as usual and ended up in second place, while Markus stomped a tricky hand plant over the mail box to win Best Trick.

Photos: Bruno Rivoire

Life Next Door; Chapter 7~Walking in Cursive

This is what happens when studying doesn’t happen. I’m amazed that I wrote another chapter so quickly. What a time to be alive. Feedback is always welcome. ~Brooke


Against her better judgment, Meryl found herself on hercomputer, searching for nearby ice skating rinks several weeks later. The idea of the rink popped into her head the night of her first date with Maks. She and Maks had gone to a local carnival that was in town for a few days, acting like teenagers who were discovering what love was. They had been on the Ferris wheel, sitting at the top admiring the view when Maks had asked her about the ice.

“What’s it like, to be free, gliding on the ice? Do you love it as much as I love dancing?” he asked her, her wrapped in his arms protecting herself from the chill of the night.

She hadn’t known how to respond, because the truth was, she didn’t know how she felt anymore. She hadn’t, so to say, left the ice on bad terms, but she couldn’t bring herself to say she lived and breathed ice-skating like she used to. Instead, she settled on telling him, ice skating gives you a feeling you can’t replicate any other way. It makes me feel light as a feather and makes me feel beautiful. She told him that she would always love ice-skating, but right now, it wasn’t in her life plan to be associated with it, as much as she had been in the past.

His heart broke a little, hearing that. Passion was what made the world go ‘round. It made his world go ‘round. Passion for dance, it fueled him. Everyone deserved to find something to be passionate about and to want to stick with it the rest of his or her lives, he thought. He felt remorseful, up on top of the Ferris wheel. He wished he could make her feel better, but he knew better than to push her and tell her to go on the ice. It was only their first date after all.

Meryl took a sip of her coffee. She was amazed that one man, a stranger a little over a month and a half ago, was slowly changing her views on what she thought was true about a lot of things. Here she was, considering finding a place to get back on the ice. If someone told her two months ago that she would be back on the ice, she would’ve said you need to get your brain examined.

The buzz of her phone caught her attention as she glanced down to see the text.

MC: Good morning princess. We should do something today. I miss your beautiful face.

Her heart swelled at the sweet words. What she discovered, after their first date, was that Maks was unlike any guy she ever dated. With them, it was the little things that made the biggest difference. Just the desire to text each other to make sure each other was okay was so beautiful to her.

MD: Hey you! Come over if you want, the door is open. I miss you too, goober.

She expected him to respond right away, but five minutes later and still no response, she reached for her phone about to send him another message. The sound of the front door stopped her, causing her to look back. Thinking last minute, she quickly closed the top of her laptop so he wouldn’t see her looking at rinks.

He strutted through the living room holding sunflowers, making her heart pound from happiness. She spun around in her seat and hopped out of the chair, meeting him halfway.

“For me?” she inferred, holding her hands out to take the flowers from him. He reached down and sweetly kissed her lips, his lips tasting like coffee.

He motioned towards the door, “There was a man selling sunflowers on the corner of the street. I had to get you some because I know how much you love them.”

Meryl looked at him, love pouring out completely because again, it was the little things about their relationship that made it so special. The warm and fuzzy feeling spread through her body like wildfire. He remembered her telling him how much she thought roses were over rated and that she thought sunflowers were better because it was a flower smiling. She smiled at him, knowing she couldn’t be any more lucky.

“So what would you like to do today?” she asked as he came up and wrapped his arms around her. The swayed there for a moment, Meryl temporarily forgetting about her ice skating thoughts.

“Have you ever been to Little Italy?” he asked. He could feel her shake her head no, her hair rubbing against her cheek. “Well, it’s gorgeous there. And since you like anything and everything Italian, I bet you’d love it.”

They broke apart, Maks grabbing her laptop and settling down at the breakfast bar. “D’ya mind if I use the laptop?” he asked, already beginning to open it.

“Of cour-” she stopped abruptly, remembering what was displayed on her screen. Busted. He looked at her questioningly, unaware of why she was acting so strange suddenly.

“What’s wrong? Talking to random men on Tinder?” he half joked. His eyes fell on the screen, taking in the website and all the google searches. His face, unreadable, stayed glued to the screen.

Meryl’s heart was racing a mile a minute. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t want to tell him about it. It was ice skating, literally a sport she had been devoted to. She wasn’t embarrassed by it.

“Meryl,” his voice, barely a whisper, broke the silence. “Are you really looking up ice skating rinks to go to?” She nodded, afraid to say anything. His face broke into a smile as he jumped off the stool, and picked her up, spinning her in circles around the kitchen.

“Maks!!” she shrieked. “Put me down!” One final spin later, he plopped her down, his face still smiling.

“I’m so glad you’re doing this! Why didn’t you tell me?” His face fell, a half wounded half confused expression taking shape. “Did you think I wouldn’t be happy?” Her heart broke. She knew he’d be happier than she would be. He had to know that she didn’t think that of him, in fact she knew he’d be happier than she would be.

“No!” she rushed, “I wanted to tell you, I just…. I didn’t know how to tell you. Because I knew you’d be happier than I would be if I went back. And if I didn’t fall back in love with the sport, I don’t know. I didn’t want you to feel bad if I didn’t love it again. Especially because you’ve been after me to try getting back into it.”

His mouth opened, about to protest but words were unable to come out. Had he pushed her too much to try it? He’d only known her for a few months now. “Mer, I hope I didn’t force you to try something you didn’t want to do. I just know that even if you wont admit to me how much you loved it, or love it now, you miss it. I just want you to know all your options and how to be happy,” he said, slowly walking towards her. She wrapped her arms around his waist and tucked her head under his neck. He affectionately kissed the top of her head, walking towards the computer again.

“So, when are you going? Or what do you even want to do?”

She shrugged, “I don’t really know. I figured I would just go check out a random rink to skate around. Just to get back onto the ice.”

“Let’s go,” he said suddenly. He let go of her so he could fully face her and see her reaction to what he was going to say next. “I know of an ice rink literally ten minutes away. We can do that today,” he said excitedly, a gleam in his eyes.

His excitement made her smile, it was infectious. “Babe, what about Little Italy?” she asked, laughing.

“It will be there tomorrow. We can do it another time. Where are your ice skates?”

She stood there, speechless at the events that just happened. She couldn’t believe she was seriously about to go ice-skating again. And what she really couldn’t believe, was that Maks was the one who convinced her to go.

He looked at her expectantly. “Well?”

“Upstairs,” she replied, laughing as he grabbed her hand to drag her upstairs to retrieve them.


The minute the door swooshed open to enter the ice-skating rink, Meryl felt a wave of nostalgia hitting her at full force. The familiarity of little girls prancing around in skating costumes, boys in hockey gear, and of course the parents hovering at the windows caused Meryl to catch her breath.

They retrieved their wristbands that would allow them onto the ice and walked over, hand in hand, to pick up a pair of skates for Maks.

“Size 12,” he requested. The worker dropped a pair of skates in front of them and turned to help another person. They walked away in search of a bench, Meryl’s nerves beginning to appear. He handed her the bag, her hands shaking slightly.

She remembered whens he put the skates away at the top of her closet, back home in Michigan. It was the day Charlie exploded, telling her that ice-skating wasn’t happening anymore and that he couldn’t do it. She had gone home, crying. And when she stuffed them at the top of her closet, she promised herself that she would never wear them again. Who knew she would be breaking that promise six months later. She took out her left shoe, the shoe she always put on first, due to superstition, and reveled in the familiarity of the texture. It was oddly comforting holding it in her hand. She felt a jostle next to her, as Maks was apparently fighting with his skates and the lace, the skate winning.

“Having troubles?” she asked slyly.

He grumbled, clearly frustrated with his shoe. “Why can’t I tie my skate?” he pouted, giving her his infamous puppy face, his lower lip sticking out exaggerated.

She laughed, leaning in and taking his face in both of her hands. “Do you need help?” she teased, giving him a puppy dog face of her own before giving him a quick kiss.

She leaned down to tie her shoes expertly. No matter how long it had been since she’d been on the ice, some things would forever be a part of her, in this case, tying skates. She patted the bench, motioning Maks to prop his foot up.

During the time it had taken her to tie his shoes, he stared at her, knowing she was in her element and happy whether or not she wanted to admit it. In the month and a half he had known her, he came to realize rather early on in their relationship that she was stubborn. It wasn’t a bad thing, but she wouldn’t admit to a lot. He figured it was because she was trying to keep herself guarded, especially after being let down a lot by people she kept close. He smiled to himself, proud that he got her to do something he knew would benefit her in the long run.

Tying off a final knot, she put his foot back on the floor. He ungracefully got up, wobbling back and forth, and reached out for Meryl to balance him. She laughed, trying to support him as he unskillfully walked towards the rink.

“Oh shit,” he said out loud as they neared the entrance. It finally dawned on him that he was actually going. Not just her. Maybe his plan wasn’t that good. After all, he never had gone skating before. Now he knew how Meryl felt when she had gone to the dance class, and now it was him who was praying he wouldn’t make a fool of himself.

She looked at him, uneasy, her nervous as well. She stepped onto the ice first, the noise of her blade slicing across the untouched ice taking away every nerve she had in her body.

“Do you mind if I just do one quick lap by myself? I promise I’ll stay with you the rest of the time.” As soon as he nodded, she sped off, her hair whipping from behind her. It was important to her to go back on the ice with a clear mind, with no feelings from what used to be. Ice skating, as she liked to say, was walking in cursive. There was no better feeling than it.

A smile graced his face, as he saw her slowly relax with every glide she took across the ice. He had never seen her so in her element. The ice enhanced every beautiful feature she possessed. He never knew how graceful the extensions of her fingers were. He never knew that she could look as calm as she did in that exact moment.

As she came back to him, it hit him that he was going to have to get on. He smiled feebly at her, his hand shaking as she gripped onto him.

“I’ve got you,” she said soothingly. “I would never let you get hurt her. All of me will protect all of you.”

But what was amazing about the two of them, as they skated on the ice together, was that they both had epiphanies at the same time, but didn’t admit to each other. While he was being laughed at because he was struggling not to fall for the third time, teasingly of course, by a happy and content Meryl, he laughed along and it hit him. He was in love with her.

And while she was laughing, half at him being so adorable and vulnerable out of his element, it hit her. She was home.


She lay in bed, snuggled under the covers. It was a good day. Who knew there was a person who had so much power and influence over her to convince her to do things she thought she would never do again.

Her phone buzzed and she reached over, expecting it to be Maks, but when she looked at the caller id, it was her mother instead.

She sat straight up in her bed, “Hey mom.”

Her mother’s voice filled the silence, just like always. “Meryl, honey, I miss you. How have you been? Tell me everything!”

So she did. She told her about her new neighbors and meeting Val and Alex. Of course, she told her about meeting Maks too. She told her about the dance class Maks taught and that she went with him one time. She left the best part, him getting her to go ice-skating, for last.

“So, you’ll never guess what Maks and I did today,” she began.

“Meryl,” her mother interrupted. “Are you both seeing each other?”

She groaned. Her mother was the sharpest and smartest person she knew. Of course her mother had it figured out what was happening between the two of them.

“Er, yes. We started dating about a month ago. But he treats me amazing. Don’t be worried.”
She wished she were with her mother when she told her about Maks. If she could see her face, it would reassure her that her mother supported her relationship.

Amazingly, even miles away, with her mother skills, Cheryl picked up her daughter’s worries. “I trust you Meryl. I know you have good judgment,” she said kindly. “Now, what was it you were saying before?”

She smiled to herself. Her mom was the best. “Well, Maks persuaded me to go ice skating today.” She stifled a laugh, as she heard her mother dramatically gasp over the phone. “So we went on an ice skating date,” she laughed, remembering Maks clinging onto her for dear life whenever a little kid zipped past him, causing him to lose his balance.

Cheryl cried in delight. “I’m so happy to hear that Mer. You deserve to get back to what you love and find someone good for you.”

Amazed, Meryl stared into the darkness. It seemed that everyone, but herself, knew that ice-skating was still a major part of her, whether she waned to admit it or not. “That’s exactly what he said to me today, when he was trying to convince me to go to the rink,” she admitted.

She heard a noise coming from her mother’s side, and Cheryl hastily spoke into the phone. “I have to go sweetie. But have fun with Maks. And now that I know about him, I expect pictures of you too! Love you Meryl.”

“Love you too mom,” she echoed as the phone clicked.

The exhaustion was slowly taking over her body, her eyelids getting heavier, but she realized, before falling asleep, that she had two support systems that wanted her to be happy doing whatever she loved. One back in Michigan, her old home, and now one in New York City, her new home.